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Old header was growing dated, so now we can clarify and review the thread's objective.

Do note, I am now trading options mostly, as it seems the best way to boost your returns...and losses. You'll also note this thread is not much more than a trading log.

Ideally, I look for stocks that can jump quickly, in a method not unlike that of the brown fox over the lazy dog.
Hey!!! It's cool song time!
Amazing work- but poor audio- from 1970


Nice version

8 minutes in you can finally figure out how to sing this properly

ELP at their prime, A must download piece of rock concert genius

If that didn't do it, turn your stereo up as loud as possible and play this until your furniture crashes to the floor
If the pictures are still hanging on your walls, get a new stereo

Individually or cumulatively, a 50% short term return is nice, but not always achievable. No guarantees as this is all my opinion, so no whining is allowed. Past returns are history. The future is mystically yet to be seen- but it's coming
Speaking of which, a very cool site

I always try to link my posts to a related previous post and also include the current real time bid/ask if relevant.
If you choose to post about a stock, include the REAL TIME bid/ask. Throwing some number up has no meaning.
Nothing else like this
No other music ties so well together and complements so well
Was fortunate enough to catch this tour

Good Luck
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16979WFC - added at 63.98Smiling Bob-20 minutes ago
16978WFC- 62.5 In and out and in again puts yesterday BAC 31.33 benefiting from WFC fSmiling Bob-7 hours ago
16977TREE Bubbly as bubbly can be Will be cut in 1/2 and more in 3-4 months or less-wSmiling Bob-10/31/2017
16976 S&P 500 is poised to make uncanny stock-market history—for dSmiling Bob-10/13/2017
16975Utter BS on RH They cooked these numbers No way close to sustainable Prices are Smiling Bob-9/7/2017
16974RH 58.49Smiling Bob-8/3/2017
16973RH- Unless someone's buying them, a great short and horribly overvalued Cut Smiling Bob-7/12/2017
16972SLV- 14.7 loaded up on calllsSmiling Bob-7/7/2017
16971WF- Wayfair 61.10 Will be single digits in a year unless AMZN buys them with theSmiling Bob-5/9/2017
16970NFLX- in puts @ 152.25Smiling Bob-4/28/2017
16969WFC- closed puts 54.01Smiling Bob-4/28/2017
16968UVXY 14.30 in some callsSmiling Bob-4/28/2017
16967In NUGT calls again around 7.7 and some WFC puts 54.35 Interesting published decSmiling Bob-4/27/2017
16966NUGT - in some calls [graphic]Smiling Bob-4/19/2017
16965As has been my luck, just as I buy, Musk is busy tweeting 306.8 now Maybe SEC wSmiling Bob-4/13/2017
16964TSLA- rolling the dice this is due for serious pullback or at least an explodingSmiling Bob-4/13/2017
16963MMYT will be back to 15 by eoy Higher today Everyone booking trips out of ME? [gSmiling Bob-4/7/2017
16962SGMS-in puts 18% short They will win once mkt sells off [graphic]Smiling Bob-4/4/2017
16961WIX- insome puts No shorts to stop the inevitable plunge [graphic]Smiling Bob-4/4/2017
16960JILL Pretty sure they were public once before Another lather rinse to feed the sSmiling Bob-3/8/2017
16959RH 1/3 of 2014 price HGG in pennies and filing for BK Stuff takes too long for mSmiling Bob-2/24/2017
16958MMYT- and SNOW Two of many shorts Travel leisure surely will be hurt MMMYT valuSmiling Bob-1/31/2017
16957DOW 19179 Going major short ahead of Italy vote Doubt we'll get a 3rd pass aSmiling Bob-12/2/2016
16956F- In some puts earlier Sold some UVXY too early, but sill a nice gain F DEC 1Smiling Bob-12/1/2016
16955DB How does a Trump isolationist win help them? in some puts [graphic]Smiling Bob-12/1/2016
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