Teaching Sucks! So why do I keep doing it?
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I think I've finally had it with teaching after six years of trying to educate young minds. What has it gotten me but gray hair and a hopeless outlook on life? There doesn't seem to be any growth or upward movement. I seem no better off for all my efforts. The worst teacher in the school seems to get just as much out of his job as I do (a paycheck). Anyone has any inspirational ideas (i can make fun of)... Come and join me in my unhappy state or attempt to bring some joy back into this sorry profession... I double dog dare you!!!
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148 What sucks is your attitude!!!! It is clearly time for you to get out of the p(No name provided)-7/29/1999
147 Thank you, :-). You sound wise beyond your short time in teaching. What's itencat-5/21/1999
146 I am new to teaching (1 year full-time) and decidedly idealistic and optimisti(No name provided)-5/19/1999
145 I wish it were so simple. I can't up and quit my job just like that. I wanttencat-5/12/1999
144 You're right. It is the system that sucks. I believe teaching is a very imptencat-5/12/1999
143 Hey Tencat, Teaching doesn't suck. What sucks is working within a faulty Nomad-5/11/1999
142 HELLO, Maybe you need a change of pace! Why don't you try and enjoy life a bug-5/1/1999
141 Thanks, Carmen. I hope things do improve at some point. I have tried to be strotencat-4/7/1999
140 I am sorry you lost one of your students. I can't imagine how hard that Coffie Shop-4/2/1999
139 If you read this touching letter and you don't get goose bumps or cry, youCoffie Shop-4/2/1999
138 Mr. I, I'm trying to make a plea for help. It's not just me that is hatencat-3/30/1999
137 Ok. Its a sad thing to hear that someone you obviously cared about lost their lMr Incognito-3/30/1999
136 After having a student die in a car accident last week, I think I'm done. tencat-3/23/1999
135 You know what i think? I think you're all whiners. So what you're not gMr Incognito-3/23/1999
134 Administrators are clueless. They were once teachers, but they become totally otencat-3/15/1999
133 Why? Because he is ignorant of the skills necessary to be an effective leader/mgreenspirit-3/12/1999
132 I think vouchers and teacher run schools are the answer. Administrators are sotencat-3/12/1999
131 Tencat, it always amazes me to see people on SI so willing to judge and then cogreenspirit-3/10/1999
130 Thanks Michael! I didn't know how to respond to them. As you said, I'vetencat-3/10/1999
129 Karen, forgive me for being the one to direct this post toward you, but I beliegreenspirit-3/8/1999
128 I couldn't have said it better myself, Renee. tencat, get out and get overKaren-3/8/1999
127 You all need to stop whining. You tried teaching, you hate it, so get out. Whatrenee-3/2/1999
126 Just some random thoughts, on the last couple of posts here... I agree, societredjeep-2/21/1999
125 Teaching does not suck, it is your attitude. Maybe you need a break. I am tirpal-2/19/1999
124 Jayceee, You are amazing. Money doesn't matter because you don't care somethingwicked-2/18/1999
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