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OTC BB: PCBM, is a holding company that operates through its subsidiaries Summit Property Group Inc., a commercial real estate division, Fast Title Loans Inc. and Fast Paycheck Advance, which are both consumer lending divisions. These three divisions compliment a strong consumer finance organization and promotes strength and growth through diversity. The company can be described as being in the business of loaning money on motor vehicle titles and advancing small loans until payday, with an expanding position in commercial real estate.

Pinnacle's short-term goals include expanding to 25 title loan locations that will be fully operational by the end of December 1998, the company currently operates eight title loan and paycheck advance locations. In addition, Pinnacle plans to begin expansion into New Jersey in the the first quarter of 1999, with a company wide growth to 58 fully operational locations by the second quarter of 1999. The company has secured low cost loan capital to increase its current and future profits. With the additional locations, outstanding consumer loans should exceed a monthly value of $2.5 million by the end of the first quarter of 1999.

The primary source of income for Pinnacle Business Management is Fast Title Loans Inc. Fast Title Loans is a consumer loan company that presently operates fifteen title loan offices in Central Florida. Fast Title Loans has a current commitment and is in the process of expanding it's locations by an additional fifty-eight locations by the end of the 1st quarter of 1999.

The title loan market in Florida has undergone rapid growth in the past two years as a result of legislative changes promoting the title loan business in the State of Florida. At present, seventeen other states allow title loan business in the State of Florida. At present, seventeen other states allow title loans and at least two other states have pending legislation that would open those markets as well. Pinnacle Business Management, Inc. has retained lobbyists to ensure that favorable government regulation remains intact, therb allowing growth by favorable legislation.

"Fast Title Loans Inc"., as a subsidiary of Pinnacle Business Management, is the only publicly traded company writing title loans, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition. The payment plans are flexibly designed to meet the need of each customer. Based on the company's present sales and growth rate, it is anticipated that by the end of the fourth quarter 1998, Fast Title Loans, Inc., will have exceeded 1 million of outstanding loans generating a cash flow in excess of $200,000 per month.

"Fast Paycheck Advance Inc"., this Pinnacle subsidiary makes one week or two week advances to individuals, that need a small amount of cash until their next payday. This in not a check cashing transaction. We do not take their payroll check and give them cash in return. This transaction uses certain documents to verify the client's income and makes a loan to the client until their next pay period. This transaction can be described as "Payday Loan" "Payroll Advance", Deferred Deposit Transaction", or "Paycheck Advance".

Pinnacle's real estate division, "Summit Property Group Inc"., currently owns numerous rental properties in the metropolitan Tampa Bay area. The company's vision for its real estate division is to close on current contracts that will allow the purchase of a mix of large commercial properties that are leased and maintained currently by a high profile management team. Leases and property values currently under contract will increase the net assets of Summit Property Group by approximately 8 million with a normal operating income of 1.5 million per ear. These additional properties and the associated income stream will enable Pinnacle to apply for a NASDAQ listing in the beginning of 1999.

Contact Information:

Phone - 727/669-7781 Fax - 727/669-5912

CEO - Jeff Turino
President - Bruce Hall
Operations Officer - Joe Vallone
CFO - Fred Schultz

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2406i had moved on years before you did.....and had to listen to your bull 2 years aR F B, Jr.-02/28/2005 06:40 PM
2405Why do you continue to think that I have any interest in this stock? Because ofSusie924-02/28/2005 06:29 PM
2404hey susie....long time no hear.... what do you think of this stock now....? caR F B, Jr.-02/28/2005 05:46 PM
2403grub R F B, Jr.-06/17/2003 06:27 PM
2402How do you perceive the word "grub" as believing in PCBM? Seems the woSusie924-06/17/2003 11:47 AM
2401susie924..... you're a dope if you believe in this POS'sR F B, Jr.-06/17/2003 08:34 AM
2400grub Susie924-06/15/2003 11:26 AM
2399the activity on this board reflects the activity on the stock price itself......R F B, Jr.-06/15/2003 10:56 AM
2398Susie, I'd be willing to bet that many live's were enriched over this weJRSwails-11/25/2002 07:40 AM
2397Well, Jerry...I read a book this weekend! Haven't done that in awhile! I thSusie924-11/24/2002 06:44 PM
2396Just wondering if the quality of life improved for some with RB being down.... JRSwails-11/24/2002 06:15 PM
2395hey jeffity, I'm still waiting for you to sue me- you know where to find me,michael john stout-11/13/2002 02:57 PM
2394Ray, seems like this cluster of stocks (Corbel/Teil incompleted merger and PCBM/Scandle34-07/28/2002 07:54 AM
2393jeff: how much longer do you believe this one will take to play out.....??? reaR F B, Jr.-07/22/2002 11:21 AM
2392rarely had problems getting to either site. I have no incentive to come to the Scandle34-05/26/2002 12:56 PM
2391you have ORIGINATED many rumors. That is libel. Scandle34-05/26/2002 12:54 PM
2390Andle or Sepod, are you having problems with RB getting to the site today 5/12/0KINGTUNA-05/12/2002 07:44 PM
2387The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the temporary suspension, pursuMighty_Mezz-05/08/2002 04:10 PM
2386PCBM is a scam and the Hall Turino combo is crooked. I have heard many rumors amichael john stout-04/27/2002 12:18 AM
2385JWC - Sure will be happy when the form 10 and subsequent AMEX listing is approveDARPA-04/06/2002 12:24 AM
2384PCBM Announces the Proposed Spin Off of Its Lo Castro & Associates d.b.a. ThJWC-04/03/2002 07:34 PM
2383I new a guy named Bob that got a free membership back in 97. To bad PCBM is notJWC-04/01/2002 05:44 PM
2382JC, I've been a member since 9/6/99, I guess they must have had free memberssepod-03/29/2002 10:43 PM
2381When did you sign up? I paid for a LIFE MEMBERSHIP four or five years ago. PerJWC-03/29/2002 07:15 PM
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