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News flash..In their rush to solve the Y2K problem, engineers have neglected to anticipate the pending problems which will arise in Y10K.
They increased the code space alloted to the year enumeration, but only by two. This will cover all of the years through 9999 The next crisis will be forthcoming in the year 10,000.
Work on this impending doom will be put off until the last minute, as a goodly portion of the current systems will crash soon anyway. Attempts have been made to keep this from the public domain to prevent panic in the streets. High level conferences are now taking place to ascertain where to place the blame and to ready press announcements to calm public fears.
Further news can be found at
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1170 Mayo Clinic Water cremation>> 1/12th the energy, less pSavant-October 5
1169msn.comSavant-September 30
1168 Energy generation/Evaporative engine... impractical for now, but very innovativSavant-September 27
1167 Sleep Hearing regeneration in owls msn.comSavant-September 26
1166 Synthetic muscle breakthrough could lead to 'lifelike' robots ResearcSavant-September 22
1165Solar-to-fuel system recycles CO2 to make ethanol and ethylene September 18, 2Savant-September 19
1164 FOIP facial recognition integrated w/ voice, also head tracking/ I can see poSavant-September 12
1163 ZERGNET & a whole lot moreSavant-September 11
1162 MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion New experiments with helium-3 Savant-August 30
1161 More will be found, but so far>> 25 unexplained archaeological finds...sSavant-August 28
1160 Quantum messaging in seawater...possibly up to 900m...& beyond SciSavant-August 28
1159Nanotubule yarn, generates electricity when stretched...v.efficient in re:outputSavant-August 25
1158 Rare films of nuclear bomb tests...digitized for study. Note the number of shiSavant-August 17
1157Beyond Y10K..... The way our world/Universe will end msn.comSavant-August 17
1156 Xenotransplantation retroviral free pigs & Pig 2.0 eGenesisSavant-August 17
1155 Spiders spinning bionic silk, incorporating graphene..... msn.comSavant-August 17
1154 Alternate Fuels/Biofuel/ recycled Fatbergs>>> *A better solution wouSavant-August 16
1153 It's dynamite...TNT Tissue NanoTransfection A new device developed at TheSavant-August 7
1152genetics>>> The Age of Remodeled Humanoids...Is Upon US>>>>Savant-August 5
1151Again...Beware the Electronic Spark>>> *It's all about govt. controSavant-July 31
1150 Nanotechnology...Nanomachines headed for your blood stream... "But last ySavant-July 29
1149 Internet/censorship/AI/surveillance/Facial Recognition/'social credits'Savant-July 27
1148 An international team of researchers led by a group at the Australian National Savant-July 20
1147 Work on Y2K prep finally cancelled after 17 yrs....Time to work on Y10K?? blooSavant-June 16
1146Nanoized Super Water....grows 40% more melons hydroponically Up to 40% more Savant-June 12
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