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News flash..In their rush to solve the Y2K problem, engineers have neglected to anticipate the pending problems which will arise in Y10K.
They increased the code space alloted to the year enumeration, but only by two. This will cover all of the years through 9999 The next crisis will be forthcoming in the year 10,000.
Work on this impending doom will be put off until the last minute, as a goodly portion of the current systems will crash soon anyway. Attempts have been made to keep this from the public domain to prevent panic in the streets. High level conferences are now taking place to ascertain where to place the blame and to ready press announcements to calm public fears.
Further news can be found at
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1132 Pimped up e-Bike msn.comSavant-April 1
1131Scientists unveil a giant leap for anti-aging Date:March 23, 2017 Source: UnivSavant-March 24
1130youtube.comSavant-March 23
1129 Found..Alien worlds, or new Homes for Earthlings>>> msn.comSavant-February 16
1128 HVAC Storing summer heat for winter use Researchers developed a new Savant-February 16
1127 Vision....eSight visor aids legally blind people A next-generation viSavant-February 16
1126 HVAC/ thin film w/glass beads...can bring building temp down to 68 when it'Savant-February 16
1125 Completely paralyzed people can now communicate via brain.. early stages msn.cSavant-February 1
1124 Astronomy.. push pull in the universe.. an interesting model of what they thinkSavant-February 1
1123 Direct communication to the brain TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation msn.comSavant-January 31
1122 Astronomy/ Whoooosh!...There goes another one...Asteroid 2017 BH30 whizzed bySavant-January 31
1121 Floating cities for the rich.. seeker.comSavant-January 30
1120 Not necessarily dead-dead, when you die.....for a while at least...perhaps it cSavant-January 30
1119 LED transmission of Data...LiFi vs WiFi faster, more secure, some limitations Savant-January 30
1118 Metallic Hydrogen created.... YTBD...will it remain stable..if so, supSavant-January 30
1117 Time Crystals created.. To most people, crystals mean diamondSavant-January 28
1116 Sleep, blue light, other spectrum, astronauts.... all being studied, should helSavant-January 28
1115Mars...location for possible life found...they're worried about X contaminatSavant-January 28
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