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News flash..In their rush to solve the Y2K problem, engineers have neglected to anticipate the pending problems which will arise in Y10K.
They increased the code space alloted to the year enumeration, but only by two. This will cover all of the years through 9999 The next crisis will be forthcoming in the year 10,000.
Work on this impending doom will be put off until the last minute, as a goodly portion of the current systems will crash soon anyway. Attempts have been made to keep this from the public domain to prevent panic in the streets. High level conferences are now taking place to ascertain where to place the blame and to ready press announcements to calm public fears.
Further news can be found at
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980Drug resistant bacteria in the USA... nature is winning>>> Dangerous NSavant-May 27
979Translation Earpieces 18
978History/Russia in WWII... Of course, it started w/an unholy Savant-May 10
977In the Y10K...who will rule the world? Behind one of the many curtains.. httpsSavant-May 6
976Pondering the Future... Singularity University: The Harvard of Silicon Valley IsSavant-April 6
975bloomberg.comSavant-April 4
974Maybe the Tarzan tale of adoption by gorillas was true....encounter w/wild gorilSavant-March 29
973The BIG bucket list...aka...The Wishing Well List... http://www.digitaltrends.cSavant-March 26
972History being rewritten...again... SHOCKER ALERT..... Irish NOT Celts....on thSavant-March 18
971Communication + /Azure/MSFT Microsoft Is Testing Azure IoT Platform From The StSavant-March 9
970In the Y10K, Cyborgs will control....Brain Implant project...Darpa & the HarSavant-March 8
969FRB Fast Radio Bursts...repeating....mystery... and @ bottom, links to NASA guySavant-March 3
968in the Y10K, water shortage will be an issue... this material *might* help httpSavant-February 26
967Oil...barreling like a lemming toward the cliff? Bloomberg projection for the cSavant-February 26
966LG..modular smartphone, rolling security cam, 360cam VR, and more 30 SHARESSavant-February 23
965FLIR thermal imaging, rugged, water resistant phone/Bullit * Given history, ySavant-February 23
964Samsung S7 launch/360 deg. cam/VR headset/eco system--proprietary stuff..(which Savant-February 23
963By Y10k, They'll need more of these>360 TB storage, laser 5D in glass EtSavant-February 23
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