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News flash..In their rush to solve the Y2K problem, engineers have neglected to anticipate the pending problems which will arise in Y10K.
They increased the code space alloted to the year enumeration, but only by two. This will cover all of the years through 9999 The next crisis will be forthcoming in the year 10,000.
Work on this impending doom will be put off until the last minute, as a goodly portion of the current systems will crash soon anyway. Attempts have been made to keep this from the public domain to prevent panic in the streets. High level conferences are now taking place to ascertain where to place the blame and to ready press announcements to calm public fears.
Further news can be found at
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1001 To further insulate/isolate ourselves from reality and others.... self containeSavant-Saturday
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997 Animals-Fish can remember faces.. *be nice, or they'll spit at youSavant-July 11
996 Aviation-flying car contenders...'on the horizon'... msn.comSavant-July 11
995 Animals ...New evidence suggests Brazilian capuchins have been using stone toolSavant-July 11
994 Wondering how many mitochondrial transplants it will take to get to Y10K? msn.Savant-July 10
993 Tango....Augmented Reality will soon supplant Reality....the distinction will bSavant-July 9
992 Soon enough, there'll be a need for psychoanalytic computers... for frigginSavant-July 9
991 Cyborg Stingray has living cells long before thSavant-July 7
990 You are likely to be disappointed... This New Physics Discovery Might Savant-July 6
989 No wonder Gir cows are revered in found in their urine...begs the Savant-July 2
988New shade of blue found/possible energy efficiency uses... msn.comSavant-July 2
987 A Cleaner for Azheimer's? Salk Institute thinks so.. Can Savant-June 30
986 Solar nano tech 15X more efficient...we'll see msn.comSavant-June 29
985 Evolution disclaimer...Douglas Axe..'Undeniable'...coming out July 12..Savant-June 27
984 Battery powered Semi's on the horizon.. but not yet... projected 1,200 mileSavant-June 23
983 Update on flying cars>>> %GP...the companies are increasing, they'Savant-June 9
982 Revolutionary nanomaterial flat lens..30% sharper image than research optics *oSavant-June 5
981 Genetics/Project to create Synthetic Human Genome/Harvard scientists washingtonSavant-June 4
980Drug resistant bacteria in the USA... nature is winning>>> Dangerous NSavant-May 27
979Translation Earpieces 18
978History/Russia in WWII... Of course, it started w/an unholy Savant-May 10
977In the Y10K...who will rule the world? Behind one of the many curtains.. httpsSavant-May 6
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