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The bar is open folks!...Have a BEER!!!

This pic courtesy of a real Fox.

Smoking is allowed in the bar, but do not drop your cigar and cigarette butts on the floor, as they burn the hands and knees of our patrons as they attempt to leave.

Image courtesy of Paulie Cashews .......................................

Cartoon courtesy of: kodiak149...........................Cartoon courtesy of: Gary(ONEBGG)

Image coutesy of Bullwinkle


Phil's Assistants:

Above six images of the beer girls were borrowed from

A1MP503 (Ron's) girlfriends:

There really is gold at at the end of the rainbow:

Above image courtesy of Ron.


Phil . . . someone may need this tomorrow.

This get out of jail card was donated to the beer board by Deann in
case any of our patrons get caught DUI.

dont forget to say your prayer...

This shows Carlos running away from the Beer bar to the Duck bar with a
keg of our beer:

He'll need the get out of jail free card
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3597The uptake from urine collected at festivals? A possible double high.Glenn Petersen-May 8
3596Is this why they call some beers Pisswater?Danish brewery produces 'Pisner&#The Ox-May 8
3595Makes me wonder about plant uptake of the chemicals found in urine...especially Savant-May 6
3594No thanks. Danish brewery produces 'Pisner' beer using recycled human uGlenn Petersen-May 6
3593"I think this would be a good time for a beer." - FDR, 07.04.1933 - enmarcos-April 7
3592'It is disgusting to notice the increase in the quantity of coffee used by mmarcos-March 30
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3589 For the TRUE beer geek-freak... brewed according to your DNA profile.... msn.cSavant-January 19
3588 Here's a squirrely PETA luvs it...but zing..55%??? [graphic] Savant-January 9
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3586SHOWER BEER - THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW [graphic]A Swedish brewery, PangPJakeStraw-January 9
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3584 Wonder if someone had a huge they were surprised.. *I dSavant-12/7/2016
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3582 Banned in New Hampshire... Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA: A Forbidden Powerhouse Savant-11/26/2016
3581BEERS ALL ROUND Billionaire founder of Corona beer brewery ‘makes EVERYONE in kidl-11/25/2016
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