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Who are Libertarians? What is Libertarian philosophy? Is it relevant to issues that confront us today? There seems to be a lot of interest in this topic, with opinions pro and con, here at SI. This thread is for questions, answers, and discussions of Libertarian principles and their application to real life situations. Lively debate and all opinions are welcome, but at least a moderate degree of civility would be appreciated. Let freedom ring!

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11857 Delaware's Odd, Beautiful, Contentious, Private UtopiaArden is a suburb, anGlenn Petersen1yesterday
11856California Is Right to Curb the Sex Offender Registry It's overly applied, uTimF1Sunday
11855Sky Views: Jeremy Corbyn's water vow could be costly TimF-last Saturday
11854It does help if you actually understand what Marx said October 6, 2017 By Tim WTimF-October 8
11853John Stossel and Dave Rubin: Personal Freedom and the Role of Government (Full ITimF3October 8
11852The Superwealth Interviews - Don Boudreaux [youtube video] [youtubeTimF-October 4
11851[youtube video] youtube.comTimF2September 30
11850We Have A Serious Unicorn Problem - Learn Liberty [youtube video] youtube.comTimF-September 30
11849Engadget Is My Go-To Source For Bad Economic Analysis. Today's Lesson: AppTimF-September 21
11848Love and markets Just a few days ago I posted this: When natural disastersTimF-September 17
11847Nicolas Maduro and the dumbest economic idea in the world Tim Worstall A headliTimF2September 16
11846George Costanza take heed: Coach, Husband, Architect, Father. One Title Was a FGlenn Petersen-September 14
11845Another estimate of the gains from deregulating building by Tyler Cowen MaGlenn Petersen2September 13
11844How Price Gouging Helped My Family during a Storm I was grateful for Walmart TimF-September 11
11843You still posting? I thought you'd be running a boatload of generators into Road Walker-September 5
11842How Dodd-Frank Hurts the Poor An effort to limit credit card "interchange fTimF-September 4
11841The reality is that the people who make a difference, like Home Depot, are respoTimF-September 4
11840<I>The reality is you let your distaste at profit or perceived unfairness Road Walker-September 4
11839If it was legal and socially accepted to charge a lot more., people charging $99TimF-September 4
11838That's not so hypothetical. Sure the specific actual details where, it was TimF1September 4
11837You enjoy posting these hypothetical situations... let me give you a real world Road Walker-September 4
11836$20 for a gallon of gas, $99 for a case of water — reports of Hurricane Harvey pRoad Walker-September 4
11835The accidental experiment with legal prostitution in Rhode Island A scholarly pTimF-September 3
11834...Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new gas station in Boca Raton, TimF1September 3
11833"A free man must be able to endure it when his fellow men act and live otheTimF-September 3
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