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A gizzard trader looks for stocks that
1)are under 12.00
2)have had a terrible past
3)usually have 80 million shares outstanding or less
4)do not have a lot of debt
5)have a recognizable pattern(double bottom, head and shoulder bottom,ascending triangle, etc...)
6)have had a 1 million share trading day in its recent past
7)are spurned by most professional traders
8)do not have sizeable overhead to overcome
9)provide an opportunity for a 25%-200% return in a short period of time..
10)are usually found in a hot sector

Gizzard talk:
1.Bull Popper- a gizzard that has spiked upward with 3-10 million shares traded, and now is in pullback phase...The gizzard trade calculates how far the stock will pull back before rebounding...The bounce is the popper.....
2.Overhead-Large volume areas of the past that create resistance to any sustained upmove..
3. We are familiar with all Cooper and Connors trading strategies and sometimes seek out their strategies for finding stocks with potential for upmoves...Examples: 180's, Expansion breakouts, 1,2,3,4's; Vthrusts, Jack-in the Box, etc...
4. We are followers of Pring, Murphy,Edwards and McGee...

We are pure technical traders....We are not fundamental traders........
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59857tommyboyboy, Please stop pumping. Yes, you do meet SI's rule of no more thalindalib202/05/2013 11:31 AM
59856 Northern Equity Research on $SFPI Santa Fe Petroleum, Inc.; check out the REPORtommyboyboy-01/29/2013 10:57 AM
59855SFPI (6 mil float $2.15) great news out in premarket!!!! Radar for higher move ttommyboyboy-01/24/2013 10:02 AM
59854Sandstorm Gold LTD (SAND) Own a few shares of this stock. Its a very diferent John J. O`Reilly-10/31/2012 07:45 PM
59853Tatrader, still holding your Novagold? tia, lbm littlebitmoore2-08/16/2012 12:09 PM
59852just bought 2000 JAG at 4.58.....I have been watching for a while, hoping the buTATRADER104/10/2012 03:06 PM
59851Hi TA, It's been years since I've posted on your thread. It's nice Bexar-03/23/2012 09:50 AM
59850Hi Jim, looks like I hit the jackpot on FGLD...Finally an 11 cent gizzard that TATRADER-03/21/2012 03:11 PM
59849Thanks Mark. I will put them on my gold play watch list. Jim Findit-03/20/2012 02:16 AM
59848Ok....we are up 100% on FGLD, down about 11% on NG, and down about 12% on KSKTF.TATRADER-03/19/2012 04:21 PM
59847bought 20,000 KSKTF at .32 cents....... Still holding: 1. NG from 7.90 2. FGLD TATRADER103/15/2012 12:38 PM
59846QTWW Overhead appears wiped out today  ACAN-03/07/2012 10:15 PM
59845We wait patiently for the Great Tuna to return to the Sea of trading....Go Tuna! TATRADER-03/07/2012 07:46 PM
59844Heh Richard, You are alive and well. Still trading those stocks that no one wantTATRADER-03/07/2012 04:25 PM
59843Hi Mark, I have also been in an out of it since my post to you. IMO NG is beinRichard Mazzarella-03/07/2012 12:46 PM
59842I am out there. Tell me what you are looking at....Give me one or two picks to TATRADER103/05/2012 08:22 PM
59841I am out there. Tell me what you are looking at....Give me one or two picks to TATRADER-03/05/2012 08:21 PM
59840These are old books, but good. "Investment Secrets of a Hedge Fund ManagerTATRADER-03/05/2012 05:48 PM
59839I have been in and out of NG over the years...Today, I am back in again.....7.90TATRADER103/05/2012 05:42 PM
59838Back in action again after a long hiatus....will be trading gold stocks for now.TATRADER103/05/2012 05:41 PM
59837C'mon folks, wheres the infield chatter...........GSS set to have a great yewowmex-01/25/2012 07:16 PM
59836Just dropping in and shouting out a friendly "Hello". Heck of an echEntitlement-10/02/2011 08:54 PM
59835I thought you were singing a Floyd song..... Great choice, BTW. Dobber D.-10/02/2011 06:20 PM
59834So turn out the lights, and lock the door! ACAN-10/02/2011 03:35 PM
59833nope MetalTrader-10/02/2011 01:17 PM
59832Hello ! ))) Is there anybody out there... Anybody ... Anybody at all ))))) Entitlement-10/02/2011 01:09 PM
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