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If you ever watch any TV at all, and even if you're as skilled at channel surfing as I claim to be, there's just no avoiding having to watch an occasional commercial every now and then. The very fact that a commercial should capture your attention for its duration, whether it's a 30 second spot or a full-blown infomercial, should be the driving force behind its design, and it seems that some commercials are done so well that the next time you come across it while surfing the channels, you'll actually stop to watch it. On the other hand, some are either so poorly written or just plain stupid that you'll wear out the batteries in your remote control trying to avoid them!

I've never worked in the advertising industry in any capacity. I've started this thread only because I've found myself sitting back in my easy chair and trying to figure out why a particular commercial appeals to me or not. I actually have enough unmitigated audacity about me to have determined on occasion that I could've improved a particular commercial......if only they'd gotten my advice before they aired it! any favorites? For that matter, got any that you consider really, really bad for one reason or another? Tell me about 'em!

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573The only one I recognized was the Geico, Manatee in T-Shirt ad, but we're inNeeka-Tuesday
572That's interesting. Only 2 of those ads registered with me as having seen tKen Adams-Tuesday
571Top 10 Most Engaging TV Ads This Week ispot.tvNeeka-Tuesday
570Agree. Even though Farmers repeats their spots, there is a variety of them and Ken Adams2Tuesday
569OTOH, I kinda enjoy the Farmers University spots. Alan Smithee-Monday
568While I'm at it, I'd also like to see that street sweeper come back and Alan Smithee-Monday
567I agree! While at it, get rid of Prevagen. That one has been around far more thaCarolyn-last Saturday
566Given the amount of attention congress gives to the mountain of material that isKen Adams-last Saturday
565I hate that ad! And the dumb woman walking in heels with jeans holding coffee - Carolyn-last Saturday
564While I'm at it, I'd also like to see that street sweeper come back and Ken Adams1last Saturday
563LOL! That would be nice!Carolyn-last Saturday
562What I'd like to see her do is run over Mike Lindell while he clutches that Ken Adams-last Saturday
561The Alka-Seltzer cold ad wherein a woman with a cold (a la Diane Feinstein) is dCarolyn-last Saturday
560 New thread Subject 59897Carolyn-11/12/2017
559The Volvo commercials - which make no sense and no one smiles.Carolyn-11/12/2017
558That's a good commercial.Alan Smithee-3/28/2017
557Upbeat tune, pleasant voice and what happens in this commercial is fun. ThereNeeka-3/26/2017
556That is very observant of you Carolyn. ;)Neeka-2/20/2017
555That pair deserves to fall asleep before they can enjoy whatever was causing herKen Adams-2/20/2017
554I love the cat on the bed too.Carolyn-2/19/2017
553This commercial makes me laugh every time I see it. [youtube video] "SNeeka-2/19/2017
552I don't like that guy either. But, you are right - they change up the commerCarolyn-2/19/2017
551As annoying as "Flo" is, or can be, I still appreciate Progressive forKen Adams-2/19/2017
550On the basis of those ads I would never buy Liberty Mutual insurance.Carolyn12/19/2017
549Same insurance company - the young woman talking about her car, "Brad."Alan Smithee-2/19/2017
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