Technology Stocks: First Virtual Holdings (FVHI): Internet bottom fishing?  
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A paraphrase of the story, as heard from FVHI investor relations: FVHI went public in December 1996 as an Internet payment company. The houses sponsoring included Lehman and Bear Stearns. Six months later FVHI changed its focus to electronic messaging because the payment business was disappointing: margins were low, and there were too few transactions.

So FVHI drew up a plan to handle email for large companies. The plan is to provide clients with third-pary, roundtrip email. As an example: a computer company sells a customer a laptop over the Web. FVHI then replies with a thank you, which also suggests additional purchases, say, of an extra battery or a printer at a discount. The customer can then simply click a button or link to approve the transaction: FVHI has the necessary credit info from its client company.

It sounds as if FVHI remains an E-commerce company, though it's looking for a niche not originally defined by the business plan that found initial backing. Apparently Wall Street doesn't like such behavior, as a cursory glance at FVHI's chart will show. Plus, after an October private placement a lot of preferred shares got converted to common, increasing the float and further depressing the stock price.

While IR says it is presently seeking additional capital, I gather the company has revenues, no debt, and cash on hand, though no major clients as yet. But insider ownership is about 38%, I'm told, and I imagine that short of bankruptcy, the bad news is in the price.

If anyone can add details to the story, please do. I may take up a very small speculative position, since the idea of an Internet value play intrigues me.

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87 New thread started to reflect new name and symbol.... Link: SI Subject 24362 FredB-12/19/1998 03:01 PM
86 E-trade, another softbank associate, already has. Weby 06:45 PM
85 The large share owner of FVHI is SOFTBANK,a venture capital that own large sharYacov Twena-12/01/1998 06:32 PM
84 FVHI selected for Bertelsmann's Online Bookselling. (First Lafferty Group John Lawrence-11/04/1998 02:47 PM
83 E*TRADE Selects First Virtual Holdings For E-Messaging Solution Number One RaJohn Lawrence-11/04/1998 02:24 PM
82 Some Rumors going around...  Is that all gossip or canDr. Frank Antwerpes-10/27/1998 07:54 AM
81 Weby We did ok on this one today. I believe it would have hit 7 if it werenloe4net-07/21/1998 07:06 PM
80 Looks like some terrific news out late last night: Monday July 20, 11:55 pm Ruth Macellari-07/21/1998 07:22 AM
79 Hi Loe, You did better than me today (Not counting cmgi). I decided to double 08:18 PM
78 Weby I finally got some. Paid 4.25, which I think will be considered a bargainloe4net-07/20/1998 01:38 PM
77 I always respond with facts, here are some on FVHI: 1. SoftBank just pumped 1gizelle otero-07/14/1998 01:47 PM
76 Support confirmed at $5.25. Institutional buying noted at that level. Looks lgizelle otero-07/14/1998 01:05 PM
75 Webby, I am sympathetic to your point of view, but let's be realistic. FVHIJonathan Brown-07/14/1998 12:24 PM
74 JL, Hope you dumped FVHI @ the open. I should have shorted this dog. Also, shoWinston Kim-07/14/1998 10:44 AM
73 It is being touted by some newsletters. Go to:  Dave Ruff-07/14/1998 08:14 AM
72 You are right about FVHI discussion on Yahoo vs. SI: This is not some scam comgizelle otero-07/14/1998 06:25 AM
71 Gentlemen: If you're only trading then guess as you will. Yhis is not 12:56 AM
70 Good luck to you. I just don't want to be the one holding the bag. A lot ofWinston Kim-07/13/1998 11:38 PM
69 True and it may not be. Still holding. JL  Logistics-07/13/1998 11:33 PM
68 Sold it for profits...I did not like how it could not close above the previous Winston Kim-07/13/1998 11:32 PM
67 Mark, You're talking about the wrong company. FVHI is NOT Ralph UngermannScott Loftesness-07/13/1998 11:17 PM
66 Softbank background:  looks like tTFF-07/13/1998 09:54 PM
65 >>> Today I bought BJCT. Check it out. <<< Nice volume, whatneverenough-07/13/1998 09:31 PM
64 JGarly: looks like Softbank owns 81.9% of the stock (which I assume they are hoTFF-07/13/1998 09:21 PM
63 Yes, I believe. I must keep my eye on it. Today I bought BJCT. Check it out.Dave Ruff-07/13/1998 09:12 PM
62 10 million float more like it. Recent stock issuance to Softbank + conversion JGarly-07/13/1998 08:38 PM
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