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8932 23 0 TNRG
Emcee:  Alan Markoff Type:  Unmoderated
Ticker: TNRG
Exchange: OTC:BB
TNRG Web Site; <>
Street/Suite: 8 W. 38TH ST., 9TH FLOOR
City/State: NY, NY 10018
Phone: 212-398-7833/212-840-6541(FAX)
Contact person: JAMES TILTON (pres.)
Descr. of Bus: Development company - US owned. The company
acquires businesses in numerous fields and applies its management
expertise to quickly grow value of the acquired businesses. Plans to
eventually spin-off some of its acquisitions via stock dividends. NOTE:
this company's operating model is somewhat similar to NYSE traded
Safeguard Scientific which has gone from $13 to $36 in the last 52
weeks. Businesses include building materials, setting up structures in
China for clients like, OTIS, Motorola, Coca-Cola. Rolled steel
buildings, cheaper than traditional methods. Subsidiaries in Virginia,
and downtown NY.
Approx. Shareholder information:
Shares Issued: 29,084,648
Free/Trad. Float: 7,803,075 I have heared approx. (2,500,000 certificated to be taken out
VERY shortly - check with Transfer Agent) approx. 4,000,000
held by people @$1.50

Transfer Agent: Signature Stock Transfer
Phone#: (972) 788-4193
Contact: Jason
Impending News: Announcements on the closings of a 1) major
sports/entertainment related acquisition and 2) breakthrough medical
related company.
Sec filing: Plan on being reporting shortly
Website: Planning on a web site shortly

Disclaimer: The above information was obtained from the company's
president - James Tilton.

The stock is presently at .07. Before buying any security do your research. I noticed their was no thread on this one and feel it was worth sharing.
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8932Just stumbled across TNRG and was wondering if anybody else sees the value. AccoArkansasLottery-11/16/2017
8931Zboy, You seem to have a need to talk down to people. As a child were you beliRoy F. Baker-1/15/2002
8930Hey Roy Boy: Stupid question department??? How is PNLK doing. After insistingZhivago-1/10/2002
8929Stupid question department??? Did you mean to send this previous post to me?Roy F. Baker-11/26/2001
8928NO hope in <i>dope</i>..............HAHAHAHahaaaaa ****************BishopsChild-11/26/2001
8927it means that Tilton and Zheng belong in jail. They've milked TNRG for all JRB-5/4/2001
8926hey folks, what is " tianzz ". tiaBruce Walters-5/3/2001
8925(PR NEWSWIRE) TNRG Updates Reporting Status TNRG Updates Reporting Status James E Lynch-9/18/2000
8924It's me again. Still just looking. Noted through a little DD that these stRoy F. Baker-9/15/2000
8923TNRG, TIPS and GMCH came up as fully reporting as far as I can tell. I had themRoy F. Baker-9/15/2000
8922 "When an "E" is appended to a symbol, there will be a 30-calendaMichel Landry-5/30/2000
8921 <b>E</b> <i>is</i> <b>PINK</b> they <b&gBishopsChild-5/30/2000
8920 E does not = pinks, they have 30 days to comply THEN pinksMichel Landry-5/27/2000
8919 Probably.James E Lynch-5/26/2000
8918 <b>E</b> = <i>pinks</i>BishopsChild-5/26/2000
8917 Where did the E come from? Is this stock moving to pinks?Sigmund-5/26/2000
8916 Wonder why we didn't get an uplift in price when the China bill passed in tEvan-5/26/2000
8915 Wednesday May 24, 11:19 am Eastern Time Company Press Release SOURCE: Tianrong Moosie15/24/2000
8914 Sonny, I looked at their web site a few months ago and was not impressed. RecRoy F. Baker-5/19/2000
8913 hey Sonny, for what it's worth. all pennies are a gamble, u know that iBruce Walters-5/17/2000
8912 OK, Thanks. It's good to know you folks are out there. Now back to my quesSonny Birbarro-5/17/2000
8911 I'm still lurking; still have shares CincyAlcincyal-5/17/2000
8910 Hi Sonny, Many are still here and lurking. Tilton has so many irons in the fiRoy F. Baker-5/16/2000
8909 HELLO!!! IS ANYBODY STILL OUT THERE? Where did everyone go? Is anyone still inSonny Birbarro-5/16/2000
8908 I don't know folks. The TIPS spinoff at 1c per share still looks pretty goSonny Birbarro-5/11/2000
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