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So is it boom or bust for this segment of the net? Feel free to come in and tell us all about your farovite e-Commerce play. If you have questions about what's going on maybe you can find your answers here.

I mean they are saying that e-Commerce hit the magic Billion in sales over the past Holliday Quarter 1997. So come on in and tell us who's making the money, how they are doing it, or when they plan on doing it. Whether it's Security, Backend, Frontend, Commerce Zone, Hardware, e-Tailer, e-Service, whatever.......

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2882>>>E-Commerce Schmee-Commerce OK I give up sell all your stocks and pTLindt-01/08/2002 08:37 PM
2881E-Commerce Schmee-Commerce Kal-11/02/2001 04:59 AM
2880I agree... the chops are excessive, just like valuations were a year ago. But Kal-04/14/2001 03:48 AM
2879>>>IMO, we'll never see the same valuations again, ever. I agree TLindt-04/12/2001 08:15 PM
2878I don't short. IMO, we'll never see the same valuations again, ever. Kal-04/12/2001 06:15 AM
2877>>>>E-Commerce Schme-Commerce. Short them all and hold the short uTLindt-04/11/2001 08:44 PM
2876E-Commerce Schme-Commerce. Kal-03/17/2001 04:13 AM
2875>>, MOBI has to go in. Hey I took my $2 INFT and and sold it @ $36 3/8 anTLindt-07/27/2000 10:00 PM
2874Link: SI Message 14092075 To: mr.mark who wrote (12908) From: Kerry J. CarmichAugustWest-07/23/2000 08:01 AM
2873I'm bad in math. I counted every year twice the months. How about an infrasKal-07/21/2000 09:35 PM
2872AW, It seems like the NET is separating out into two classes. 1) The category dave_s-07/20/2000 09:31 AM
2871Since Tom started the thread in Jan. '98, That gives us about 70 months leftAugustWest-07/20/2000 07:29 AM
2870Long time no activity.. We're in the middle of the road. 49 months to go. Kal-07/19/2000 11:37 PM
2869>>, MOBI has to go in. wanna add some down here? >> IAugustWest-07/19/2000 08:43 AM
2868Makes sense, except a bigger buyer might have been better from a business perspeTom Klempay-04/06/2000 08:59 AM
2867 Tom, I fully expected someone to take out HRBC. HRBC was a prime candidate anddave_s-04/06/2000 08:43 AM
2866It might not be a bad time to add some more HRBC to the portfolio. They are moviTom Klempay-04/06/2000 08:22 AM
2865 Broadband Internet is bringing rapid growth and evolution to both interactive vdare_greatly-03/13/2000 11:31 AM
2864 JDinBaltimore-03/08/2000 07:20 AM
2863 Some information on MOBI:  dave_s-03/01/2000 11:09 PM
2862 Well I haven't been on my own thread for a while... Gotta fix some of the TLindt-03/01/2000 08:59 PM
2861 AW, Actually, it was HRBC that we jumped on. regards, Dave  dave_s-02/22/2000 10:49 AM
2860 If I owned any SBC, I would consider selling it <g>. SE never dropped toTom Klempay-02/22/2000 09:49 AM
2859 Hey Tom, I guess I shoulda' listened to Benny and Dave s. back when they grAugustWest-02/22/2000 09:12 AM
2858 Consider TROY and e-checking - see  for fundamental anBlue Voodoo-02/17/2000 07:57 PM
2857 On topic to your post/Off topic to the thread: Fingerprint Identification TechSIer formerly known as Joe B.-02/02/2000 09:11 AM
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