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Welcome to the Uranium Stocks board!

Uranium futures prices

Current & Near-term US Uranium Producers
- Energy Fuels (in production)
- Uranium Energy Corp. (in production)
- Uranerz (tgt 1H 2013)
- Uranium Resources (tgt 1H 2013)
- Ur-Energy (in advanced permitting)
- Strathmore Minerals (tgt 2015-2016)

Nuclear Energy Institute
World Nuclear News
Uranium Investing News (formerly
Your Nuclear News
Technically Uranium with Merv
Nuclear Energy Industry blog
Uranium Miner - "Tracking Uranium Related Mining Companies & Opportunities"
Goldsheet's uranium page
Uranium Stock Index

Canadian Uranium Stocks - Charts
Uranium Stocks - News about them and information on profiting from them

Resources - Articles
"Initial Core Effect on World Uranium Demand"
Who's Leading The Race For The Next Uranium Super Deposit?
“The Worldwide Boom in Electricity"
“The Other Yellow Metal” by Ralph Kettell
“Uranium: The Other Yellow Metal” by Doug Casey
Fueling the Future: A New Paradigm Assuring Uranium Supplies in an Abnormal Market by Jeff Combs

In-Situ Leach Process

Diagram of the Cigar Lake uranium deposit:

Uranium Bull Market Milestones
2012/05 - Denison completes sale of US assets to Energy Fuels, Cameco files $1B shelf
2012/01 - Articles appear indicating that U price may have bottomed ($52 as of 1/17/12)
2011/03 - Fukushima
2010/07 - Articles appear indicating that U price may have bottomed ($41.50 as of 7/17/10)
2009/05 - Spot price continues advancing, up $4 to $49/lb
2009/05 - Re-emergence of bullish articles and analyses on LT fundamentals
2009/04 - Uranium price correction ends (one mo' time) at $38/lb (third time is the charm?)
2008/10 - Uranium price correction ends (again) at $43/lb (hopefully)
2008/05 - Uranium price correction ends at $59/lb (hopefully) 2007/06 - Uranium price peaks at $135/lb
04/07/07 Uranium price hits $113, surpassing the $100 mark
01/08/07 Rio Tinto cancels deal to sell the Sweetwater Mill
09/18/06 Denison/IUC merger announced
07/02/06 sxr Uranium Ones negotiates deal to buy Rio Tinto's Sweetwater Mill

Kudos for initiating this board go to my friend, Bearcatbob, who saw this bull market coming from a long way off.
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17036[graphic] LoneClone-02/27/2014 11:46 AM
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