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To all participants: Welcome to the Sandisk Corporation(SNDK) board on SI. This thread is now moderated. Here are the rules:

Nobody will be banned for disagreeing with the moderator or for disagreeing with anyone else. Nobody will be banned for stating bullish or bearish opinions, or for expressing opinions contrary to the opinions of others.

Participants will be banned for being rude to the other people on the thread. That includes ridiculing them or calling them names. If you disagree with someone, feel free to express your disagreement but do so in a civil manner. There is no reason to call people "stupid" or "crazy" or any other derogatory name.

When warranted, a ban may be imposed for being a general nuisance and disrupting civil discourse.

Violators will usually receive a warning, and a second offense may result in a ban. In the case of especially egregious violations, a ban may come without warning.

And hey, let's be careful out there.

Would any one care to enlighten the rest of us as to how SanDisk is positioned in the Flash memory market in relation to their competition and earnings potential. Thanks.

NOTE: 3/17/10
I have been informed by the management that SI policy prohibits any partisan discussion of politics on Forums that are dedicated to specific stocks. Please limit any discussion of politics to general comments on subjects directly related to Sandisk Inc. and its stock.

Update: 8/24/11

Having conferred with Ron via PM, I want to clarify this board's policy with respect to political discussions.

If a political issue affects Sandisk as a company more than it would most companies, it's fair game for discussion here. A hypothetical example would be if Congress were debating a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to download any media file to more than one device. Clearly, Sandisk would be affected a lot by the outcome of such a debate than would, say, JPM, MO, YUM, etc.

If a political issue affects the macro economy in some way, but doesn't affect Sandisk any more than it would any other company, that is not a topic for discussion here.

And as always, the civility rule applies, in all cases.
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57203bargain hunter, I sent that paragraph to my contact at ML/BofAand asked her to fjoncon63-09:50:20 AM
57202The only ever so slight disagreement I have with what you say is that Micron isBargain Hunter-04/18/2014 06:38 PM
57201But there is also the dynamic of "NAND is just a commodity" which is Sam104/18/2014 06:28 PM
57200I can't speak for Berman on the 1900 basis points issue, and I don't disBargain Hunter504/18/2014 06:03 PM
57199BofA's analyst is Merrill's analyst is Simon Woo, who is Korean and locaSam204/18/2014 02:14 PM
57198Bernstein: SanDisk: Oops...Bears Wrong Yet Again...NAND Bifurcation Continues toBargain Hunter304/18/2014 01:12 PM
57197 COST COGS = Cost of goods sold As you may know (or not), COGS is a calculateddan.rosengold404/18/2014 01:12 PM
57196Thanks for the clarification. Thought it was more like a universal memory produFUBHO-04/18/2014 12:45 PM
57195I wonder what happened to Micron's version of the UltraDIMM.The related proBargain Hunter-04/18/2014 12:34 PM
57194Changes mind on SanDisk in Enterprise...........................................BeenRetired204/18/2014 11:29 AM
57193Smash hit... Smash hit... 4/17/2014 UBS AG Boost Price Target Buy $80.00 ->Bruno Cipolla-04/18/2014 11:19 AM
57192I wonder what happened to Micron's version of the UltraDIMM. You would haveFUBHO-04/18/2014 11:15 AM
57191PDF showing the advantages of Ulltradimm with today's (and tomorrow's CPJCnieuwenj-04/18/2014 11:01 AM
57190Bank of America needs a split to reach his target 1Q review: Good resulshlomi cohen104/18/2014 06:05 AM
57189Smash hit... 4/17/2014 UBS AG Boost Price Target Buy $80.00 -> $90.00 View JCnieuwenj404/18/2014 04:18 AM
57188memory channel SSDs versus PCIe SSDs (revisited)are these really different markJCnieuwenj-04/18/2014 04:05 AM
57187Sndk up 9%, MU up 6%. And the two earning reports just show the divide between JCnieuwenj-04/18/2014 03:59 AM
57186Interesting extract from the Q&A regarding controllers ( from seekingalpha.cBargain Hunter104/17/2014 01:23 PM
57185This guy is complete clueless. Here is a simple answer: IPAD AIR moving from eMBargain Hunter-04/17/2014 12:50 PM
57184Stock still gets a poor multiple no matter how well they're doing, it's oled_future-04/17/2014 11:24 AM
57183Could you find where this was said? Or the part that you interpreted to mean thidan.rosengold404/17/2014 11:11 AM
57182The margin upside was driven primarily by Apple (a ~20% customer) buyingmore SSDdan.rosengold104/17/2014 11:09 AM
57181- Enterprise SSD revenue more than doubled YoY in Q1'14 and we estimate thatdan.rosengold-04/17/2014 11:03 AM
57180JP Morgan maintains neutral and raises PT from 75 to 87. Highly protected. Can&jexzz-04/17/2014 10:25 AM
57179Bernstein: SanDisk: Oops...Bears Wrong Yet Again...NAND Bifurcation Continues tojexzz404/17/2014 09:58 AM
57178Nomura Holdings, Inc. ...we also believe that USB thumb drives are a fad and wimark.hanna1004/17/2014 09:27 AM
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