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To all participants: Welcome to the WDC/Sandisk Corporation(SNDK) board on SI. This thread is now moderated. Here are the rules:

Nobody will be banned for disagreeing with the moderator or for disagreeing with anyone else. Nobody will be banned for stating bullish or bearish opinions, or for expressing opinions contrary to the opinions of others.

Participants will be banned for being rude to the other people on the thread. That includes ridiculing them or calling them names. If you disagree with someone, feel free to express your disagreement but do so in a civil manner. There is no reason to call people "stupid" or "crazy" or any other derogatory name.

When warranted, a ban may be imposed for being a general nuisance and disrupting civil discourse.

Violators will usually receive a warning, and a second offense may result in a ban. In the case of especially egregious violations, a ban may come without warning.

And hey, let's be careful out there.

Would any one care to enlighten the rest of us as to how WDC/SanDisk is positioned in the Flash memory market in relation to their competition and earnings potential. Thanks.

NOTE: 3/17/10
I have been informed by the management that SI policy prohibits any partisan discussion of politics on Forums that are dedicated to specific stocks. Please limit any discussion of politics to general comments on subjects directly related to WDC/Sandisk Inc. and its stock.

Update: 8/24/11

Having conferred with Ron via PM, I want to clarify this board's policy with respect to political discussions.

If a political issue affects WDC/Sandisk as a company more than it would most companies, it's fair game for discussion here. A hypothetical example would be if Congress were debating a bill that would make it illegal for anyone to download any media file to more than one device. Clearly, WDC/Sandisk would be affected a lot by the outcome of such a debate than would, say, JPM, MO, YUM, etc.

If a political issue affects the macro economy in some way, but doesn't affect WDC/Sandisk any more than it would any other company, that is not a topic for discussion here.

And as always, the civility rule applies, in all cases.
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60180I took a very small position in WDC when it was down, but sold it before earningdavid1951-a minute ago
60179Don't know what you mean by a dividend not based on profits. Their debt serSiliconAlley-an hour ago
60178I reviewed the last few post and remembered years ago-- watching Sandisk go downfranklin1-2 hours ago
60177I see that question as off topic, so won't address it here, though unrecogniSiliconAlley-yesterday
60176Huh? Where did you learn about investing? ArtArt Bechhoefer-yesterday
60175Pretty silly question, if you ask me. Because there are more misinformed sellerSiliconAlley-yesterday
60174". . . at these current levels, the stock offers exceptional value to astutArt Bechhoefer-yesterday
60173Your history of comment on Sandisk is clear and unambiguous, and these previous SiliconAlley-yesterday
60172Also, happy I stayed away from WDC. I considered shorting STX a few months backSSDiesel1yesterday
60171The ". . . solid near 5% dividend . . ." you cite can only be maintainArt Bechhoefer-yesterday
60170That must mean it is a good thing that Western Digital is buying SanDisk. There SiliconAlley-yesterday
60169If WDC shares recover from their present level near $40, they'll have to comArt Bechhoefer-yesterday
60168Seagate and Western Digital plummet on Friday following weak results/guidance ISam1yesterday
60167Price targets for WDC are all over the place-- * Western Digital Corp : Baird Sam1last Friday
60166 Note comment below from WDC.. deal should close June Quarter. Seagate and Wesfranklin11last Friday
60165So! The deal's now: $76.85 if closed at this level. I'd hoped they couSSDiesel1last Friday
60164I would suspect that MOFCOM is currently asking for something that is not withinSiliconAlley-last Thursday
60163MOFCOM knows its holding the cards, and likely asking for something in return.ThBruno Cipolla1last Thursday
60162They play hardball for sure. They have time on their side. SNDK/WDC have technolSam-last Thursday
60161There was no "non approval." CFIUS decided to further investigate theSiliconAlley-last Thursday
60160If this deal somehow unravels, I'd rather be holding SNDK than WDC.SSDiesel1last Thursday
60159Might be a chinese retaliation for the non approval of the (strategic to china) Bruno Cipolla1last Thursday
60158China must be busting big ones. No firm date set for closing other than June qujoncon631last Thursday
60157WDC missed on both earnings and revenues. $1.21 earnings versus $1.28 estimate. SiliconAlley-last Thursday
60156Collision: How Flash Storage Will Transform IT by David Iffland on Apr 28, 201FUBHO1last Thursday
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