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Here we go again. Thermo has been in charge for 3 years. In that time they have gone from 100,000 subscribers to somewhat over 200,000 which is not a very good effort at all, and certainly they have defaulted on the opportunity to demonstrate a high level of demand at low prices per minute [meaning 10c a minute for the regular bloke, not some "vertical market" $60 a barrel deep Arctic oil explorer wanting a million minutes a year on a "Liberty Plan".]

Now the constellation is conking out and it's time to get the replacement in the sky.

That will have to be justified on low usage since they have failed to demonstrate high usage. They have a few customers using a few minutes, not hordes using hundreds of minutes.

There is a prospectus registered, and price per share is now being discussed in public.

New and slightly improved handsets are nearly ready to sell. A new constellation is being designed. Hundreds of million of people around the world want rural/oceanic cellphone coverage if not cyberphone coverage - at the right price.

It was amazing that such a good system, which was easy to sell at the right price, was wasted during years of marketing incompetence. Thermo has conducted some half-pie recovery, but not very enthusiastically, with reluctant minute price cuts. Prospective customers have shown what they thought of the price cuts - "yawn".

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29452Oh dear PCS, you really don't get it, although I laboriously explain it careMaurice Winn-7 hours ago
29451<Do you have any constructive solution to the situation G* is in?< MSS cpcstel-yesterday
29450As fun as all this is, and since it seems it is only the three of us left (at leJeff Vayda-yesterday
29449<<I didn't want "below costs" airtime I wanted free minutes&pcstel-yesterday
29448The price of something [in the free world, meaning uncontrolled by governments oMaurice Winn-yesterday
29447<It wasn't a trap PCSTEL, it was just dumb and wrong, made up from whole pcstel-yesterday
29446PCS, you need to read, perhaps a bit more slowly. Move lips. Point at words. Maurice Winn-yesterday
29445To Highlight the point of the deactivated Teat Suckers.. Dec 31,2013 Duplex Subpcstel-yesterday
29444It wasn't a trap PCSTEL, it was just dumb and wrong, made up from whole clotMaurice Winn-yesterday
29443 < They need to bring in more revenue and you do that with CUSTOMERS. The curpcstel-yesterday
29442So are you claiming G*'s prices are as low as they can go in order to still Jeff Vayda-yesterday
29441<BTW, you have better not hold your breath as it's going to take me a whipcstel-yesterday
29440<Credit card transactions take 50c which is a bit too much out of $5, and manpcstel-yesterday
29439Rant on Maurice.. It's all music to my ears.... Don't you get it Mauricpcstel-yesterday
29438Wishful thinking/plans as pointed out. They have been on the drawing board preMaurice Winn-yesterday
29437You have sort of got the right idea, but are flailing instead of thinking sensibMaurice Winn-yesterday
29436It's hard to keep up with your errors PCSTEL. <<i>Maurice approacMaurice Winn-yesterday
29435That dabble was in fact in at $12.60 [near enough] and out just over $9. <&Maurice Winn-yesterday
29434Jeez PCS, you have gone full scale deflection, making stuff up and plain wrong.Maurice Winn-yesterday
29433<It's true there was a minuscule profit for a short time, but no profits pcstel-yesterday
29432PCSTEL, are you okay? You seem to have gone into orbit with little attachmentMaurice Winn-Monday
29431Oh gee you are no fun! (matter of disclosure, the 1986 date I referenced was ToJeff Vayda-Monday
29430<a bit of a jaded rant eh pcstel?< Not at all... <Just what does alpcstel-Monday
29429<makes you wonder about the story behind that< Wishful thinking.. PCSTpcstel1Monday
29428I stumbled on a slide presentation made up by Skip Nelson from ADS-B Technologiezxqwertas-Monday
29427a bit of a jaded rant eh pcstel? Just what does all that have to do with G*'Jeff Vayda-Monday
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