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I know absolutely nothing about this company, and as most here, am very skeptical. I post this company and latest news release just to see if anyone else out has any information and is aware of company or technology.

Stock is trading at $ 2.43 up 1/2 on 600k+

ReDOX Solidifies Position In Race To Bring Breakthrough
Battery Technology To Market

HOUSTON, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Richard A. Szymanski, President of ReDOX Technology
Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: RDOX) today announced the signing of an agreement which will
solidify the company's position as a leader in the development of breakthrough battery technology
for the 21st Century.

The agreement signed with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Institute (MBRI) and Clark
University allow ReDOX to combine the results of its decade-long battery research with MBRI's
patented aluminum sulfur battery technology. The results is an exceptionally high energy density
battery which is environmentally benign. In addition the battery is made of commonly available
materials, making its raw materials inexpensive, and it is manufactured in a thin-film process which
minimizes manufacturing costs.

``Of particular importance to ReDOX,'' noted Szymanski, ``is the University's use of interfacing
sulfur in an aqueous polysul fide solution. By saturating the solution with sulfur, university researchers
were able to convert a substance ordinarily thought of as an insulator (sulfur) into a highly efficient
conductor of electricity. The materials are readily available, inexpensive, incapable of exploding as
today's batteries can, and contain no hazardous substances which can damage the environment.

``And beyond that,'' Szymanski concluded, ``there is no battery available or on the drawing board
that can touch the aluminum sulfur battery, including weight, cost and energy density.''

ReDOX Technology will use polymer multi-layer technology. With this technology polymer films can
be deposited on moving substrate at speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute in thickness ranging from a
few angstroms to 50 mils. This thin film process greatly reduces the time otherwise needed to
develop batteries for specific applications. Szymanski said that virtually any company needing high
energy density and low weight would find the new battery highly attractive in terms of power,
rechargeability, weight, and development time.

``It also will be of interest to electric utilities interested in storing high quantities of power for use
during periods of peak demand. Similarly, manufacturers of computers, cellular telephones and
rechargeable tools and appliances will finally realize their dream of greater energy density, lower
cost, totally safe, long-lasting power sources for their products,'' Szymanksi said. 

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