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Any feelings about this company. Is it finally moving ?
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99 I think I can answer my own question on the questionable value of the Casey optSlim Pickens-07/22/1998 10:00 AM
98 For $300,000 Mr. Casey purchased the right to buy 1,598 shares of preferred stoSlim Pickens-07/21/1998 05:12 PM
97 The following refers to delisting notice, mentioning "subject to delistingSlim Pickens-07/14/1998 12:10 AM
96 Is there an issue of being de-listed by NASDAQ Small Cap list? Is anyone smartSlim Pickens-07/09/1998 06:42 PM
95 What I have heard is that a lot of the preferred share holders have converted tTARIQ STOCKS-06/11/1998 11:36 AM
94 3/16 is a much better price than 9/32 and it looks like the market agrees I hopWade Spencer Graves-06/11/1998 11:04 AM
93 Ice, the price is back down, does this guy need more shares for the vote????? ITARIQ STOCKS-06/11/1998 10:25 AM
92 Sorry to dissapoint you, my buys ranged between 3/16 to 9/32, I sold at 1/2. I TARIQ STOCKS-06/11/1998 10:19 AM
91 Make your check payable to "I will not doubt this guy again".  TARIQ STOCKS-06/11/1998 10:12 AM
90 money in bank watch the carnage!  Wade Spencer Graves-06/11/1998 10:07 AM
89 yes you were right but my bank account thanks you 3/16 was a good price. You miWade Spencer Graves-06/11/1998 09:27 AM
88 you were right! my checkbook thanks you  Wade Spencer Graves-06/11/1998 09:23 AM
87 I will dig into it with the company in the morning and get their take on it. UnIce Cube-06/10/1998 11:24 PM
86 The question is that does he have control or will he need to buy more shares???TARIQ STOCKS-06/10/1998 08:35 PM
85 This is not his first purchase, he purchased shares twice before in an attempt TARIQ STOCKS-06/10/1998 08:26 PM
84 So, he wanted more control to direct what needs to be done with the company. ObIce Cube-06/10/1998 08:22 PM
83 Dig This!  Slim  Slim Pickens-06/10/1998 08:07 PM
82 Your asking the wrong guy. I do not own a share.  H-Man-06/10/1998 07:28 PM
81 Well, if they sold their main business off, what's left ??? What is the valIce Cube-06/10/1998 07:27 PM
80 Fair enough. Thanks. oem.  H-Man-06/10/1998 06:38 PM
79 Not sure but I thnik they had 2 days to go to beat Nasdaq deadline on 1 dollar TARIQ STOCKS-06/10/1998 06:36 PM
78 I think I know why the stock went crazy, I person I know spoke with a guy who Electric-06/10/1998 06:33 PM
77 A little help please... Why did icnt go crazy ? H-Man-06/10/1998 05:47 PM
76 BUBBA is speaking, Wade, now you like ICNT, How many shares did you buy at 3/16TARIQ STOCKS-06/10/1998 05:12 PM
75 Thanks Darrell, I mentioned this stock 10 days ago at Joe Copias thread and haTARIQ STOCKS-06/10/1998 05:03 PM
74 Tariq, You had this one pegged correctly. Thanks. Darrell  Catfish-06/10/1998 04:55 PM
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