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In the Silicon Investor world of aggressive, determined, dominant and unyielding personalities, most of whom are ready and willing to assert themselves and their opinions, Rambi alone has none. She is not interested in being persuaded or in persuading. Humor, fantasy, good music and wine are welcome, along with any really hot stock tips, but she would prefer no extended personal posting of angst, persistent proselytizing, interminable arguing, or completely boorish behavior. Of course, as that is almost impossible and also potentially boring, a great deal of latitude will be allowed. Because frankly, Rambi doesn't really care that much. She probably won't even be here. Leave your weapons and your ego at the door.
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71131Cabernet savignon, 5.5 acres Produced about 32 tons last yearDrygulch Dan-yesterday
71130What variety of grape do you have?JF Quinnelly-last Friday
71129well the good news is that my boat was pulled off the mangroves on Tuesday. I gDrygulch Dan-last Friday
71128Well that sucks about the boat and grapes. I figured you' d have needed a whJF Quinnelly-last Thursday
71127"Their climate is a great start, especially when the 2020 Big Chill gets gJF Quinnelly-last Thursday
71126Life's tough enough without bandits crooks and other destructive people wrecMaurice Winn-last Tuesday
71125Greetings to you enjoying mid summer. This is the coldest time of the year in tDrygulch Dan-last Monday
71124Maria hit the boat. I have been to PR about 4 times this fall. I head down Drygulch Dan-last Monday
71123Hello DD from the distant future long after the demise of the GOOFI stream. I Maurice Winn-last Monday
71122Well, crikey, how nice to see jfred still on the rampage. On reflection, 20 yeMaurice Winn-last Monday
71121Lucky for me the taniwha had a sensitive palate and spat me out. It muttered soJF Quinnelly-last Sunday
71120Good riddance. I was worried he's still lurking somewhere. Those TaniwhasMaurice Winn-last Sunday
71119I was just thinking about that meeting the other day. Wandered over to spy on yoJF Quinnelly-last Sunday
71118JF? He was devoured by the TaniwhaJF Quinnelly-last Sunday
71117I met JFred once, at the Disneyland Hotel, by the Goofy statue which I thought wDrygulch Dan-November 30
71116Missing jfred, and Rambi. Where's jfred? Who is/was jfred? MquriceMaurice Winn-November 29
71115carefull ..the childrens parents voted for trump ......better take a med... da_cheif™-11/9/2016
71114<b>What bruwin originally said ....</b> ------------------------ &bruwin-2/25/2016
71113Raising a glass to you today. Your children flourish and are beautiful people. epicure32/21/2016
71112Happy birthday Rambi- you are missedepicure12/21/2015
71111 Re-posting in honor of Rambi, whom we miss so very much. ~~Louray TLouray68/17/2013
71110 [graphic]longnshort17/19/2013
71109That was feeble. Somehow, I expected more. Something about fat, some referencepicure-7/18/2013
71108Hey....whatever you have to tell yourself to get thru the day!!!jlallen-7/18/2013
71107More than you, though. That satisfies me :-)epicure-7/18/2013
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