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This is a clown free gold zone. We are interested in all the factors that influence the price of Gold and Gold Mining stocks. That means just about everything is on the table for discussion here: Interest rates, value of the USD, inflation/deflation, global crisis, quantitative easing, central bank instability, gold reserves, jewelry and industry, gold production, supply vs demand, economic outlook, struggling markets, currency devaluation, trade and growth imbalances, price movement of other commodities, such as copper and silver, in combination with global demand for these commodities.
Gold is a political metal and this is a Presidential election year so we can discuss the Presidential candidates insofar as their policies affect the price of Gold and the Gold Miners. That means Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals and Socialists are all welcome here. If a topic enhances understanding of the gold market, then it should be discussed.
Moreover, bulls and bears are equally welcome on this thread. What matters is your insight.
Precious metal stock recommendations are permitted. But do tell us why you bought or sold the stock short.
Option trades are also welcome.
This is a thread for free spirits who will hold everyone accountable for their ideas and positions. It is healthy to be challenged and questioned.
Be yourself and have fun.
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104574le Pen polling shows her pulling ahead of the far Left candidates. Get ready tThe Barracuda™yesterday
104573Good Lord, look at the volume that is coming into my SGDJ!! SGDJ VOLUMEThe Barracuda™yesterday
104572lots about 200dma in this article: ...Gold is now in this bull's second mmarcherlast Friday
104571I'm short the S&P via SPXS at $9.17. Holding over the weekend.Rarebirdlast Friday
104570Looking for a break of 24 for DUST to begin downward spiral to 5 then 2, into rReal Manlast Thursday
104569I covered my JDST short yesterday. Nice bounce from the $34 area for GDXJ. I canRarebirdlast Thursday
104568About to load da boat on oom DUST puts. What a gift whoa. As I mentioned earlierReal Manlast Wednesday
104567Next thing we'll hear is that GDX went into a silver stock fund because therRarebirdlast Wednesday
104566This may turn into a crisis for investors in gold mining stocks. GDX and GDXJ shRarebirdlast Wednesday
104565Next one to R-split is DUST. It is going to $2 in the next 4-6 months, so I beliReal Manlast Wednesday
104564Bottom Line: the sheep are unloading GDXJ on the News. Lots of sheep long. TypicRarebirdlast Wednesday
104563Or someone pushed it down on the day 1 day prior to R-split being announced. ThaReal Manlast Wednesday
104562I couldn't agree more with that article posted yesterday on the "dramatRarebirdlast Wednesday
104561Given that jnug lags 3x gdxj on a down day, rather than an up day, does it mean Real Manlast Wednesday
104560The move down is all technical related. GDXJ broke down and will pay the piper. Rarebirdlast Wednesday
104559Short selling is a short term trade for me, especially in 3x Bearish funds.Rarebirdlast Wednesday
104558This seems expiration related and will likely end either shortly before this FriReal Manlast Wednesday
104557I don't expect the 1/16 lows to be broken. But I do see a 10%-20% dip below Rarebirdlast Wednesday
104556 Yes. Xau is going to 0. Never been there, not even in Y2K. Miners will all go Real Manlast Wednesday
104555As Bob Dylan would say, "it's all over now, baby blue (GDXJ): youtube.Rarebirdlast Wednesday
104554I'm expecting the decline in GDXJ to start accelerating big time this afternRarebirdlast Wednesday
104553Not so much about their calls as them effectively running the Fed. All I said isReal Manlast Wednesday
104552I was thinking that the Miners take a bit of a swoon into the end of April beforRarebirdlast Wednesday
104551The financial markets are a mirror image in many ways of the society we live in.Rarebirdlast Wednesday
104550I will be in NUGT by the close of trading on 4/30.Rarebirdlast Wednesday
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