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This is a clown free gold zone. We are interested in all the factors that influence the price of Gold and Gold Mining stocks. That means just about everything is on the table for discussion here: Interest rates, value of the USD, inflation/deflation, global crisis, quantitative easing, central bank instability, gold reserves, jewelry and industry, gold production, supply vs demand, economic outlook, struggling markets, currency devaluation, trade and growth imbalances, price movement of other commodities, such as copper and silver, in combination with global demand for these commodities.
Gold is a political metal and this is a Presidential election year so we can discuss the Presidential candidates insofar as their policies affect the price of Gold and the Gold Miners. That means Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals and Socialists are all welcome here. If a topic enhances understanding of the gold market, then it should be discussed.
Moreover, bulls and bears are equally welcome on this thread. What matters is your insight.
Precious metal stock recommendations are permitted. But do tell us why you bought or sold the stock short.
Option trades are also welcome.
This is a thread for free spirits who will hold everyone accountable for their ideas and positions. It is healthy to be challenged and questioned.
Be yourself and have fun.
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105511Hurricane rebuilding is incredibly bullish Interesting... I was slammed for follBehind Blue Eyes-8 hours ago
105510Timewise, at least 5.5 months away to early March 2018. US is in a beautiful winRarebird-9 AM
105509Rarebird, I agree with you. The pressing question really now is how far away is Zeddie88-9 AM
105508Time for the Gold Bugs to get real: To be taken seriously, the POG needs to deciRarebird-8 AM
105507Gold has been falling recently because the Market has been pricing in a greater Rarebird-8 AM
105506The video was blocked on copy right grounds in the USA. But I get the point. So,Rarebird-yesterday
105505Nice tantrum and rant. Hope you feel better now.Rarebird-yesterday
105504Most of the Gold Bugs want to go back to the Gold standard. The best way to accoRarebird-yesterday
105503Such gratuitous condescension and overgeneralised non sense ! This thread used Chu Berry2yesterday
105502Since October 2008 Fed balance sheet contained all kinds of crap, but that crap Real Man-yesterday
10550190% of Gold Bugs live in bearish heaven. Moral edicts apply.Rarebird-yesterday
105500stop being Naïve. Do you really think laws/regs are being adhered to in thMythMan2yesterday
105499Rarebird, as Old Blue Eyes would say, "Fly me to the moon!" :))) [yZeddie882yesterday
105498Yellen will not keep her job under Trump, she will get replaced. I don't thiReal Man-yesterday
105497Not in USA. I think they are restricted to treasuries, so buying agency trash (aReal Man-yesterday
105496They can also reinvest in the major indices. I know you find that highly unethicRarebird-yesterday
105495That is completely salient.. Bitcoin is the gold of the millenieals and beyond.Behind Blue Eyes-yesterday
105494I am not blaming. Just stating that a lot of cheerleading is going on for the moReal Man-yesterday
105493Agree.. I stopped out Friday some partial positions via trailing stops.. MondaysBehind Blue Eyes-yesterday
105492Maturity being reduced is not the same thing as amount being reduced. Fed can moReal Man-yesterday
105491Don't just blame the shorts. Lots of gold bugs have moved to Bitcoin. You blRarebird1yesterday
105490I think we've moved along to the point where the market is now dip less.MythMan-yesterday
105489Market is due for one of its mini corrections, but nothing major. As for loadingRarebird-yesterday
105488Clown girl already addressed your concern: Message 31258614 But, of course, yoRarebird-yesterday
105487Anti QE on Wednesday. SP500 can take any abuse, coz it has not been driven ski hReal Man-yesterday
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