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We live today in very interesting times, we as a part of greater global community are facing new challenges every day, these challenges represent grave dangers on one hand and opportunity on the other.

Never before mankind has faced threats as serious as today’s from vandals on our doors, Global community of nations consist of couple of hundred of nations but only very few represent the heart of arc of crisis.

This arc of crisis on one end contains South Asia and on the other extends to Turkey, the geographical area that we are concerned with sits at the confluence of mankind, an excess of 3 billion people live within 1500 km of the parameters of the arc.

The limitations of geography that has hampered generations of Americans and their insular instincts have encouraged the host of this thread to highlight the challenges and opportunities that this huge area represents.

I invite those who are interested in global peace and security to exchange views and news from these forgotten lands which have now become for foreseeable future the area that will make or break mankind’s new tryst with new promising frontiers.

As eternal optimists the host welcomes all ideas, this forum belongs to everyone, lets hope that our earnest desire to make progress and eradicate extremism within our societies will be somewhat helped by small little steps that we take here.

The host understands the banal nature of these limited discussions but recognize that a little step to garner new understandings will go long way to soothe fears amongst visitors that are based on media hype and sensationalism. We try to cut through sensationalism and present a view that all of us people of this world love each other and mankind needs un-official channels of communication to reach out, ‘Idea of the day’ is a small exercise to reach out few who pass by.
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