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February 1, 2010

I have always been interested in predicting major market direction changes and how to benefit from them with option plays. The theme here is about predicting major changes...

- what indicators may serve us to anticipate a major market trend change, and;

- how can we tell the extent of the move coming and when it will occur?

This subject may be timely as many advisors are saying "... times are changed, crashes just can't happened any more." Well I guess recent events has made some changes in their thinking?

What support can you give to ideas pro and con and what do you suggest an investor do to protect him or herself from the unexpected.

Thanks in advance for your interest and postings... and the best of trading to you,

Let us hear your thoughts!


PS: The material that was here before may be found in the history of this thread and here: Message 23924397

PPS: I maintain a website which is updated periodically:
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94407So this is where the fun begins?William H Huebl-yesterday
94406Looks like the 50 day is becoming resistance.... makes sense.William H Huebl-Monday
94405Cool, thanks for the insight.William H Huebl-October 22
94404Many said that about Hewlitt Packard. As for who would own it. OH at some poinFintas1October 22
94403<<What I see as the issue for IBM is it's foot print and it's weakJoan Graffius2October 22
94402Thanks.... I appreciate your thoughts.William H Huebl-October 21
94401AGREE ON BOTH VIEWS. As one who held IBM back off it's lows of the 1990'Fintas-October 21
94400The last hurrah for an expanding formation is the move back up - usually within William H Huebl1October 21
94399Looks like IBM has a huge H&S which hasn't played out yet... And the 14William H Huebl-October 21
94398I took a closer look at SOXL. Here's the reward/risk as I see it. 10% up Fintas-October 21
94397Thanks Bill. I am familiar with Luminoisty and many others. It's very complFintas-October 20
94396I'm thinking Lumosity might help you. It has helped me but recently I have William H Huebl-October 20
94395Yup you have a handle on the SOXL. I put up a SOX safe 500.. I also put up thFintas1October 20
94394Sorry about your optic nerve.... SOXL has broken it's expanding formatioWilliam H Huebl-October 20
94392Well we were right about the move back up....William H Huebl-October 17
94391I didn't see the 31. Must have been zzzzzing.. I expect it to pull back sFintas-October 15
94390VIX hit a high of 31.06 before backing off. It hasn't been that high since bWilliam H Huebl-October 15
94389 YUP a NICE WOOSH. This is where a good trader can grab a fast gain up. BUT.. TFintas-October 15
94388Today was awesome for what we were expecting, huh? But this looks like a good plWilliam H Huebl-October 15
94387Le's look at it this way BILL. The reason I use so many different ways to aFintas-October 15
94386I burned through a LOT of cash doing that. It's like shooting from the hip,William H Huebl-October 15
94385TRUE.. It's nice to get the confirmations. I prefer to anticipate. FintaFintas-October 12
94384The signs are there. It would be nice to have more confirmations.William H Huebl-October 12
94383IS IT A BIRD.. A PLANE.. OR THE BIG KAHUNA.. WOOOOSH. FintasFintas-October 10
94382BILL the last thing I do is keep anyone straight. Especially you. I have in Fintas-October 8
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