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February 1, 2010

I have always been interested in predicting major market direction changes and how to benefit from them with option plays. The theme here is about predicting major changes...

- what indicators may serve us to anticipate a major market trend change, and;

- how can we tell the extent of the move coming and when it will occur?

This subject may be timely as many advisors are saying "... times are changed, crashes just can't happened any more." Well I guess recent events has made some changes in their thinking?

What support can you give to ideas pro and con and what do you suggest an investor do to protect him or herself from the unexpected.

Thanks in advance for your interest and postings... and the best of trading to you,

Let us hear your thoughts!


PS: The material that was here before may be found in the history of this thread and here: Message 23924397

PPS: I maintain a website which is updated periodically:
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94375Thanks for the clarification. FintasFintas-yesterday
94374If we break the SPY 44 day RSI (I erroneously said ROC in a previous post) trenWilliam H Huebl-yesterday
94373The Russell 2000 gave up one years worth of gains at todays low.... Mr. Market shoreco-yesterday
94372I just read an add for the dutch boy to help with plugging the leaks in the dam.Fintas-yesterday
94371Right....William H Huebl-yesterday
94370I think we are in the downturn now (duh?). BPNYA PnF says it started back in AuWilliam H Huebl-yesterday
94369STRONG SELL OFF COMING? Never BILL. I've been guaranteed by some that B T DFintas-Tuesday
94368What's the magic date?Vitas-Monday
943678 month cycle show possibility of strong sell-off coming.William H Huebl-September 14
94366New logo in place and updated link in thread head...William H Huebl2August 29
94365It seems that from a technical standpoint, the bull is still intact although we William H Huebl-August 20
94364My view is that BAC is getting progressively weaker than the SPX, has broken dowWilliam H Huebl-August 14
94363Buddy, what is your analysis of BAC here?Vitas-August 12
94362BE BRAVE BILL.. Anticipate and make the call. The good ones see it long before Fintas-August 9
94361BTW, we have a bear confirmed on the P&F for $BPNYA. I would like to see atWilliam H Huebl-August 8
94360Thanks..... hopefully between you and Vitas we will get a handle on the market fWilliam H Huebl-July 31
94359BILL. Just an update. if 1972 was the last box put up with an X for the 40.5 aFintas-July 31
94358Handed it to you on a silver platter: Message 29430828 A "gift" -lolVitas-July 23
94357Roger that!William H Huebl-July 5
94356Thanks for the explanation. Never would have guessed such re BK. And given thatFintas-July 5
94355It means Big Kahuna. That is what the thread is all about, supposedly.William H Huebl-July 5
94354Bill.. What's the rule of 18 X's. How's that 40.5 looking with a Fintas-July 5
94353Vitas...this is all I need to explain. Bac 8.15 to 18 ish and YOU DIDN'T buFintas1July 5
94352You still can't explain your own analysis to yourself, let alone anyone elseVitas-July 4
94351Vitas.. I think you have me confused as someone who works for you and is obligeFintas1July 4
94350Which stocks are long in your core at this time? And what is the target point foVitas-July 4
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