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UTEKUltratech StepperTechnology StocksKirk ©36969/18/2017
Midatech MTP Biotech / MedicalBioHero24/11/2016
THOR-Thoratec CorporationBiotech / MedicalTraderXx82/7/2009
GLIAGliatech (GLIA)Biotech / Medicalscaram(o)uche20012/23/2007
CLBECLBE - CalbaTech, Inc. Biotech / Medicaljmhollen297/18/2006
MAMMMammatech CorpStrategies & Market Trendsoriginunknown301/18/2005
DATCDatatec Systems IncTechnology StocksFast Eddie912/8/2003
MIGRMIGRATEC (MIGR)Microcap & Penny StocksTyphoon6508/10/2003
DHMGVersatech (VITC)Non-TechPatrick Slevin4359/20/2000
Markatech - MKD (VSE)Gold/Mining/EnergyRon Gilbert4165/31/2000
DYDYNATEC CORPORATION (TSE & ME - DY)Gold/Mining/EnergyRichard Nash1482/8/2000 - 3.9 M float (META)Microcap & Penny StocksOld Stock Collector81/13/2000
Skye pharmatec : SKYEBiotech / MedicalRob Loney112/16/1999
DYNA Dynatech CorpTechnology StocksCrazyTrain2010/7/1999
ATECATEC Group. Huge growth with PE of 12.5!Microcap & Penny StocksAndrew G.12988/20/1999
HumaTech, Inc. (OTCBB: HUMT)Microcap & Penny StocksWarlock46/29/1999
MTEC-Mannatech Inc.Technology StocksGeorge Gotch42/19/1999
Mannatech - A Healthier LifeTechnology StocksDesmond Chu31/23/1999
THRTTheraTech (THRT)Biotech / Medicalgongjin Luo12510/27/1998
DYTDYT Dynatech corp.Strategies & Market TrendsShafik Habal605/22/1998
Metatec (META)Technology StocksJakeStraw256/25/1997

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