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handyman, anybody and everybody in the display screen business has been aware of UDC for a long time and therefore not under the radar.

In case you are unaware, Samsung has been the 900lb gorilla in displays for years.

Yes, UDC has stated they want an ample cash stash to use should it be needed. Cash available for litigation discourages lawsuits. If you were to study UDC history you might discover that many years ago UDC did a secondary offering with this in mind.

You see, when you are an Intellectual Property company Mgmt knows that being able to defend it's patents is critical the reason they hired Mario.

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Lawsuits: Actually, UDC has been involved in several lawsuits about 5 years ago both in Europe and in Japan. The companies that challenged their patents included some major players (i.e. Merck). UDC won almost all of the lawsuits including the bendable OLED substrate challenge. Now, UDC have NEVER been challenged in the US since that would be a silly attempt given the source of the patents (UM, SIU etc..). With that said, Samsung LG or any company that challenges UDC patents would have to sue in the US.

Future (5 years) contract: I agree with the previous post that Apple or Samsung have probably taken the plunge (together) with the blessing that UDC patents remaining in place for at least 5 to 6 years.

How about the patent cliff? I believe that UDC is in the forefront of material development and if Samsung or others wish to jump ship in 5 years they might find that their competitors are not... their material mix might suck compared to more recent developments (i.e., Blue).

Samsung Current and Future standing in the phone market: As it stands, Samsung or LG phones don';t compare with the Pixel or Apple. They suck as they are loaded with bloatware (who really wants a Samsung voice search engine?) . I feel that Pixel will rule the android world in the not so distant future. The Pixel 2 shows that Google is developing hardware specific software and upgrades and is leaving Samsung behind (Samsung f the first generation of pixels by holding screens, a good reason the screw them back).

What will drive the future? Form factor plays only one role in the purchase of phones. The OS even more
important (that is why my kids refuse to shift to Android with an OLED screen). I don't see Samsung holding a sizable market for more then a few years. As the Chinese start making OLED screens and Google moving toward hardware at reasonable prices (Pixel II = $650 with OLED) Samsung will be out. Maybe they can come out with a Tizen phone???? ;-) Just kidding.

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