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All true statements (at least as of most recent publicly available information). None contradictory to what I said.

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"suspended particle device" IS SPD and IS REFR's protected technology. Licensees can use technology to develop new products, but they still have to pay REFR a royalty.. Google "suspended particle device" and all you see are thousands and thousands of links to products, licensees or scientific explanations of SPD. All discussing REFR's SPD.

From Wikipedia:

In suspended particle devices (SPDs), a thin film laminate of rod-like nano-scale particles is suspended in a liquid and placed between two pieces of glass or plastic, or attached to one layer. When no voltage is applied, the suspended particles are randomly organized, thus blocking and absorbing light. When voltage is applied, the suspended particles align and let light pass. Varying the voltage of the film varies the orientation of the suspended particles, thereby regulating the tint of the glazing and the amount of light transmitted.

SPDs can be manually or automatically "tuned" to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through, reducing the need for air conditioning during the summer months and heating during winter. Smart glass can be controlled through a variety of mediums, such as automatic photosensors and motion detectors, smartphone applications, integration with intelligent building and vehicle systems, knobs or light switches.

Smart glass light-control technology increases users' control over their environment, provides for better user comfort and well-being and improves energy efficiency. The technology provides over 99% UV blockage and state switching in 1 to 3 seconds.In cars, the range of light transmission for the technology is 50-60 times darker than a typical sunroof to twice as clear as an ordinary sunroof. Published data by Mercedes-Benz shows that SPD technology can reduce cabin temperatures inside a vehicle by 18 °F (10 °C). Other advantages include reduction of carbon emissions and the elimination of a need for expensive window dressings.

SPD-Smart Glass was patented by the public company Research Frontiers.

Guess short sellers must be grasping at straws. The million or so short position needs to be covered and with REFR owning THE technology of the smart glass future (there are no competitors --View,, Sage etc are subsidized and spend millions each year) doesn't look like anyone will be selling. Large blocks on the ask are reassuring that someone doesn't want this stock to go higher.


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