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Allan Sloan in this excellent article has presented the issues free of political colorings that we have all become used to. I hope we see more of such items in the MSM.

IMO, the best that Obama can do is to tell those who support reform to reduce the 1000 plus pages of the bill to a easy to understand 200 pages or so. He can then challenge the opponents to defend their opposition to the bill.
Is True Health-Care Reform Doomed?

By Allan Sloan
Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of the good things about spending vacation time away from the computer and second-by-second news is that it's easier to see the big picture. And one thing that came into focus during my recent beach time -- and is even more clear today -- is that the health-care "reform" making its way through Congress has disaster written all over it unless there's a clear, understandable and affordable public option in the final version.

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To: biotech_bull who wrote (119604)8/27/2009 8:27:58 PM
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You failed to identify the real primary factor driving the country broke as a result of health care costs.

Americans want the best technology, they dont want to wait too long and they dont want to pay much for it. They also dont want to listen to recommendations the doctors provide if they require more than a modest lifestyle change. Taking a pill is much easier than changing diet or exercising.

People keep comparing us to Europe or Canada, my guess is the volume of services per person is much lower there.

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