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Great charts. At the risk of sounding too bullish, the form resembles early to mid 1999... with IoT providing the new market for the next big growth spurt.

If someone had infinite time, it would be interesting to do charts back to the 1980s showing the total chip sales for
  • PCs
  • Autos (we started selling chips and fiber optic to auto market in the late 80s I believe)
  • Calculators and Palm Pilot information devices
  • Printers
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Wifi connected devices like surveillance cameras and Nest thermostats
  • Wearables (20 or so months ago I bought a $600 Garmin triathlon smart watch with two wireless heart rate monitors that I love and use now to help me get more sleep - measure something and it improves.)
  • IoT - Mites? and other tiny devices that somehow expand and connect to the internet but use low power.
  • Self driving autos so you can text or watch video (illegally but....) while the car drives
  • Robots to make coffee and other tasks such as drive you to work.
Intuitively, I know this is just going to keep expanding which is why I got into the business back in the late 1970s... and started to invest extra funds into the industry in the 90s.....

The next purchase on my radar screen is an OLED TV. Ideally, I'd like to get it from Costco but Frys has the latest models and good prices if you buy on their special flyer sale days.

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