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I am not Eric, but I'll write a couple of comments anyway. I think you put too much weight on current CDMA operations, because regardless of Qualcomm's actions and Nortel's fate, they will switch to LTE and other 4G solutions. Thus all the CDMA2000 infra market that is left, is mostly maintaining the current networks so that they can be smoothly upgraded to next generation technology.

CDMA operators are not hiding their heads in the sand, they are preparing for the next step. And that is where Qualcomm, Ericsson and also Nokia will be involved.

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Sayonara: In re CDMA2000 & Ericsson's Purchase of CDMA & LTE Nortel Assets

Henry the 8th U'am (or were),

<< Eric L., ... You appear to be an intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable person so I'll ignore your previously provocative comments to discuss wireless. >>

This one ...

Message 25816508

What I am is the host and moderator of this Nokia board and several other boards here on SI. I'm also a NOK and QCOM investor and a participant in all active SI QCOM boards as well as this Nokia board.

Originally I was not sure how or why you selected this board to attempt to carry on a discussion with me that originated on another SI Qualcomm board. I now realize that it is because you were banned (for good reason) from the primary SI Qualcomm board, hosted and moderated by Slacker who occasionally contributes here to the benefit of us all, but more importantly is one of the most wireless knowledgeable and respected posters on mobile wireless subject matter on Silicon Investor and other forums where he and I both participate.

Neither Slacker or I are into group think, and sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't, but he's a valuable contributor and respected SI board host. Your 'let's make a deal ... big man' posts to him on the board he hosts and moderates was ignorant and had no redeeming value whatsoever.

As a newbie SI freeloader who has not taken the time to even fill out a profile, in 4 days of free membership, you have somehow managed to accumulate 16 SI 'Ignores' (and now 2 earned bans). While that may not be close to an SI record it is certainly indicative of how little you have to offer our wireless board(s) that regularly see and tolerate many divergent points of view. Your single post here is also indicative of the fact that you have little knowledge of mobile wireless industry dynamics as they currently exist.

Normally I would provide a warning either by PM or publicly from this board, or any other that I host, before instituting a ban. I should add that until now I have had no active bans for several months, and have had few ever.

That said, you are hereby banned for indefinite duration from further participation on this board, and the reason is that your single post here was not only misdirected but was both off topic -- i.e. this isn't a Qualcomm board and how PJ and his executive staff manage Qualcomm is of no interest here unless it involves Nokia partnering or an adversarial position (and none currently exist) -- but also distracting to those that regularly participate here either actively or passively.

Eric L., ... You appear to be an intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable person >>

Perhaps you are as well. Perhaps you can demonstrate that to those of us that take posting here on SI seriously. I hope so.

Prosperous Investing,

- Eric -

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