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To: Neeka who wrote (7786)1/4/2012 5:02:27 PM
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To: Neeka who wrote (7786)1/4/2012 5:16:39 PM
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I'm all for that, though around here zoning would be an issue.

There's a young couple down the street from me who built a "tiny house" although they deviated from the original plans to make it their own. They built it entirely themselves and many people have asked them to build one for them. Problem is that their little 150 sq.ft. house is in on wheels (yeah, zoning) and they can only live in it for a certain number of months before they build the actual house. They've told me that the County car has been spotted driving by but so far, so good. It's been over a year since they moved in but...sssshhhh!

There's also a small yurt up the street from me but it's a cottage so apparently it's there to stay even though they don't have a bathroom and rent a port-a-potty.

I don't get it.

The tiny house is fantastic. Why can't a tiny house be built to live in permanently? Makes no sense. One reason they were given (after it was built) is that the entrance door isn't quite wide enough if they ever have to call 911. There are many more reasons but I just can't remember them all.

I like my property but my house was built in the late 1960's so it has it's issues. I'd love to tear it down and I think I could live comfortably in this:

Different materials, more windows, probably more square footage...hah!

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