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To: Lizzie Tudor who wrote (3080)9/22/2005 8:24:13 PM
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Mossberg harshes on Gmail.

choice quotes:

But Gmail's limitations go beyond this. On several key issues, Google's engineers have decreed that familiar email practices are no longer useful, and have substituted approaches they prefer, arrogantly denying users any choice...

Other email programs also allow such grouped views, but they permit users to choose. Not Gmail, where "option" is a term too rarely employed, except in reference to employee compensation

[Daffot comment: LOL!, although that is true of all tech ponzi schemes, not that i think GOOG falls into that category]

...I'm sure Gmail will get better and better, and will eventually adopt the new programming techniques that allow desktop-like ease of use. But I'm not sure Google's arrogance will ever make room for user preferences on things like folders or ads, or how emails are grouped.

[Daffot comment: two references to GOOG's "arrogance" by the most widely read and highly compensated technology columnist in the country. OUCH!]

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