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To: Yogizuna who wrote (12809)12/18/2003 8:03:24 PM
From: Dan B.  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 17607
Re: "Ignoring the enrichment of one's future enemies in the name of "free trade" in absolutely insane, no more, no less"

I'm not one to do that. Just try by looking, you won't find me saying, implying, nor much less agreeing to such a thing. I'll note that your ability to be certain of a very negative future relationship with China is far greater than mine. Of course, I well understand the threat China is. I happen to feel that without Free Trade in place, the threat from China will become larger and more certain.

Re: "Dependency on other countries for necessities, if it can be avoided, is also insane."

Just for the record, we are hugely dependent on other countries(as they are on us) in general. So I must say that where anything less than necessities are concerned, we should absolutely recognize and know that this inter-dependency which trade has brought is in fact very good for all of us. Otherwise both sides would do without many things. Speaking of necessities, sure, if a certain enemy were our only source of supply for a true necessity like steel, that enemy(Japan?) could cut us off(or have its plants destroyed by China?) hoping to gain advantage. Sure, one might then wish we'd protected our steel industry. But in that hypothetical case, I'm simply confident we'd manage to produce all the steel we need for war despite the extra cost of doing it ourselves. Please note, of course I have NOT supported selling China war technology. But when it comes to non-necessities, we'll help China feel much happier and better about their own lot and us, if we trade freely. In conclusion it should be noted that it would be insane to attempt to be totally self-sufficient as a country. We would suffer tremendously. Something as simple as a pencil requires effort from many countries to produce, and it is a great thing that countries in fact have cooperated via trade so well in the past as to make pencils and a myriad of everyday products possible(note: even non-necessities can be impossible to have without the help of many countries..

Re: "I wonder how people like you will feel if you are still alive when Americans are dying because their parents and grandparents only cared about finding the cheapest price, not about our national security."

See here, you started out by falsely implying I ignore the enrichment of one's "future enemies," which I do not, and here you re-double that by implying I only care about finding the cheapest price and not about national security. I wonder if you are reading someone else! You should have gathered from early on here that I'm very much concerned about national security. You thoroughly misrepresent my thoughts. I did in fact inform you I believe free trade can improve national security. Suggesting "people like" me don't care about national security is ridiculous, since national security was obviously on my mind from early on in this conversation.

For the record, my view is more about creating a larger total productivity and abundance(for people everywhere to share in), than it is about the cheap prices which also tend to go hand in hand with unfettered trade. As for China providing us with low prices, low prices can enrich US as much or more than them, all the while, without a doubt. One thing is certain, my opinion most definitely does not ignore national security.

Dan B.

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