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To: who wrote (13121)5/24/2002 10:05:05 AM
From: richard badauskas  Respond to of 13157
I sold out several months ago at around current prices and swallowed my losses. My honest feeling was that IATV was headed for sub par $1.00 and NASDAQ delisting. The whole interactive sector sucks and may still suck for awhile longer. looking on the bright side I would suggest that the current buyout proposal at $2.00 is much better than a sub par $1.00 price in the marketplace.

If the technology (SpotOn etc.) was potentially a big deal then the share price would probably be a lot higher (not $1.70) with a bunch of keen bidders. I suspect that the buyout may have something to do with WOWTV. Interesting to note that both IATV and OPTV are involved with WOWTV so L gets two bites at a potentially rival technology to cable and satellite TV.

To: who wrote (13121)5/24/2002 3:07:33 PM
From: SBerglowe  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 13157
If we don't tender our shares than what happens? Do we wind up with stock in another company? IATV is one of several stocks that has whittled down my net worth, but I had thought that in holding onto it there might be a future. Are there enough of us to sue them for violating shareholder rights?


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