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ENDV news:

Patent Office Determines Claims Drawn To Five Separate and
Distinct Inventions Filed By Dr. David P. Summers
And The Late Dr. Danilo Lasic In June 1999

Endovasc Ltd Inc. (OTCBB:ENDV)(Berlin:ED7) today announced the
most recent office action by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
(USPTO) regarding a patent application by Endovasc scientists for
sterically stabilized liposomes for retained drug delivery entitled,
"Sterically Stabilized Liposomes With Improvement of Blood Retention
Times and Targeting of Sites of Disease by Prostaglandins in
Particulate Drug Carriers." The USPTO stated that Endovasc's new
method claims in the pending application were directed to five
distinct inventions classified in different classes and subclasses and
requested election under 35 U.S.C. 121 of one invention for further
prosecution in the pending application.
"The Office Action came as a pleasant surprise," said Company
chairman and CEO, Dr. David P. Summers. "Of course, we are delighted
to prosecute each invention separately. As in the case of a major
discovery, it sometimes leads to the discovery of different methods of
use or preparations. In our case, it is a liposomal or collodial
moiety, wherein each of the methods have different modes of operation,
different functions or different modes of action and effects and is
practiced with materially different components and process steps."
According to Vice-President of Research and Development, Dr. Diane
Dottavio, "Stabilizing liposomes for extended periods of time for
retaining drugs in circulation was the direction being taken by
Endovasc researchers, Dr. Summers and the late Dr. Danilo Lasic,
shortly before his untimely death. Should these discoveries turn into
separate patents, they will significantly enhance the Company's
intellectual property and liposome library."
"In the last few weeks of his life, while continuing to work with
Endovasc, Dr. Lasic developed plans for approximately 15 new concepts
for inventions on liposome drug delivery," said Dr. Summers. "I was
privileged to work closely with Dr. Lasic, and because of what we were
able to accomplish as a result of his genius, Endovasc and the entire
medical community may benefit for years to come."
The Company stated it has elected to prosecute the invention
classified in class 424, subclass 496 for a method of sterically
stabilizing a liposome for the delivery of PGE-1 and other drugs that
avoid uptake by the reticuloendothelial system (RES) from days to
weeks and reserved the right to file divisional applications to
protect the non-elected inventions. The invention provides for
long-term treatment from a single injection for patients suffering
from peripheral artery disease (PAD), inflammatory diseases, liver
dysfunction and chronic ischemic cerebral vascular diseases.
Endovasc Ltd. Inc. is a biopharmaceutical/biotech company
pioneering liposomal drug delivery technology. The Company's products
and processes, including Liprostin(TM) (liposome encapsulated PGE-1),
NRA (Nicotine Receptor Agonist, angiogenesis agent), stent-coating
technology and a biodegradable/resorbable stent, are covered by
patents, license and trade secrets for competing in a multi-billion
dollar market.
The foregoing statements are made under the "Safe Harbor" Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and may contain
forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that
may not be evident at the time of this release. For more information
about Endovasc Ltd. Inc., contact:


CONTACT: Endovasc Ltd. Inc., Montgomery
New Business Development and Investor Relations:
John (Jack) T. Sorbi, 936/448-2222
Clinical Research:
Barbara J. Richardson, 936/448-2222
Fax: 936/582-2250

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