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To: Micawber who wrote (17633)4/12/2000 8:03:00 AM
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RB actually getting interesting with the arrival of MDM. The guy has actually been right on, he actually likes the company but thinks it has been overpriced and will be a buyer under $85. This type of heresy, as you might imagine, is not at all well received in CMGI la-la land at RB. The permabulls (Pressley, BSB, et. al,) can't stand this type of talk, and of course call for him to be ignored or TOS'd. Anybody who is not a cheerleader there is an instant enemy, even if he has something useful to say. IMO, that's why the board is useless, except for Mulan. BTW, does anybody know what ever happened to that guy FoolsRushIn, who had put all of his funds in CMGI when it was at $150, and was actually getting followers to do the same? Apropos handle.

To: Micawber who wrote (17633)4/12/2000 11:32:00 AM
From: ms.smartest.person  Respond to of 19700

My Goodbye was in response to the Hello comment in his post I responded to.

Four weeks ago, I converted a major part of my portfolio to cash. I held on to half of my CMGI, because I like and admire what David Wetherell has done in the past. I also know that he announced plans to purchase x-number of companies this year and was going to need to have the stock allocation increased. However, this proposal could not have been planned at a worse time.

I own and continue to hold companies who increased authorized shares last year, i.e., QCOM and JDSU. Of course this was during high times and they were hot companies in a hot industry.

IMO you are correct, this is getting and going to get much uglier before it gets better. Two weeks ago, I thought we would retract to 4200 and adjusted accordingly -- but we would all be euphoric if 4200 was the bottom. Hopefully, the projection that we will be testing the lows of last week will be a good approximation.

Tech is where it is at and the pendulum will swing back, sooner rather than later. JMO.


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