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To: $Mogul who wrote (40929)4/3/2000 11:01:00 PM
From: Brian Malloy  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 74651
Now LU a few months back, that was a big cap with blood running in the streets.

To: $Mogul who wrote (40929)4/4/2000 9:18:00 AM
From: rudedog  Respond to of 74651
$Mogul - most of my current MSFT holding is from a purchase of 200 shares, made in summer of 1987... basis on that is about .37 - it would have to get pretty serious before I went under water.

But I doubt if MSFT will go much below 90, or stay there for long. Too many people are looking for an opportunity to get in. In comparison to the problems faced by the no-revenue high flyers, the "DOJ cloud" looks pretty silly.

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