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To: Don Turner who wrote (1576)3/14/1997 4:01:00 PM
From: Skip Henderson
   of 7431
Hey Don...WHY ARE YOU HERE THEN??!!??!!
You don't own NPA... you don't short NPA. then move on to bother other people........Opinions are like rectums.....everyone has one ...
so we don't need yours!!!

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To: Derek Duban who wrote (1555)3/14/1997 4:08:00 PM
From: Sapper
   of 7431
All: Note sure if this contributes to this thread, but it may explain the reason for Merle's absence. This release is from the BC Securities Commission:

British Columbia Securities Commission
BCSE ÿÿÿ
March 13, 1997

Notice on Internet Trading and Advising

VANCOUVER, March 13 /CNW/ - The British Columbia Securities Commission has issued a notice to persons using the Internet for securities trading or advising in British Columbia. The notice reminds securities market participants that B.C. Securities Act registration and disclosure requirements apply to persons in the province who trade in or advise about securities through any medium, including the Internet. These requirements also apply to persons anywhere who offer or provide advice about securities to investors in British Columbia.
Commission Chair Doug Hyndman said electronic communications technology and the expanding scope and capabilities of the Internet have created new ways for securities market participants to disseminate information and to solicit interest about investment in securities.

``This has created opportunities for investors to become better informed,'' he said. ``But it also has created new risks
of fraudulent abusive and unfair practices in the selling of securities. Our Commission wants to foster the legitimate
use of the Internet while maintaining proper safeguards for the investing public.''

The Commission Notice (NIN#97/9) describes Securities Act requirements for registration and prospectus filing that
apply to trading in or advising about securities in British Columbia. It also notes that, where a trade or distribution
occurs in more than one jurisdiction, the participants must comply with the rules of each jurisdiction.

A communication made on the Internet may reach both intended recipients and anyone else in the world with Internet
access. Where such a communication is made by or directed at a resident of B.C. or a person located in B.C., the registration and prospectus requirements of the Securities Act will apply.

Where an Internet communication is not intended to be directed at a resident of B.C. or a person located in B.C., a disclaimer should be included at the beginning of the communication, stating either that the communication is not directed at, and any securities being offered are not available to, residents of B.C. or persons located in B.C. or, alternatively, that the communication is directed only at, and any securities being offered are available only to, persons resident and located in stated jurisdictions, which exclude B.C.

The Commission Notice also reminds issuers and other securities market participants that it is not possible to conduct a public offering in B.C. on the Internet without the involvement of a registrant.

``The issues addressed in this Notice are currently being considered by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), with a view to developing a unified national approach,'' the Notice says. ``If the CSA adopts national guidelines or rules concerning these issues, this Notice will likely be replaced by those guidelines or rules.''

General inquiries or requests for copies of the Notice can be directed to the BC Securities Commission Public Information Centre: 1100-865 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2H4 (604) 660-4800 (Phone) (604) 660-2688 (Fax) 1-800-373-6393 (BC only) inquiries(at) (email).

The B.C. Securities Commission is an independent agency of the provincial government responsible for regulating
trading in securities and exchange contracts.

For further information: BC Securities Commission Public Information Centre, Barbara Barry at (604)660-4800, or
(BC only) 1-800-373-6393.

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To: Don Turner who wrote (1574)3/14/1997 4:38:00 PM
From: Grant Movold
   of 7431
Why don't you just dry up and blow away ?(hard)

You indeed are an expert HA HA HA HA!!

Your not raining on my parade.


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To: Sapper who wrote (1587)3/14/1997 4:50:00 PM
From: David Rowe
   of 7431
Just tried to get in touch with Merle by phone. I got a recording (Merle's voice) stating the release is in the hands of the VSE and when they review it, we should resume trading (obviously not today). Timing to resume trading is up to the VSE. He also said calls will not be returned if you leave a message, and then said he had too many calls backed up.

He also said that the message will change when the release is public.

That's pretty much bare facts.

Dave Rowe

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To: Sapper who wrote (1587)3/14/1997 4:58:00 PM
From: david bell
   of 7431
I must admit I am long on NPA and posted a few "what if" postings over my morning coffee. I must admit I enjoyed the passion of some of the respondents. I fear that this is a very bad release as NPA was the most active thread among stocks trading over the day or two prior to this release. Perhaps someone in BC could call the VSE to ask if this applies to NPA

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To: Don Turner who wrote (1574)3/14/1997 5:05:00 PM
From: Trevor R. Teed
   of 7431
Hello Don:

I suggest you check out an old company from the 1960's, Copper Pass Mines.

Take note of the location of the old Copper Pass property.

Take note of the property's ownership history.

Take note of the Nickel percentage.

Take note of the Cobalt percentage.


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To: david bell who wrote (1590)3/14/1997 5:14:00 PM
From: David Rowe
   of 7431

I'm not sure what your driving at. Perhaps response to your postings wouldn't be so spirited if you were more clear in what you say. "this is a very bad release as NPA was the most active thread...." The BC Securites Release seems to be a reminder of the guidelines, there is no reference to reprecussions (although I'm sure there are some) to the companies that push, bend or break them. I wouldn't be surprised if someone has made an issue over this thread and things that have been said and I may not be surprised that this release was prompted by this thread, but Good Press Release or Bad, NPA gets a knuckle rapping and moves on. The sky isn't falling.

Dave Rowe

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To: Trevor R. Teed who wrote (1591)3/14/1997 5:16:00 PM
From: Gerald Oglesby
   of 7431
Thanks Trevor. Good to hear from you again.

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To: Trevor R. Teed who wrote (1591)3/14/1997 5:18:00 PM
From: traacs
   of 7431
Some info on the NPA web site

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To: traacs who wrote (1594)3/14/1997 5:41:00 PM
From: Robert Blanchette
   of 7431
Hi Klass. If I am not mistaken, Trevor is one of the partner of Kalvik Mining Services who vended the property to Northrich. I also believe it is his company which is doing the current work on the property.


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