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To: Roo who wrote (2370)10/5/2001 3:28:47 PM
From: mtnres
   of 2393
Picked up a few shares today at 0.10; thanx for the tip.

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To: mtnres who wrote (2380)10/8/2001 9:37:57 PM
From: wlcnyc
   of 2393
"Monday October 8, 12:52 pm Eastern Time
Press Release
SOURCE: QuesTec, Inc.

QuesTec, Inc. To Report 2001 Fiscal Year End Results; Company Expects to Report Profitable 1st Quarter in Fiscal 2002

DEER PARK, N.Y., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- QuesTec, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: QSTI - news), a digital media content provider of real-time measurement, virtual replays and interactive content for entertainment and mainstream professional sports, announces that it will report revenues for their fiscal year ended June 30, 2001 of approximately $696 thousand, compared with revenues of approximately $297 thousand for their fiscal year ended June 30, 2000, an increase in revenue of approximately 135%.

The Company had a net loss for the twelve-month period ended June 30, 2001 of approximately $959 thousand, or $0.03 per share. In the corresponding twelve-month period ended June 30, 2000, the company reported a net loss of approximately $1.35 million, or $0.04 per share which represents a decrease in net operating loss of almost 30%.

Due to the unforeseen extension of Major League Baseball's regular season, QuesTec management has revised their revenue projections for their first quarter, September 30, 2001. Management had reported earlier that they expected revenues for the three-month period ended September 30, 2001 to meet or exceed revenues reported for the entire fiscal year ended June 30, 2001. As a direct result of the postponement of games by Major League Baseball and broadcast schedule changes by FOX Sports Net, the Company will report revenues of approximately $565 thousand for the three-month period ended September 30, 2001, compared with revenues of approximately $256 thousand for the corresponding three-month period ended September 30, 2000. All revenue not posted due to rescheduled games will appear in the Company's six month period ended December 31, 2001. The Company expects to post its first profitable quarter for the three-month period ended September 30, 2001.

The increases in reported revenues are attributed to advertising sales generated by the Company's PitchTrax(TM) virtual replay technology which is provided exclusively to FOX Sports Net, and the Company's recently announced 5-year contract with Major League Baseball to develop, install and operate the Company's Umpire Information System(TM). Revenues for QuesTec are expected to exceed $1.1 million for the calendar year ending December 31, 2001.

``Our continued efforts, established relationships and long term contracts clearly validate the marketability of QuesTec's technology,'' stated Steven B. Greenfield, Chairman of the Board for QuesTec. ``The dramatic increases in Company revenues are a direct result of the years of effort and investment by QuesTec to build and expand the infrastructure needed to deploy QuesTec's technology for professional baseball. To date, we have established a presence in 23 of 30 Major League Stadiums and have operated our systems in 26 of the existing 30 ballparks. QuesTec's joint development efforts with its partner, Titan Systems Corporation - Aerospace Electronics Division have dramatically increased the accuracy, reliability and portability of our technology.''

Mr. Greenfield further stated that, ``Questec has increased revenues while reducing company debt and improving operating efficiency. QuesTec is now positioned to capitalize on its expanding infrastructure, validated marketability and established business policies. By maintaining our proven business principles with an ever-growing number of applications and opportunities, management expects to sustain its financial growth. As a company, QuesTec has managed to define and execute on previously announced goals and objectives. Management firmly believes that this is an opportune time for QuesTec both domestically and internationally, and we will continue to explore every avenue to achieve success and profitability.''


QuesTec's products use a series of cameras, computers and proprietary software technology to track moving objects (such as balls or players) and instantly construct 3D animations. These animations can be replayed in real-time, viewed from any angle, instantly sent around the world via our eReplays(TM) technology, compared and analyzed. QuesTec's unique digital video content has been broadcast and used for analysis during coverage of such high-profile sporting events as the World Series, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the French Open, the ATP World Championships and World Cup Golf. The Company's PitchTrax(TM) product is currently licensed exclusively to the FOX Channels Group as ``in-game enhancement'' during live television broadcasts of Major League Baseball games. PitchTrax(TM) appears as a sponsored feature during FOX Sports Net productions.

QuesTec, a fully reporting public company, is a content-oriented company that provides real-time measurement, replay and analysis products for sports, entertainment and digital media. The Company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports(TM) technology for mainstream professional sports. QuesTec's technology offers unique content to the convergence of today's emerging digital media.

Press releases and other QuesTec information are available on the QuesTec web site

For more information on eReplays(TM), please visit:

For more information about QuesTec, Inc. contact Ron Klimkowski at (631) 243-1880 or email

``Safe Harbor'' Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The statements contained in this release which are not historical facts, including our outlook on the future performance of our core businesses and our growth strategies, are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in or implied by forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include the Company's entry into new commercial markets; dependence on existing markets and other risks described in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

SOURCE: QuesTec, Inc. "

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To: wlcnyc who wrote (2381)11/9/2001 2:46:43 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
A must see for Questec (Live Video by the Questec Head Technician and Founder Ed Plumacher) Wait for the site to load once clicked. Questec at .08 is dirt cheap in my opinion.

Bruce C. Sherwood Coasts Group

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Digital Eyes Behind the Plate

Pitch-tracking software will give Major League Baseball umpires precise feedback on their strike calls.

By Tech Live staff
November 7, 2001

Video Highlight - Military Tracking Tech Now Being Adapted to Help Call Balls and Strikes

Whether it's Game 7 of the World Series or a regular-season game, disputes will always erupt over whether a pitch is a ball or a strike. But new technology may help umpires standardize the strike zone.

The technology comes from QuesTec, a company best known for creating the PitchTrax system seen during Fox Sports' baseball coverage.

"[Major League Baseball] felt they wanted to take the technology and make it part of the officiating process, as a feedback system for the umpires," QuesTec founder Edward Plumacher said.

QuesTec's PitchTrax and forthcoming umpire feedback technology are video-based systems that use a series of cameras to track each pitch during the course of the game, said Chris Malone, QuesTec's new media manager. The complete path of the ball is transferred over a local area network cable to a computer that displays the pitch's trajectory, speed, break, and location.

While the Fox Sports' PitchTrax system uses two cameras -- in the stands above first and third base -- to track the trajectory, speed and location of the ball, the Umpire Information System merely determines where the ball ends up over home plate. However, the umpire system is more precise, using four cameras to track the ball and two to measure the height of the hitter.

"What we do is we go back over all the called pitches we have for the game, and we go back and measure where the hollow of the knee is, the belt and the shoulder, and come up with a precise strike zone per batter, per pitch," Plumacher said.

Following a game, the home plate umpire can review a CD-ROM of every called pitch during the game to see how accurate he was.

The Umpire Information System is now online in four ballparks, including Phoenix's Bank One Ballpark, home of the World Series champion Arizona Diamondbacks. Major League Baseball plans to have it operating in 10 parks by opening day next year.

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To: Bruce Cullen who wrote (2382)11/21/2001 11:23:01 AM
From: Skywatcher
   of 2393
Since when is ZERO a profit????????
The Company has generated net income of $136,760 or $0.00 per share for the fiscal first
quarter ended September 30, 2001

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To: Simon Shah who started this subject12/11/2001 1:01:42 AM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
Enhanced Entertainment Content

With the progress as of late in the iTV sector I imagine there will be a better platform and demand for content. The new gaming revenue streams and visual marking techniques will get the attention of other large players.

The large players are ready to open their 2002 budgets. I feel that this market recovering will add confidence to the sector and some of the budgets will include newly added content features.

Questec Inc., provides content for both the internet and broadcast sectors, this puts Questec in a league of their own. Titan Aerospace now being included on the logos and a major technology partner with shall prove more beneficial than many suspect. Go to click on search, then select all search fields, type “Questec” into the search phrase box and click “SEEK”. You will notice this in the article pulled up… “independent and cooperative development of high performance software that advances the state-of-the-art in information creation and management for applications ranging from PC-based analysis of remotely sensed data to global military situation assessment. Project areas include: document image processing, real-time dynamic databases, object level change detection, information fusion, situation visualization, anti-submarine warfare, and multi-source analysis.”

Titan Systems Corporation (NYSE:TTN)

I infer that this partnership will provide the technological grounds for a super sports entertainment organization. Titan is also serving in the effort for a safer nation by providing the technique for the US Postal Service to kill Anthrax on letters and packages.

Questec showing a positive book and steady growth with a 5 year deal with a MLB organization and major networker like FOX will add credence to their capability to win over new contracts.

As Questec shows the market they can add content to the gaming business I imagine that those companies that make games such as Nintendo's GameCube, Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's PlayStation 2, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo's GameBoy will find Questec a certain content and gaming provider for real-time and sports entertainment content.

See them all here @ CNET

Microsoft and Sony would be great partners for the gaming division. I expect these companies to begin trial runs of new live on demand competition and virtual replay technologies to enhance their position in their respective space.

Then we have the iTV end. Microsoft, SONY, and many of these large players could also benefit from PitchTrax and HitTrax and the other ideas has in production and on the drawing board. I see no reason why they would not partner up with Questec... thus at this time I feel it would be crucial for Questec to sell these ideas to the other companies. Show SONY and Microsoft what it is they can do to benefit each other and do it in a way that energizes the sales pitch much Like I do here on Raging Bull. I do this myself since I see a serious potential here with the right plan and execution.

Getting this plan in the face of these companies such as (MSFT), Sony and Sega in my opinion is what is required now. The future potential in advertising, enhancements, gaming, trivia, content in general, interactive TV, real-time data and replay technologies needs to be sold to the companies concerned. Cold calling, marketing materials etc need to be hard-pressed and advertised to these companies ASAP. I think now is a good time as the sector awakens and the market recovers, all things being equal.

Questec has many potential streams of revenue and many potential new content plays. Questec has to be on the desks of the directors @ these companies.

So take your shares and hold tight for at some point in my opinion a couple of bucks a share will be behind us. We are already there!

(This post is my opinion only, the link provided below is for cross reference purposes)

Bruce Cullen
Sherwood Coasts Group

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To: Jeff Robinson who wrote (2379)1/3/2002 10:00:19 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
The following is excerpts which might (?) encourage you to hang in.....
"Cable-Satellite Fight Heats Up
By Lisa Delgado

2:00 a.m. Dec. 26, 2001 PST
When Lynn Ellis has a movie night at home with her family this winter, she gladly skips the cold drive to her local video store in Evanston, Illinois.

Instead, she pops some popcorn and -- with a few clicks of the remote -- she orders a film from her Insight Communications digital cable video-on-demand service. Video on demand lets her choose from hundreds of videos to watch whenever she wants.
When she needs information about local news, entertainment and weather, she picks up her remote and searches Insight's interactive community guide, LocalSource.

"It gives more information than the paper can," she said. Plus, "it's easier to use than the Internet because it just takes a couple of clicks."

Insight is counting on video on demand and interactive local content to keep subscribers such as Ellis happy -- and keep them from switching to satellite TV.

"The new battleground between cable and satellite is shifting to interactive services," said Phillip Swann, president and publisher of"

The complete story is at---

Questec will profit soon enough in a BIG BIG way in my opinion.

Bruec Cullen
Sherwood Coasts Group

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To: Simon Shah who started this subject2/6/2002 6:47:01 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
Questec Update - UIS Hiring also MLB Association II

As mentioned earlier (below) will need to hire new employees to handle the growth in interactive sports, it's a simple fact.

Questec has brought on the largest sports association in the world for a five year agreement.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is hiring UIS operators.

MLB's hiring as well, see link:

Look at both postings on the Questec and MLB site, then think it over. Interesting... Now is this hiring for the same reason?

This post is only my opinion!
Bruce Cullen
Sherwood Coasts Group

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To: Simon Shah who started this subject2/8/2002 3:04:00 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
Folks sports entertainment is something that will not go away. When the economy is in the skids entertainment will still be up and kicking. Questec shall find more ways to bring in revenues.

Bruce Cullen
Sherwood Coasts Group

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To: Simon Shah who started this subject3/8/2002 7:55:38 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
<font color=green>**QSTI and Defense updates** - S.C.G. Writeup

From what I am hearing and seeing Questec is doing a few good things as of late, the new baseball season should start off with a bang!

The demand for services dealing with content in relation to gaming, entertainment and sports in general is on a rise. With new penetration in DSL, Satellite and Cable Modem Technology expect better returns than those who see this little company in a negative light.

Current recent legislation (as of two weeks ago) has opened the flood gates for those companies to get their broadband online to compete, this spells out more demand for content soon to follow as many go live!

What is every-ones options for broadband, let's see?

Currently I am less than 10 miles from the Anaheim Angels Ballpark and "The Pond" where the Mighty Ducks play hockey.

We do not have cable modem service right where I am, we do have DSL but just as of last week. Satellite cable is possible if you want to dish out $400.00 just to get the equipt, no pun intended.

DSL works like this here, (if it is even avail at your specific spot)
Sign up now, no 1 year contract
$29.95 first three months, then $49.95 per month.
Equiptment is free.
(A very good deal)

Being in a major city near one of the largest cities on earth you have to wonder why almost 50% of this area is barely connected. But it is like this way in many places.

Thus if Questec can make a buck and report a small gain or tiny loss with one large sport already online (ML Baseball) and a few in the works with many more sports to be brought online, stay tuned doubters! You will see earlier than later that we are not fairly valued at our current price of .07 in any possible way. (Of course this is only my opinion.) (Some need to be babysat as they do not know what an opinion is, please don't show how desperately you need your hand held)

------------------------------Defense Sector Update--------------------------

I still feel this sector will be on fire, this war is far from over IMO.

Story Link=

Secret weapon: defense
Bears have warned that the market’s recent surge has reflected too much optimism over the potential for continued consumer spending and a revival in business spending this year. But both of those arguments ignore the plain fact that the Dow’s secret store of energy this year has come from shares of companies tied to military spending.

Indeed, you could say that defense stocks have turned out to be the cavalry of the 2002 stock market, leading the charge in a way not witnessed since the early ‘80s. United Technologies (UTX, news, msgs), Boeing and Honeywell (HON, news, msgs) are all up 60% to 80% since the terror attacks in September, adding ka-pow to the Dow.

Those three stocks could be done for now, as their exposure to commercial aviation may hamper progress. But many of their peers face the real prospect of double-digit earnings growth due to increases in Defense Department purchasing over the next five years. Bombs and missiles and guidance systems are the consumer non-durables of Planet Pentagon, and as both the war on terrorism and training for future wars progress, inventories are rising from extremely depleted levels and will need constant replenishment. Perhaps one day we will be bemoaning the “bullet bubble,” but for now it’s full speed ahead on the stockpiling of these companies’ products.

Paul H. Nisbet, veteran aerospace analyst at JSA Research in Newport, R.I., notes additionally that defense contractors are in some circles considered a safe haven from the accounting issues afflicting the rest of Wall Street. He’s got two reasons: First, earnings prospects are consistent enough not to compel managers to fudge to make their numbers. Second, all of their deals with the Pentagon are scrutinized by civil servants at the federal Defense Contract Audit Agency, which is believed to be much harsher than your local Arthur Andersen office.

8 stocks with promise
Nisbet, who has studied these stocks for more than 30 years, says he likes Boeing and Honeywell least among the Dow Jones Industrials defense stocks. But he likes plenty of non-Dow 30 defense stocks quite a bit, including large-caps Northrop Grumman (NOC, news, msgs), General Dynamics (GD, news, msgs) and Alliant Techsystems (ATK, news, msgs), Lockheed Martin (LMT, news, msgs) and Raytheon (RTN, news, msgs) and small-caps Curtiss-Wright (CW, news, msgs), EDO Corp. (EDO, news, msgs) and DRS Technologies (DRS, news, msgs).

The researcher, who sells his thoughts on the industry for as much as $3,500 per 30-page report, says he foresees a military buildup on the scale of the Reagan era. At that time, he said, the stocks ran for five years before peaking. In this case, he starts that clock in 2000 when investors first began to believe Bush could win election and began to bid these names up. “We have at least three years left,” he said. “Maybe four.”

Four more parallels with the Reagan era: Both followed roughly eight years of armed-forces deterioration in which Pentagon spending sank to 3% of gross domestic product from highs around 8%; both presidents ran their campaigns on rebuilding the military; both garnered public support via a single powerful negative event (for Reagan, it was the Iran hostage crisis); both followed recessions that made downturn-proof defense stocks look unusually attractive.

Nisbet believes the greatest growth will come in space weapons like the new anti-ballistic missile system, which could be ready to test its capacity to knock down an intercontinental ballistic missile by 2004. That’s the main reason Northrop has launched an expensive bid for TRW Inc. (TRW, news, msgs), the premier contractor in military spacecraft, satellite communications and high-energy lasers. And it opens the door to a surge in the many small-cap manufacturers of satellite, propulsion and space-communication sub-systems, such as DRS and Orbital Sciences (ORB, news, msgs).

Here’s a quick strafing run on Nisbet’s view of key stocks in the group:

Lockheed Martin. Much-improved management and well positioned for both military and space spending, with brilliant recent contract wins on all fronts. Expects 60% annualized earnings growth over next five years, in large part because of Joint Strike Fighter and F22 projects, but also due to its rebound from very low levels. Yet it is also the most expensive, trading at 22.6 times forward four-quarter earnings.

Boeing. Strong management from acquired companies McDonnell Douglass and Rockwell. Well positioned for future space contracts but more trouble ahead on the commercial jet side of the house. Earnings expected to be flat to down for the next two years, then better after 2003. Expects 5% annualized earnings growth over next five years. “Could do better but buying now is too risky.”

Honeywell. Management strong and improving with addition of new chief executive. Stock still a bit depressed following the failure of its merger agreement with General Electric (GE, news, msgs) and exposure to commercial aviation. Expects 12% annual earnings growth. “They will do well but we have them on our sell list due to risk on the commercial side.”

Northrop Grumman. Management is least liked on Wall Street because the chairman is aggressive and has pushed the company’s debt several times to the brink of junk status. Would nevertheless use recent decline in wake of the TRW merger bid to pick up shares, as 17% earnings growth is expected over the next five years and valuation is depressed relative to peers at a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 16.3. Chairman also expected to follow through on promise to reduce the firm’s debt-to-capital ratio sharply by end of year even if TRW is acquired.


Posts are an opinion and should not be mistaken for anything else as you all already know.

See Responsible Posting Disclaimer Here.

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© Copyright 2002, SCG, Inc. All Rights Reserved. No resubmission/posting is allowed.

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To: Simon Shah who started this subject4/14/2002 9:11:12 PM
From: Bruce Cullen
   of 2393
<font color=blue>All baseball all the time..... links..... inside....


MLB Site ----
MLB Post-Season ----
MLPA Site ----
Baseball History ----
Team Notes ----
Transactions ----
Minor League Site ----
Fanlink ----
Suite 101 ---- ---- ----
MLB Fans Net ---- ----
ESPN ----
CBS Sportsline ----
MSNBC ----
CNN/SI ----
Fox Sports ----
E-Teamz ----
Modern Era Baseball ---- ----
NY Times ---
Baseball Boards ----
Baseball Links ----
Total Sports BB ----
Fastball ----
TruNorth Baseball --
BB Prospectus ----
Baseball Notebook ---- ----
Baseball America ----
MAX baseball ----
E-Sportsfans ----
New York Times ----
Washington Post ----
Sun Papers ----
Sports Network ----
USA Today ----
Sporting News ----


Bruce Cullen
Sherwood Coasts Group
See relevant disclaimers to all posts @ website.


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