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To: LindyBill who wrote (31653)2/15/2012 11:40:17 PM
From: chowder
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I agree LindyBill. I thought is was bad that Manning needed 3 neck surgeries, now we find out it was 4. They sure kept that hush-hush during the season.

There is no way I'm paying $28 million, facing the uncertainty that surrounds Manning. I think he's done as a player. He may do something stupid, like close out his career on a down note by trying to play, too many athletes do that.

Four neck surgeries? ... Really?

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To: chowder who wrote (31654)2/16/2012 3:07:39 AM
From: Jeffrey S. Mitchell
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I can see a neck, arm, or leg injury being detrimental to Peyton's football career, but not a neck injury. Rather, I see a neck injury being detrimental to his life. I would think/hope that his doctor(s) would be warning him, if applicable, that one more hit might cause permanent injury and chronic pain for life. If not, then I really don't see the neck injury being something that limits Peyton's effectiveness.

I can't blame the Colts for offering Peyton less money given the salary cap. If he re-ups, I start him but still draft Luck for the future. But Peyton will likely go elsewhere where he feels he's needed more. I just hope it's not the Redskins.

- Jeff

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From: LindyBill2/16/2012 4:12:32 PM
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The Delivery Guy Who Saw Jeremy Lin Coming


Joe Kline for The Wall Street Journal FedEx Ground delivery-truck driver Ed Weiland organizes packages in the back of his truck in Bend, Ore.

The morning after Jeremy Lin sank a thrilling, last-second three-pointer that lifted the New York Knicks over the Toronto Raptors and gave "Linsanity" its latest, rapturous chapter, the mysterious basketball oracle who saw it coming almost two years ago woke up in Bend, Ore., and blended himself a healthy green shake: celery, spinach, kale, orange juice. He put on his uniform, packed some trail mix for the road and pulled on his winter hat.

Then he went off to his day job: driving a FedEx Ground delivery truck.

In May 2010, an unsung numbers hobbyist named Ed Weiland wrote a long-term forecast of Jeremy Lin for the basketball website Hoops Analyst. At the time, Lin was a lightly regarded, semi-known point guard who had completed his final season at Harvard. But Weiland saw NBA material. He emphasized how well Lin played in three nonconference games against big schools: Connecticut, Boston College and Georgetown. He noted how Lin's performance in two unsexy statistical categories—two-point field-goal percentage (a barometer of inside scoring ability) and RSB40 (rebounds, steals and blocks per 40 minutes) compared favorably with college numbers put up by marquee NBA guards like Allen Iverson and Gary Payton. Weiland concluded that Lin had to improve on his passing and leadership at the point, but argued that if he did, "Jeremy Lin is a good enough player to start in the NBA and possibly star."

In the wake of Lin's historic New York explosion, Weiland's eerily prescient post has quickly recirculated around the Internet, as a rare example of someone who saw potential in a player who wasn't drafted and was abandoned by two teams before getting a chance with the Knicks. Traffic rushing to Weiland's 2010 Lin piece briefly crashed the Hoops Analyst website after Lin torched the Lakers for 38 points Friday, and his wisdom has been compared with the groundbreaking number-crunching in the baseball best seller "Moneyball," which became a recent Hollywood movie. A tribute to Weiland's foresight on Yahoo's The Post Game ended with, "Brad Pitt's on line 1."

Monitoring from his silver Toshiba laptop, Weiland has been amused by the new appreciation of his work. A 51-year-old father of two, grandfather of one, vegan and amateur trail runner who lives by himself in a region full of cyclists and snowboarders, Weiland doesn't fit the profile of a 21st-century sports wonk.

"You were probably expecting a 22-year-old MIT graduate," Weiland said Wednesday, in his first interview since Lin-mania began.

A Bench-Warmer's Star Run

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European Pressphoto Agency

Weiland grew up in Upper Michigan, near Norway, a city about a two-hour drive north of Green Bay, Wis. He played basketball, but never on a school team. He enrolled at Northern Michigan University but didn't graduate. But he remained intrigued by mathematics. In the 80s Weiland became fascinated by the work of Bill James, an ex-security guard whose detailed baseball analysis would later help revolutionize that sport. For fun, Weiland began to compile his own data. "As long as I remember, he's had spiral notebooks full of numbers," said Weiland's daughter, Jana, 29. "He had so much random knowledge of players and teams."

A fan of the Michael Jordan Bulls, Weiland was living in Chicago when he began to find like-minded hobbyists on the Internet. He began self-publishing his insights online. Weiland connected with Hoops Analyst in the mid-2000s. "He had a special interest in translating how NCAA players would do when they came to the NBA," said the site's founder, Harlan Schreiber. "Jeremy Lin is just an example of what he's been doing for years."

Weiland is quick to point out he wasn't the only stathead to take an early interest in Lin, and adds that he's made plenty of head-slapping mistakes, like badly shortchanging Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge. But what makes his 2010 post stand out is how sharply it sees Lin's athleticism and ability to rise up in big moments, the very traits the 23-year-old has displayed since being inserted into the Knicks lineup. Weiland made Lin a centerpiece of his 2010 pre-draft analysis, a possible hidden surprise. "Part of my thinking was that maybe he'd break out," he said.

More 'Linsanity'

But Weiland never expected Lin to go as "Linsane" as this. Entering Wednesday night's Knicks-Kings game, Lin was averaging 27.2 points and 8.8 assists in five scintillating starts. He is on the current cover of Sports Illustrated, and was named the NBA's Eastern Conference player of the week. Weiland believes Lin's numbers will come down when Carmelo Anthony returns to the New York lineup, but not drastically.

"When this all flattens out, I'm guessing he'll be scoring in the high teens, say 18 points, with 10 assists," he said. "That's an All-Star point guard, or at least borderline."

Meanwhile, Weiland continues to scour the NCAA, and he shared his enthusiasm for a pair of current players: Tony Mitchell of North Texas, and Jae Crowder at Marquette. By now, many of Weiland's friends and colleagues know about his side life examining sports. "He's got a real knack for numbers," said Weiland's boss, Vince VandenBosch. "Real smart guy."

"I don't think he set out to get recognized for this," said Jana Weiland. "I think it's really cool."

Ed Weiland said that he'd once hoped to turn his stats hobby into a professional career, but it was "never a burning ambition." He compared it to friends who played music for love. He confessed he'd never even spoken to Schreiber, the Hoops Analyst founder, communicating with the website only via email. Until late Wednesday, Schreiber had no idea what Weiland did for a living.

"I've lived a happily quiet life," Weiland said. "And it's still happily quiet."

And with that, the man who anticipated the beginning of "Linsanity" said goodbye. There were deliveries to be made, and he needed to get to his truck

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From: JakeStraw2/21/2012 12:46:17 PM
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Brady Quinn Debunks Year Of The Tebow: 'We've Had A Lot Of ... Luck'

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To: JakeStraw who wrote (31657)2/21/2012 2:59:26 PM
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Parker girl still glowing after ‘date’ with Tim Tebow

5:47 pm, February 20, 2012, by Dave Young


PARKER, Colo. – Nine-year-old Presli Collins is still on Cloud 9 after spending a surprise weekend with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Collins suffers from Neurofibromatosis-1, an inherited tumor disorder.

After the Cartoon Network learned of her medical condition, Presli and her father were invited to the network’s ‘Hall of Game’ awards in Los Angeles.

“(It was) very, very, very exciting,” Presli told us as she opened a gift box from the Tim Tebow Foundation at her family’s Parker home. “(Tebow) was a thousand times nicer than you think he is.”

Presli’s dad took several photos of her with Tebow and other celebrities who attended the event. His daughter returned home with several souvenirs, including an autographed Tebow football.

“It says ‘To Presli Number 15, Tim Tebow, God bless. Go Broncos’,” she said, reading the inscription.

And Tebow’s parting words? “Thank you for being an amazing date,” Presli said with a wide smile.

From looking at her, you would hardly know that Presli has undergone complicated surgeries for her condition, which causes tumors under the skin, and in nerves from the brain and spinal cord.

“I think the hardest part is not knowing how it’ll manifest in her body,” said her mother Lisa Collins.

Lisa says they couldn’t believe it when Tebow’s “Wish 15? foundation called last week to arrange Presli’s trip.

“She had just gone through a lot, and when we got the notice for this she was just completely shocked,” Lisa told us. “My husband last night said that the whole weekend he’s never seen her smile and be as happy as she was.”

Presli still has a long road to travel. Her family encourages people to support Tebow’s foundation, Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Tumor Foundation for their help.

“I can’t even express how grateful we are for the opportunity she’s had (and) the joy she’s had,” says Lisa.

Presli’s turns 10 on Tuesday.

If you want to learn more about Presli’s story, what she has been through, and the organizations who helped her and her family you can go to her Facebook page at:

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To: JakeStraw who wrote (31657)2/21/2012 4:02:53 PM
From: LindyBill
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Brady's reaction is understandable, but stupid.

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To: LindyBill who wrote (31659)2/22/2012 6:59:11 AM
From: chowder
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It didn't take long for Brady Quinn to apologize for his remarks. Ha! Ha!

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To: LindyBill who wrote (31659)2/22/2012 9:56:15 AM
From: Sedohr Nod
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I doubt that anyone is about to beat down Quinn's free agent door, not taking a snap in 2 years can't be good for his market value.

Talking to reporters often leads to "I sure hope that part doesn't get printed" moments, but he had to know that any negative Tebow comment would hit 50 states and 14 countries in about 3 seconds after the interview ended.

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From: Jeffrey S. Mitchell2/22/2012 11:28:20 AM
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Study: Youth head hits' impact severe

The first-ever study to measure the head impacts among youth football players has found that some hits absorbed by second-graders are as forceful as those in the college game, and that unlike in high school and college football, most of the severe hits occurred during practices.


A very compelling video by ESPN.

- Jeff

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To: Sedohr Nod who wrote (31661)2/22/2012 12:58:08 PM
From: LindyBill
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They suck you in with a "we're buddies" approach, a couple of beers later they have you. If you do an interview without a witness they can make up any quote they want. I really liked the looks of Brady coming out of college. Someday we will know the inside story of why he hasn't made it.

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