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To: Robert Mayo who wrote (7538)1/11/1998 3:46:00 PM
From: Alomex
   of 202044
Glad you think AAPL isn't in the corporate crapper any more. Are you actually long AAPL now?

I'll be looking very closely at Apple for the next ten-twelve weeks, I'll let you guys if I take a position (long or short)...

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To: Alomex who wrote (7546)1/11/1998 3:54:00 PM
From: Dylan
   of 202044
Interesting article called "Is Mac Back on the Map?"

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To: Alomex who wrote (7546)1/12/1998 3:18:00 AM
From: Doren
   of 202044

There are a lot of us who don't really LIKE Apple as a buddy. I just am much more productive on an Apple.

On the rational side though. Apple Tanked several years ago profit wise. But if you look at each quarter this past year there was steady progress.

I'm a design major at UCLA. Apple talks to our "Screwdriver guys".

In the past Apple did promise and then not deliver. But that philosophy has passed. Apple now promises very little, but they are delivering. I think the corporate culture has matured. Much like humans mature when faced with crisis. And it is much more conservative. Rhapsody holds great promise. Maybe more that most imagine. Of course it might not catch on. But this is high tech, didn't one of the founders of IBM once say "there is no need for more than 6 computers in the world"? Didn't Gates once pan the graphical interface? If these guy got it wrong who can predict the future. Not too many would have predicted the fall of the database companies a year ago...and I doubt many can predict how fast the internet will be in a year (DSL, T1s in condos, or...).

The 9600 350s are now available, OS 8 was fair, 8.1 looks better. Rhapsody is promising (but they had better deliver). The G3s are popular, great machines and cheap!!!

I think this could be a good bottom fish myself. The big bottom fish is client/server and who knows what will happen there. Of course its a gamble, but if you don't gamble invest in...


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To: Alomex who wrote (7545)1/12/1998 9:41:00 AM
From: Mark Palmberg
   of 202044
<Have you ever considered that for the average Joe a Win95 Dell box is good enough?>

Of course! Yes indeed. But now that you can get a superior Apple product for not much more than a Win95 Dell box, why settle? I don't think Apple is going to take over the world, yet, but i wish they would.

Although I am almost completely under the influence of Jobs' Reality Distortion Field, I have few delusions about Apple's real world prospects. I'm hoping for the best at this point and plugging along on the G3, loving every minute of it.

Good luck to you, Alomex.


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To: Mark Palmberg who wrote (7549)1/12/1998 9:52:00 AM
From: David Semoreson
   of 202044
In Red Herring, Fred Anderson said:

"Apple plans to remain the market leader in education, and plans
to recapture its strong position in the consumer market. I'll
leave it at that, and you can speculate as to what we'll be doing
over the next few months."

NC's? Sub $1,000 Macs? That soon? Let the speculation begin ...

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To: Alomex who wrote (7546)1/12/1998 10:40:00 AM
From: Robert Mayo
   of 202044
On a slightly humorous note_"Can Apple Save Microsoft?":

Pretty good recap on the Expo:

Larry Ellison just keep his mouth shut about those NCs (even though Steve Jobs wishes he would):

More news:


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To: David Semoreson who wrote (7550)1/12/1998 1:57:00 PM
From: Mark Palmberg
   of 202044
Check out the Jan. 8, 1998 edition of "Education Week." Full-page glossy of the Einstein "Think Different" ad on the back cover. Very nice.

Good luck to all.


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To: Mark Palmberg who wrote (7552)1/12/1998 3:20:00 PM
From: Phillip C. Lee
   of 202044
At present, Apple's price is at 18 5/16 with 4.14M, still a decent
volume. Hopefully, the volume can reach 6M at close.


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To: David Semoreson who wrote (7550)1/12/1998 4:52:00 PM
From: big john
   of 202044
Anderson doesn't sound positive on Q1

Read what he says about Q1 not being Apple's best quarter anymore. He also says Apple is watching the sub $1000 market. It too late to be watching they should be moving already.

Several trends working Apple:
1) Sub $1000 PCs
2) Reliance on Education market (look where that got NeXT).
3) Reliance on Motorola and IBM to continue development of PowerPC. Intel is spending billions on process technology. PowerPC development can not be sustained by current volume of Apple business.
4) They are competing against both Intel and Microsoft. Intel because their use of PowerPCs and Microsoft because of alternative OS. If Apple increases market share significantly beyond the <6 percent they have, you can bet WinTel will pull the trigger.
5) Loss of talent. Lot of the creative people that helped Apple become sucessful are gone.

What can they do:
1) Stop competing with Intel. Start using Intel chips. It takes billions to continue upgrading chip fabs. Intel has the resources to continue to drive down the cost/performance curve. PowerPC will run out of steam as Alpha did. Not enough volume to drive PowerPC development.
2) Stop making machines that look like PCs. Use some creative industrial design and differentiate Macs from PC. At least the NeXT box was unique.
3) Start driving technology again. Make Jaz drives standard on every Mac. Make DVD standard. Make Firewire and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces standard.
4) Merge with SGI. Merge the Mac with the SGI Octane. Bring workstation class performance to the desktop market.
5) Make the Newton the size of the PalmPilot. Add a wireless modem, color display and rake in the $$$.

just my 2 cents.

big john

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To: big john who wrote (7554)1/12/1998 5:36:00 PM
From: J R KARY
   of 202044
John you mean AAPL's 0.35 1Q98 (12/31/97) will be bettered - right ?

Apple, in the quarter ending December, had brought
in $45 million in earnings on
revenues of $1.575 billion.

The Red Herring Online sat down with Fred
Anderson, Apple's chief financial officer, to go over
the results and see what laid the groundwork for this
bracing good news....

The Herring:
I'm sure you probably asked Steve Jobs this same
question when he asked you and your team to work
overtime on the holidays: what was the thinking in
getting the first quarter 1998 numbers ready for
We all knew we were trying to work towards
profitability this quarter. Steve said to me a couple
months ago, "Gee, Fred, if we know we're going to
be profitable, I'd sure like to be in a position to
share that at the Macworld San Francisco keynote."
And I said, "Well, Steve ... I'm not going to predict
unless I know. So if you're serious about this, I'll
schedule my entire team to work between
Christmas and New Year's all the way up to your
keynote speech. Even though we won't have all the
analysis done, we'll know where we are."

The Herring:
The fourth quarter of 1996 was the last quarter
where you reported a profit.
Yes, but the majority of that profit was a takeback
on a restructuring charge -- It was something we
had to do based on accounting rules, but it just
wasn't driven by operations. The last good quality
earnings quarter was the fourth quarter of 1995.

The Herring:
The first quarter has traditionally been a strong
earnings quarter for Apple.
Yes, however, Apple's not as big in the consumer
business as it was two or three years ago. Our
strongest quarter is our quarter ended September,
the education quarters.

Please note CFO Anderson is quoted on specific questions but you can
infer he is optimistic of earnings growth.

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