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To: almaxel who wrote (126183)2/23/2012 7:04:39 PM
From: Stock Puppy
   of 201820

Some call it a sweatshop.

Maybe it is.

But still:

"You go in this place and it's a factory but, my gosh, they've got restaurants and movie theatres and hospitals and swimming pools,"

I guess they only let executives and management have access???

Okay I'm done, as I just thought of some similar situations but it brings politics into it and we do not want to go down that path on this thread.

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To: Keith Feral who wrote (126161)2/23/2012 7:06:23 PM
From: Trader J
   of 201820
I closed out my Puts a bit after the meeting ended. They were up 33% for a bit until just after the meeting ended so I put a stop in and let them go on auto. Eventually hit my stop and I lost lunch money. But the action was so good I just left my July call position on. Took it too soon obviously but it darned near clawed its way back to even.

I am surprised as I've ever been at the action with no news ... truly 100% shocked.

Obviously, the masses all believe it's just a matter of when and what rather than if ... so there was no sell on the news of no action.

Will keep this position on and likely add a leap position if the opportunity presents itself.

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To: Edward Boghosian who wrote (126177)2/23/2012 7:13:43 PM
From: John Carragher
   of 201820
cnb , fox financial, bloomberg all attributed run up to speculation of a dividend down the road and back backs. this was supported from a few guest analysts after the conference.

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From: rnsmth2/23/2012 7:23:39 PM
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It is mostly about revenues and earnings, not dividends and splits.

That is the prize upon which to keep your eyes

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To: Sr K who wrote (126178)2/23/2012 7:30:23 PM
From: Sonki
   of 201820
no itunes..but i found this on cnbc...oh btw Happy birthday , steve.. we are enjoying gifts he left for us.
i pasted it here..incase the link disappears.
2:07 P.M. : Shareholder meeting ends.

2:06 P.M. : Stock split question, Cook responds: "We talk about everything we think is in the shareholders' best interest. A stock split isn't so clear." (Cook says research suggests a short-term pop and later it resets, so in the loing term it does nothing.)

2:03 P.M. : Cook speaks passionately about iBooks Author as a contribution ... "The contributions Apple will make to education will mostly come from our products."

"We either gave equipment or gave discounts on equipment of three quarters of a billion dollars last year," Cook says.

Apple had more than 600 interns on its main campus this past summer, the most ever, Oppenheimer says.

1:58 P.M. : Cook: "We strongly believe education is the great equalizer."

Cook responded saying that a high percentage of Apple employees are contributing to education causes and Apple is matching their donations. ( this coloring is mine... for green appl !)

1:57 P.M. : A shareholder suggests Apple use cash to invest in scholarships for science and engineering education.

1:56 P.M. : Shareholder question on Apple advertising in controversial TV shows (questioner talks about Family Guy specifically).

"We might not always have the same view of a specific TV shows .... Maybe we will or maybe we won't," said Cook.

1:53 P.M. : Cook: "It continues to be a value" that Apple won't do porn in the app store.

1:52 P.M. : Shareholder: "Question on Facebook, friend or foe — and where does social networking into the picture. Also: I just bought a big LG TV and have 60 days to return it. Should I return it?"

Cook: "Facebook: friend. We do a lot with them, our users use Facebook an enormous amount. ... I've always thought that the two companies could do more together." ... "We've integrated Twitter ... It's been great for Twitter, but it's been great for our users" .... iMessage "the volume is incredible."

Cook: "Obviously, I'm not going to comment on your second question (TV)."

1:47 P.M. : "The reality of an a la carte system like you've described ... is not likely" in the near term, Cook said.

Apple doesn't see a reason to own a label or a studio.

1:45 P.M. : "We haven't had to own a music label to accomplish" what they did in music, Cook says. "We get profit from selling devices..." Apple doesn't want to make a ton of money from content, he said.

1:44 P.M. : Cook: "On cash, we've been thinking about cash very deeply, the board has been looking into what is in shareholders' best interest ... We've spent billions on ... Supply chain, retail, etc .... My message there is that the board and the management team are thinking about this very deeply ... And we will do what we think is in the best interest of shareholders."

1:40 P.M. : A shareholder takes the mic to speak against a dividend, to say Apple should use it to acquire video content. The shareholder is speaking against a regular common stock dividend, as opposed to a special dividend.

1:39 P.M. : Phil Schiller and Peter Oppenheimer coming out to answer questions as well.

1:38 P.M. : Cook Mentions $46 billion last quarter: "We had an extra week, full disclosure," he says.

1:36 P.M. : All of the innovation on product resulted in $108 billion, $43 billion of growth, more than HP [HPQ 27.05 -1.89 (-6.53%) ], Dell [DELL 17.40 0.25 (+1.46%) ], Nokia, HTC [HTCCY 0.00 --- UNCH ], RIM [RIMM 14.67 0.01 (+0.07%) ] put together, Cook says.

1:34 P.M. : Apple has more than 360 retail stores, more than 110 million visited last quarter, Cook says.

1:33 P.M. : "Apple has become a jobs platform," thanks to iOS, Cook says.

1:32 P.M. : Cook recounts an "Amazing year" of iPhone 4S, iPad, iPod, Mac. Cook says iOS is over 550 thousand apps.

1:31 P.M. : Cook first mentions it is the first meeting since Jobs's passed, says "There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss him." Cook thanks shareholders for their condolences, says his sadness has turned to determination.

1:30 P.M. : Formal portion of meeting is over; Tim Cook takes stage.

1:27 P.M. : All directors elected with more than 80 percent of the vote. Auditor has been approved.

On the measure for directors to further declare conflicts of interest: preliminary voting shows 1.9 percent, not approved.

On a non-binding shareholder say on director pay: preliminary voting shows 3.61 percent preliminary vote, not approved.

On political contribution disclosure, failed

1:11 P.M. : Apple adopts majority voting. Though Apple had recommended against it, they saw it was likely to win. Apple board members all will voluntarily resign if they do not receive a majority of votes.

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To: Keith Feral who wrote (126167)2/23/2012 7:41:51 PM
From: Sonki
   of 201820
Keith, agree with u re: appl's market share but not sure about $100e in 2 yrs.

I think apple products will have to come down in prices so that I can afford apple products. There are so many tablets out now for 100 bux and I m seeing ipad2 (wifi not 3g) for $300 bux now. So I would not bet on $100 in Earning in 2 yrs.

as for 20 pe. , when csco was trading at 200 pe, I mentioned that we would see 15pe. and I got so many head shaking responses at that time. **IF (big if)** we do get into a secular bull market I dont see 20pe that outrageous compare going down from 200 to 15 pe.

also imagine 30yr bull market in bonds coming to an end and asset allocation changes to move from bonds to stock. I think this what is happening under the market.big money is not buying on today's news or lack of ... they were just hoping that the stock would dip on no divi news so they can scoop it up.

just thinking out loud WDIK ?
waiting for ipad3 and watching prices drops on ipad.

Verizon selling original iPad starting at $300, while supplies lastVerizon’s taking a cue from AT&T and is drastically lowering the prices on the first generation iPad. We reported earlier this week that AT&T dropped the price of the iPad between $200 and $300

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To: Sonki who wrote (126192)2/23/2012 8:02:59 PM
From: Sr K
   of 201820
There was no iPad version 1 for Verizon's 3G, so are they only selling WiFi models?

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To: Sonki who wrote (126192)2/23/2012 8:16:23 PM
From: Keith Feral
   of 201820
Clearly, they aren't going to hit $25 a share for quarterly earnings this quarter, I doubt they will even match last quarter. But, they should be able to set new quarterly earnings mark in June, with the addition of China's second wireless carrier.

The way I see it, Apple earns an extra $3 billion for every $10 billion in revenues. At $46 billion, they made about $14 in EPS. At $56 billion, they should earn north of $17 per share. At $66 billion, they should earn north of $20 per share.

In order for Apple to gain $10 billion in revenues, they need to sell an extra 16 million iPhones.

If they sell 53 million iPhones in a quarter, that should get them to $56 billion revenue.

If they sell 70 million iPhones in a quarter, that should get them to $66 billion revenue.

Nokia and Samsung are each selling north of 70 million cell phones per quarter. The main difference between Nokia or Samsung vs Apple is that Apple only has contracts with 30% of the global wireless companies. There is plenty of room for Apple to still double it's market share.

Next quarter, Apple will be selling to China Unicom and China Telecom. Hopefully, that will push Apple past the 40 million mark for the quarter. Once they add in companies like China Mobile and Japan's DoCoMo later this year, that should push them towards the 50 million mark. At that point, Apple is closing in on $70 a share in annualized earnings.

What's to stop them from growing to $25 a share once the next iPhone is launched? Once they launch an iPhone 5, most of the global carriers should be on board. If they aren't on board with the iPhone 4S, they will certainly jump on board for the iPhone 5. That will drive another year of sequential growth in 2013. The biggest question for Apple this year will be whether or not the iPhone 5 comes out next fall.

Personally, I wouldn't be shocked if iPhone 5 doesn't come out until 2013. LTE networks are only available in handful of markets in the US right now. It doesn't make any sense to sell the iPhone 5 before the LTE networks cover the majority of US markets. Plus, it gives wireless carriers more time to recoup the costs of their iPhone 4S handsets.

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To: Nick L who wrote (126130)2/23/2012 8:36:09 PM
From: Cogito
   of 201820
>>216 hedge funds now own Apple. But unless I'm reading the chart wrong, it appears that they only own 4% of Apple. So despite the tone of the post, it appears Apple is under owned.<<

From figures I've seen recently, institutions own 70% of AAPL. I believe that would be in addition to the hedge funds, but they may be included in that number.

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To: Road Walker who wrote (126152)2/23/2012 8:50:06 PM
From: Cogito
1 Recommendation   of 201820
>>Cook Says in 'Active Discussions' About What to Do with Apple (AAPL) Cash<<

Exactly what he said during the last CC, and during the GS conference last week.

As some of us predicted, then, no news of any significance at the meeting. Yet the stock ended at a new closing high. Fascinating.

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