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To: hooligan who wrote (3)9/29/2017 4:48:15 PM
From: hooligan
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3/4 Cat M devices certified by Verizon have Sequans inside.

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From: frmrVZguy10/6/2017 5:34:36 PM
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Hello: Comments on SQNS Revenue and Lawsuit and EUTC Case
Since July 1 and post 1007 on the other thread it has been a surprising quarter.
I've posted regarding Sequans on three sites now under this avatar name. Yahoo is long over of course.
The other thread on this site is equally mystifying as the Mod's defamatory reaction was disconnected from reality.
These are dark days for the company as customers are not only deciding which M2M product performs for their needs, they are also deciding the ultimate winners in the tech sector because order consolidation around any chip and module producer creates a de facto leader due to scale achievement. This is a horse race to SCALE.

There was another dark turn back in 2011 due to the HTC WiMax cancellation and another when the Fujitsu JV was canceled along with some other projects.
I wrote to Claudia at that time and she was adamant that the Fujitsu product was not canceled. She lied.

Since then my objective was and is to understand what happened back then and, if possible, defend SQNS shares.
Thus, I am a party to a case submitted to the EU Trade Commission that eventually was given case ID AT.40484. This was filed 3 years ago when the Share Price was underneath the 11/2013 issue price of 1.80ish. Deliberations are necessarily secret and I have no further update as to its status. I do not have a suit against Sequans in any jurisdiction nor am I a party to any other suit by any one else at this time.

The small amount of actual loss incurred by the the shareholders in the current case, as of the date it was filed, led me to a conclusion based only on the political facts at the moment: the losses are small but the race to scale is fierce. There are too many attorneys to pay off given the size of the pie. Thus I deduce that the suit is being supported both financially and logistically by competitors to Sequans.
Business is War.

Despite the EUTC case filing in 2014 it was not recognized and given an ID until January 30, 2017. It was only accepted once I submitted by FAX as the web entries had failed. In the time between, because my communications were not replied to, I have deduced and alleged that the Defendant hacked into the EUTC web and email servers to interfere with the filing letters I submitted. It is possible the trail is obfuscated by outside contractors or others working in partnership with the Defendant. However the Defendant has both means and motive and my allegation is entirely reasonable, if only based on outside observations. And that truth of email and server hacking raises the complaint case above a dispute over a few dozen millions of revenue dollars into a State terrorist attack.

The implications of the hacking upon other EU Block governments' security, and the trustworthiness of USA agents becomes a matter of hot discussion. If we are allies on paper only, then the world changes in a moment, without advanced notice except to you and me. If our agents are unchecked and 'going rogue', then another means of control is needed. If our Patriot Act and related regulations and authority has been modified during years of Republican budget obstructions to allow conscription and 'weaponising' of industry IT staff to fill in needed capability that Congress refused to pay for, then we have a whole new era of political opportunism that makes the 3B Yahoo account hack look like practice.

I sure-as-hell never intended to be in this position and am keeping comments attached to avatar only as I have no desire for publicity. I want to grow old quietly. I was doing pretty well at that until recently.

I've never gone to the Press about how:
- I was the American in Berlin in April of 2001 who discovered, accidentally, a document claiming war beginning in America the second week of September 2001. I am not any sort of dotGOV staff or contractor. I was in Berlin to review an aerospace project in which I would become one of its Leadership team members. (I rejected the offer.) I delivered the document to our FBI and it is almost certainly the document referred to as being ignored in POTUS security briefings. The rest is history. The author was AngloSaxon which raises uncomfortable questions about how he knew and did nothing along with fellow insiders.
- I was the neighbor who witnessed Chandra Levy enter the Chinese Embassy and Temple compound in Redmond, Washington at 10A.M. July 10, 2001 in the neighborhood across the street from Microsoft. I never saw her again which only raises the question: After hiring her, where did they ship her? Beijing? TelAviv? Our most Senior House Representative had been accused of murder and my report to FBI and D.C.Metro was to defend our Nation's Leadership.
- I was an Expert Witness of Fraud against our Nation's two Stealth air superiority aircraft programs: Both are now shut down. One was stillborn and the other crippled by these frauds.
- I was the insider witness who observed Iranian hacking of the VZW network and customer accounts and posted that to the other site.

These are inconvenient truths, discovered only because Fate pushed me into the nexus of these events. You don't want this to happen to you. Trust me.
I hindsight: I'm damn proud of defending our Air Force, Navy, Congress and Nation even if ineffectively. The results weren't up to me. Some civilian was responsible for acting on the information in each case. When disinformation wins over good information, disaster strikes.

These cases only get mentioned in a business forum to make the point: The import of ignoring a known reliable source is potentially a catastrophe. No doubt there is disinformation too, and it is well known that the first casualty of 'war' is Truth.
EU's Commissioners have a tough job in their review of the Sequans complaint, but as I stated elsewhere they should use an old Republican line as their guide in deciding whether to act in their own defense:
"If not now, then when? If not us, then whom?"
I've done my part.
EU's Commissioners now need to decide whom they can trust.

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From: frmrVZguy10/9/2017 1:09:29 PM
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MUST READ on Reuters now: Apple CEO in France. Comment regarding Implications.

You are aware that in Politics and Sports there is active 'spotting' of small tips, clues, hints that portend how a relationship is forming or running.
I propose that even though it is too early to declare the meaning of Tim Cook's visit in Paris along with other stops, that there is (ahem) 'opportunity' to have discussions privately in a matter under dispute that is affecting them out of sight of the public and Press.
And I remind you that EUTC has the authority to both fine and embargo companies that cause offense within the EUTC jurisdiction. Yes, EUTC is in Brussels, but one of its harmed complainants is in Paris.
While I could be referring to tax news and Ireland, I'm not.
Stay tuned to this story.
OCTOBER 9, 2017 / 3:47 PM / Apple praises French iPhone work before meeting tough-talking Macron PARIS (Reuters) ... STMicroelectronics (STM.PA), one of Europe’s larger technology companies, is widely understood to be a supplier of sensors for the Apple iPhone 7 and forthcoming iPhone devices, but is barred by Apple from saying so.

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From: hooligan10/10/2017 5:59:02 PM
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I think SQNS is going to have to rely heavily on their module partners to sell their product as they don't seem to be able to do it themselves. It will be interesting to see how the module partners leverage their business relationships to get SQNS Cat 1 and Cat M into high volume products.

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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (6)10/10/2017 6:00:43 PM
From: hooligan
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Be interesting to see if ST Micro can expand the business they have with Apple in the future. That may be the path for SQNS to get into an Apple product.

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To: hooligan who wrote (8)10/10/2017 7:10:26 PM
From: hooligan
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Geotab Cat 1 product now available. Received 2 calls from them. At least they are out selling it!!

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From: frmrVZguy10/11/2017 3:55:02 PM
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DIGITIMES news today: TCL raises funds from Chinese State firms; Sercomm revenue records September
FWIW for your DD
Two of our partners are in the news today. DIGITIMES news access is only available free for about four days then goes to a very expensive subscription - so get it now. I also suggest that if you aren't already reading DIGITIMES , start. IMO
"Sercomm sales hit record highs in September, 3Q17 DIGITIMES 11 October 2017 ... The strong performance for the third quarter came as demand for the company's major products, including optical transceiver equipment, cable DOCSIS 3.x cable products, IADs, and LPWAN devices, has been brisk recently, according to sources at the company..."
TCL sells shares of handset business unit to strategic partners DIGITIMES 11 October 2017 China-based TCL Group has disclosed that it has transferred up to 49% of its holdings in TCL Communication Technology Holdings to three strategic partners ...Unisplendour Technology Venture Capital, an investment arm of Tsinghua Unigroup, ... Oriente Grande Investment Fund and Vivid Victory Developments ... will help optimize TCL Communication Technology's corporate structure and accelerate its transformation aiming to rebuild its competitiveness, the statement said.
What isn't clear from this PR is whether 5G business and Broadband products are operated within the business units partnering with China.
The last time we heard a PR from TCL slightly related to us was the purchasing of the MIFI brand business. Prior to that was an announcement TCL extended its 5G R&D agreement with Sequans.
Now, these announcements both arrive following; China's Golden week celebrating their Revolution 10/10 and also aligning with their National fascination with double number days; and following Central Plenum Planning session Two for the year- the Autumn session. Thus budgets and projects are set by the State and doled out to State firms.
This news is one that could ultimately assist with additional M&A activity at TCL.

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From: frmrVZguy10/16/2017 12:01:41 PM
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MITAC auto M2M spin-out news looks like consolidation, increased scale, JV pending, possible new markets for a newly capitalized business. Looks like the M2M industry is healthy for select companies and solutions.
Mitac to spin off mobile communication product business DIGITIMES 16 October 2017 Mitac Holdings has announced subsidiary Mitac International will spin off its mobile communication product business group, which will be transferred to a new entity ... the spin-off will allow Mitac's Internet of Things (IoT) business development to have more flexibility. .. Ho pointed out that the company is actually having talks with outside companies for cooperation for the new affiliate and will not rule out any partnership opportunity. In addition to its recent partnership with Japan-based car vendor Subaru over its IoT for car system, Mitac is also looking to form collaboration with a US-based car vendor to adopt the IoT platform in its new cars for 2018.
Headquarters Nangang Dist. Taipei, Taiwan
MiTAC Holdings Corporation, through its subsidiaries (MiTAC International Corp. and MiTAC Computing Technology),provides GPS navigation devices, automotive solution, cloud services and cloud computing products worldwide.The company offers a range of electronics manufacturing services, such as research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, and solutions.It also distributes portable car navigation products, outdoor handheld navigation devices, and mobile GPS solutions; and DashCam for vehicles, portable navigation devices for 4WD, and trucks under the Magellan, Mio, and Navman brand names...

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From: hooligan10/16/2017 7:23:27 PM
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Samsung Connect coming soon. Launching first in S Korea then other countries a few months after that. Using a Cat M NBIoT chip. Tracking device for kids and pets
This would be nice for Sequans. Big market

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From: frmrVZguy10/24/2017 11:49:15 AM
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Welcome Tim Newberg Strategic Sales and Business Development at Sequans Communications Atlanta, Georgia . His link showed up in my morning DD SEARCH - perhaps I overlooked it on previous days.
His LINKEDIN profile here and my observations below:

I particularly noticed the maturity of his career ( ! yay ! ) and theses lines:
"Developing ARRIS DOCSIS/STB business with Broadcom "
"Building TI’s broadband accounts (ARRIS, SA, Panasonic) "

My reasoning is this: Our partners at Technicolor bought the CISCO Set Top Box business a couple years ago as CISCO was disposing business units. Technicolor have been suppliers to VZ FIOS and are said on other blogs to be the supplier for the VZW Smart Home unit using Sequans' LTE solution. Technicolor are a rather large and successful business located in France and also supplying European companies triple- and quad-play service solutions. You may know that STMicro exited the global STB business about the same time as the CISCO divestment.. You may also know that ARRIS is a giant ODM that builds products that get sold under other brands like COMCAST and have used "best in class" IC from several STB IC designers. So, it seems Tim is very broadly qualified and well known in the industry as a veteran representing the latest and greatest solutions.

In closing: Welcome Tim !

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