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To: Rawnoc who wrote (381)5/8/2012 8:07:02 PM
From: Rawnoc
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I'm out of posts, but somebody might want to correct loanranger on his latest string of errors.

1. Page 8 of the SWP permit specifically states the inspection happens at the facility -- not the MRF.

2. It doesn't say every piece of plastic must be inspected, but rather, "the material" -- peaking into each bag and making sure it's bags of mixed colored dirty plastics seems reasonable to me. In fact, it states a "visual inspection" as well as review of the MSDS sheets.

3. Yes, I'm dead serious. Because I quoted the actual solid waste permit and analyzed it correctly. Inspection occurs at the P2O plant "by plant staff" (exact quote) and BEFORE acceptance into the building.

4. Yes, they (or other suppliers) shred, bag, and truck the stuff in BEFORE the official inspection. It's right there in black and white. It is "pre qualified" (page 8) in advance but not the official inspection.

5. Page 9 of the SWP again makes it clear that is inspection takes place "upon arrival" at the P2O facility in Niagara Falls.

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From: SI Ron (Soup Nazi)5/11/2012 11:15:23 AM
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Ladies and Gents, the personal attacks will stop or the offending accounts will be suspended or terminated. If you cannot discuss the stock without resorting to personal attacks then your content isn't needed or wanted.

I have gave a number of warnings in the past, this is the final one.

No replies necessary.

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To: Rawnoc who wrote (382)5/15/2012 1:08:22 PM
From: NewMoney_812
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Rut Roh Reorge. LMAO! Well I guess the days of closing above a buck are not quite gone after all.


tic toc......

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From: Rawnoc5/17/2012 5:29:27 PM
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"121,318 pounds of throughput, producing 10,287 gallons of No. 6 Fuel and 4,269 gallons of Naphtha"

Fuel oil #6 = 8.3 lbs/gallon
Naphtha = 7.08 lbs/gallon

10,287 X 8.3 = 85,382.10 pounds
4,269 X 7.08 = 30,224.52 pounds

Total pounds of fuel = 115,606.62 from 121,318 pounds of throughput or 95.29% yield.

So much for the 67% yield ridiculously false claims. Garbage in, garbage out? Not quite. lol

Let me guess though.....Science Applications International Corporation doesn't understand the scientific method.=

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To: Rawnoc who wrote (385)5/17/2012 5:29:48 PM
From: Rawnoc
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scion Tuesday, April 13, 2010 3:30:04 PM
Re: A deleted message Post # of 26164

JBII is not producing any FUEL.

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To: Rawnoc who wrote (386)5/17/2012 5:30:58 PM
From: Rawnoc
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scion Monday, April 19, 2010 11:43:05 AM
Re: Zardiw post# 38296 Post # of 183500

You are quoting the Islechem report which used a clean polyolefinic thermoplastic feedstock.

When you have a feedstock composed of "post consumer dirty smelly plastic that would normally wind up in a landfill.." you will get nowhere near those results.

Garbage in, garbage out.

For comparison -

The Production of Light & Medium Oil and Electricity From Waste Plastic

Typical Examples of Process Using Different Waste Plastics

Example 1: Waste plastic cement bags of polypropylene (thin-type PP) were cut into pieces and the sand sediment removed (298.5/g).

They were then put into the cracking reactor. The pieces began to melt and were turning into a liquid state when the temperature of the bottom part of the reactor rose to 110°C and fuel oil appeared at the exit of the condenser behind the reactor when the temperature reached a specified range and the top temperature was 75°C.

After 20 minutes the oil flow increased when the temperature in the bottom increased and the top temperature reached 95°C. After 10 minutes at this stage, the oil flow accelerated and produced a great quantity of cracking gas, which was ignited after passing through a water-sealed tank. The bottom temperature was increased and the top temperature reached 242°C and cracking was carried on for 35 minutes. Ten minutes after this stage, the reaction phase finished with a top temperature of 147°C.

The cracking fuel oil distilled out of the top of the reactor was 196.5/g. The yield of fuel oil was 65.83% from the cement bag and the heavy oil that contained wax at the bottom of the reactor was 62.5/g or 20.93%. Total yield of high quality fuel oil was 86.76%. Cracking gas and loss amounted to 30.54/g or 10.23% and coke was 8.96/g or 3.01%

Example 2: In this experiment, 170.5/g of waste plastic from weaving bags made from polypropylene (PP) were put into the reactor for cracking.

The temperature in the bottom of the reactor quickly increased and the top temperature rose to 57°C. The condensed oil began to flow out of the condenser. After 10 minutes as the bottom temperature climbed and the top temperature reached 146°C, oil continued to flow and gas was produced and ignited as in example 1. The molten plastic liquid continued to be cracked and as the upper temperature reached 251°C, fuel oil and gas continued to flow at a rapid pace out of the top of the reactor for 25 minutes.

Distillate oil obtained was 118.0/g with a yield of 69.2% while the gas and loss was about 34.0/g or 19.44% and the coke in this run, which also contained oil, was 18.5/g or 10.85%

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From: Rawnoc5/17/2012 11:54:49 PM
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paige386 Thursday, May 17, 2012 10:01:52 PM
Re: None Post # of 183545

Game Plan for next week

Until new information is available to crush the negative nellies we should start next with with a rehash of the "Magic Catlyst" mid week we can move to the reposts of the law suits especially the Grampp one that's my favorite, then throw in some scrappy talk about the Media Credits and how JB sucked everyone in with those. Then at the end of the week the ever popular talk about how Agygoo is going to eat JBI's lunch and take over the world.

Here's to the coming SEC settlement, Processor #3 coming online, and the approval of the permit for increased production.

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From: Rawnoc5/22/2012 4:26:44 PM
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$10,743,000 total for financing. It was oversubscribed apparently:

Confirms just 2 operators to operate 3 processors at 4,000 tons/hour.

Processed 2 million pounds of plastic to date -- suggests 2012 was more than all of 2011 combined.

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From: Rawnoc5/24/2012 11:06:30 AM
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JBII WHALE INVESTORS -- BILLIONAIRE Meyer Luskin, CEO of the $70 billion Scope Industries:

Trent Vichie & Michael Dorrell from Blackstone (NYSE: BX):

Duncan Murdoch of Macquarie Capital:

Richard Dunn, Head of Risk and Credit Management for Merrill Lynch?

Bryan Jacoboski, Abingdon Capital Management?

Murray Bleach of Macquarie Securities

Melissa Doering of Guggenheim Real Estate International Fund L.P.

Derek Dietrich of First Avenue

Luke Taylor of Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners

Ken Friedman of Houlian Lokey?

Rich Gold and Peter Bruce of R.N. GOLD & COMPANY
Fox Benton III and Steven Farber of MORENO ENERGY

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From: SI Ron (Soup Nazi)5/25/2012 2:47:21 PM
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Notice: Silicon Investor members sending private messages (aka PM) attacking other SI members, may be subject to suspension or account termination.

If you are receiving these type of attacks, please send me the entire message via PM.

Thank you


If two members are sending personal attacks via PM to each other, I DO NOT want to hear about this. I am interested in members who are the target of personal attacks via PM and do not respond to the attack.

Here is an example of the type of personal attack I do not want to see a member get:

You are a dumb fu@k, eat sh!t and die.

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