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To: MJ who wrote (377)3/1/2012 11:58:55 AM
From: joseffy
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Liberals celebrate death of Andrew Breitbart

March 1, 2012 by Charlie Spiering Commentary Staff Writer

As news broke this morning of the tragic death of Conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart, liberals celebrated the news on Twitter. The most influential tweet came from

Slate's Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias), who tweeted: "Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead."

AlmightyBob ? @AlmightyBoob : @AndrewBreitbart haha youre dead and in hell being a gay with hitler

Jeff Glasse ? @jeffglasse : Andrew Breitbart now enjoying afternoon tea with Hitler #goodriddanceyouhack

Scott On Da Rox @ridinchillwaves : RT GOOD RIDDANCE..fascist prick @Gawker: Andrew Breitbart Dead?

Josh M ? @TheSocialest : Good riddance Breitbart. Hopefully they put James O'Keefe in your casket.

John Kapp ? @johnkapp : Andrew Breitbart was a racist, sexist, homophobe. Good riddance.

Gabriel ? @gabriel0923 : Andrew #Breitbart has died having been finally consumed by his revolting hatred! The world is better off without him!

Dufus ? @dufus : Did we cry when Hitler died? No.. #Breitbart see you in hell asshole

Natasha Yar-Routh ? @xiomberg : Andrew Breitbart is dead, good riddance to bad trash. He was a vile excuse for a human being

Dave Lartigue ? @daveexmachina : Andrew Breitbart has died. Honestly, good riddance. He helped poison the country where I live and we are better off without him.

Lalo Alcaraz ? @laloalcaraz RT @Mfusion66: RIP Breitbart? Nah, too good to be true

vtred ? @vtred1 : Good riddance to Andrew Breitbart - a McCarthyite nutcase.

Gene Moore ? @gene_moore : So it begins... #Breitbart RT Good riddance, a truly dispecable person.

Sean Paul Kelley ? @seanpaulkelley Andrew Breitbart has died:… If so, good riddance.

CpG ? @Crow1138 : I know it's wrong, but good riddance “@cnnbrk: Conservative blogger Andrew #Breitbart has died, attorney says.”

TahitiNut ? @TahitiNut : Forgive me, God, for I have sinned. I err on the side of being pleased with a death ... of Andrew Breitbart. Good riddance.

michael mayer ? @prisonforbush: Breitbart dead? D Good riddance. More republicans should follow his lead.

DAC ? @dac2527 : Satan calls Andrew Breitbart home... Good riddance!

Kate Witko ? @katewitko : Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43 from "natural causes". hrm yes I suppose wine is pretty natural. good riddance, asshole.

WeirdArchives ? @WeirdArchives : Looks like it's official. Andrew Breitbart is dead. Personally I don't like the guy, so good riddance to bad rubbish.

Scott On Da Rox ? @ridinchillwaves : RT GOOD RIDDANCE..fascist prick @Gawker: Andrew Breitbart Dead?

Mike Hightower ? @MikeHightower1 Good riddance andrew breitbart.

Nick Huinker ? @towndrinker good riddance to bad rubbish. no reason to mourn someone who made it their business to make this world a less pleasant place. #breitbart

Michael David ? @renmiked Good riddance Andrew #Breitbart.

Inglorious Basterdz ? @TheLibertyLamp : Andrew Breitbart destroyed lives based on LIES, I will not be some phony liberal and pretend condolences. ROT IN HELL ANDREW U BASTARD!

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To: MJ who wrote (377)3/9/2012 10:26:49 AM
From: joseffy
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Was Soledad O’Brien Bailed Out by Producers on Critical Race Theory Definition?

March 8, 2012 By Pinecone

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien’s venomously sarcastic interview with editor-in-chief Joel Pollak culminated with her throwing out her definition of “Critical Race Theory” in the heat of her interview over the Obama/Bell Tapes released last night. Pollak had already requested that O’Brien define the term more than once, and at the 1:45 mark in the video below, she finally does. One problem–O’Brien’s definition appears to be lifted almost word-for-word from a wikipedia page, presumably hurriedly communicated to Soledad in the midst of her interview.

A quick google search of O’Brien’s exact phrasing, in quotes, returns the Critical Race Theory wikipedia page as the first entry. Read and decide for yourself:

Soledad O’Brien: “Critical Race Theory looks into the intersection of race and politics and the law.”

Wikipedia entry on Critical Race Theory: “Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic discipline focused upon the intersection of race, law and power.”

O’Brien’s fumbling to come up with a response occurred when she attempted to challenge Pollak’s definition of critical race theory:

Soledad O’Brien: “That is a complete misreading of critical race theory. As you know, that’s an actual theory, and you could google it and someone would give you a good definition of it. So that’s not correct. So keep going.”

Joel Pollak: “In what way is it a critical misreading? Can you explain to me? Do you know what critical–Explain to your readers what critical race theory is.”

Soledad O’Brien: “I’m going to ask you to continue on. I’m just going to point out that that is inaccurate. Keep going.”

Pollak once again asked that she define it, at which point she inserted the wikipedia-esque response. See the video below.

Later in the video, O’Brien can be heard deflecting another question from Pollak, saying “You know what, someone was talking in my ear, so I couldn’t hear what you said.”

**UPDATE 8:20 PM EST: Throughout the day, there have been numerous edits to the wikipedia entry for “Critical Race Theory,” including the elimination of “white supremacy” as a key element (an element referenced by Joel Pollak during his interview with Soledad O’Brien and the existence of which O’Brien scoffed at throughout their conversation). At the time of this update, there had been 26 changes today alone; up until today, the last edit had been mid-February, and before that, just one in January.

See screenshots of the changes here.

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To: MJ who wrote (377)3/9/2012 12:02:57 PM
From: joseffy
   of 826
Soledad OBrien Melts Down, Ends Reputation As Journalist, Unmasks Herself For All Time As Leftist Propagandist

Soledad O’Brien Responds On Twitter To My Charges, Refuses To Answer Whether She Took Instruction From White House Prior To Joel Pollak Interview

March 9th, 2012 By Pat Dollard.

Here’s my post from yesterday, which kicked this off:

Soledad’s performance here is absolutely jaw-dropping. This video could just as easily been headlined, “Soledad OBrien Melts Down, Ends Reputation As Journalist, Unmasks Herself For All Time As Leftist Propagandist” Joel Pollak handles the situation perfectly, staying on offense, and making all the right points. Joel had the following to say to me after I told him he had performed impeccably: “I thought of Andrew, and the rest was easy.” Perfect advice for all of us, going forward.


Watch CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attempt to down-play the relationship between Barack Obama and radical racialist Derrick Bell. In the ultimate example of the mainstream media running interference for left-wing ideologues, O’Brien and her panel characterize Bell as just “a Harvard law professor,” they re-define critical race theory as a benign academic pursuit and, naturally, attempt to portray Breitbart’s Joel Pollak as a racist who is afraid of black people. Also notice how Ms. O’Brien confirms that the media has acted as gate-keeper on information about Obama’s past and determines what the public needs to know about him.

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To: joseffy who wrote (380)3/9/2012 12:22:02 PM
From: MJ
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Link does not work on my system.

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To: MJ who wrote (381)3/9/2012 12:25:35 PM
From: joseffy
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Try it again..

Well worth seeing.

A disaster for the sycophant "news" media.

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To: joseffy who wrote (382)3/9/2012 4:56:45 PM
From: MJ
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Simply does not work for me------sorry.

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To: MJ who wrote (383)3/9/2012 11:14:32 PM
From: joseffy
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New York Times paid former CEO $24 million

Fri Mar 9, 2012

(Reuters) - Former New York Times Co ( NYT.N) Chief Executive Janet Robinson received a total payout of nearly $24 million after she left the newspaper publisher at the end of last year, according to a regulatory filing on Friday.

Robinson, a 28-year veteran with the company, has yet to be replaced by Chairman and Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr, who is temporarily acting in her place. Robinson's package includes a $4.5 million consulting fee that The Times had agreed to pay as part of her exit package, as well as pension benefits and performance-related payments.

Excluding the consulting fee, Robinson would have been paid the same amount whether she was terminated, resigned or retired, according to the filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sulzberger received $5.9 million in total compensation in 2011.

The Times which, like other U.S. newspaper publishers, has been struggling with sinking advertising revenue and dwindling print subscribers, said it had 406,000 paying digital subscribers at the end of 2011 after it rolled out an online pay system last year.

The company started 2012 without a CEO or a digital boss after both Robinson and former digital head Martin Nisenholtz retired.

Sulzberger said on February 2 The Times was in the early stages of searching for an executive with digital and brand-building experience to help guide its long-term growth strategy.

The focus on an improved digital strategy helped circulation revenue grow 5 percent to $241.6 million in the fourth quarter, The Times said.

(Reporting By Yinka Adegoke; Editing by Richard Chang)

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To: MJ who wrote (383)3/13/2012 8:20:16 PM
From: joseffy
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Encyclopaedia Britannica to end print edition

Chicago Tribune ^ | March 13, 2012 | Robert Channick

After 244 years, Encyclopaedia Britannica is shelving its venerable printed edition in favor of its Web-based version, completing a digital transition and marking the end of one of longest chapters in publishing history.

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To: joseffy who wrote (385)3/13/2012 8:52:51 PM
From: MJ
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What a shame to lose the written version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. We are so addicted to the internet and computers--------that causes muscular problems and eye problems. And, yes the ipods and cell phones do the same.

I have a lot of books that I have wanted to dispose of --------reading this about the Encyclopedia I am going back to Ebay and set up a site specicially for selling the books with the hope someone will get them who appreciates them.

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To: MJ who wrote (386)3/14/2012 5:01:30 PM
From: longnshort
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what happens when the web shuts down or satelittes are, lets say all, destroyed in the future. There will no written material to help us start anew

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