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To: PaperPerson who wrote (72774)3/24/2012 8:20:33 AM
From: loantech
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Multiple mines mean a stronger share price.CRJ may have along ways to go.

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To: loantech who wrote (72779)3/24/2012 8:46:10 AM
From: tyc:>
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If a stronger share price is the criterion, and I agree that it is, look for the stronger share price (among the multiple miners). CRJ does not score well on the scale of current price trends among these miners. Relative strength charts will tell you when to buy or switch, IMHO.


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To: loantech who wrote (72779)3/24/2012 9:11:00 AM
From: tyc:>
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Maybe I should have supported my point with this chart instead:

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To: tyc:> who wrote (72780)3/24/2012 10:45:02 AM
From: riversides
   of 76351
forget the chart and go with the fundamentals,..<g>...

that is what Ron was saying in August,

Claude has reserves and Indicated resources of 2,264,392 ounces gold. A small producer should at
least have a value of $200 per ounce, which would be about $453 million. Claude only has a market
cap of $226 million. The stock should be double its current price as it is only valued at $100 per ounce
Junior exploration stocks are being valued at an average of $120 per ounce in this depressed mining
market and it was around $150 before the correction. And I have seen many junior producers valued
at $300 to $500 per ounce.
Claude is currently valued less than the average junior exploration company and it is a producer. I am
also giving no value to Claude's Inferred Resources of 1,261,983 ounces nor any value for exploration
I might also add that Claude has a strong balance sheet with about $46 million in cash and short term
government treasuries. If we subtract that from the market cap their gold reserves and resources
are only valued at $79 per ounce.
No matter how you slice and dice it Claude is way undervalued and a great buy here.
And once we see mining stocks start to reflect their true value and higher gold prices I would not be
surprised to see this stock at $10.

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To: tyc:> who wrote (72780)3/24/2012 10:54:38 AM
From: riversides
   of 76351
also adding LIO,what does the chart is saying,..<g>...

Lion One Metals (LIO-TSXV: C$1.03)
has engaged an Australian mining services
company to conduct metallurgical
testwork on its Tuvatu gold project in
Fiji. That work will complement and
update the testing that was done in sup-

port of a feasibility study in 2000. Drilling
and underground development in the
1990s supports a resource estimate of
652,000 ounces of gold with a grade in
excess of 6 grams per tonne. Recent
work by Lion One and re-interpretation
of the earlier drilling has outlined a large
volume of material potentially minable
as an open pit, with a scope for a multimillion
ounce deposit within the area
presently tested. There are extensive
additional target areas.
Tuvatu is located along a mineral belt
hosting other gold deposits, including
the Vatukoula gold deposit 40 kilometres
to the northeast. That deposit has
produced 7 million ounces and has a
present resource of 4 million ounces and
has further exploration potential.
Lion One intends to continue to test the
larger-scale exploration potential at Tuvatu
while simultaneously advancing the
known resource toward production.

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To: riversides who wrote (72782)3/24/2012 12:26:22 PM
From: tyc:>
   of 76351
>>"forget the chart and go with the fundamentals,."

My posting began, "if price strength is the criterion.....". It would seem that for you it is NOT. Perhaps I was right in sticking with my favourite because of its fundamentals.

I have only two gold stocks. I am most heavily weighted in the stock that is currently performing better. There'll be plenty of time to switch the weighting when my favourite starts out-performing.

I like CRJ fundamentals too....

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To: tyc:> who wrote (72773)3/24/2012 5:14:20 PM
From: onepath
   of 76351
I am up in Prince George finishing up work on a job with no internet....the excuse for a late reply.You do have the leverage and i like the idea of good timing as i am very much loaded(as much as i want to be)gold miner wise.Unusual for you (of as late) to go for the home run so i expect the bet is on more factors then fundamentals of LSG.......maybe you are seeing an end soon to gold miner underperformance in general?

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To: onepath who wrote (72785)3/24/2012 6:40:10 PM
From: tyc:>
   of 76351
Hi onepath.

Going for a home run, perhaps ! But not predicting one or anything else !

My "home run" is predicated upon completion of the mill expansion by then...... but unpredictable delays are surely to be expected. It's a mere gamble.... but therefore realistic, perhaps (and cheap, except by option- valuation standards ! LOL).

(It reminds me of selling $13 puts on TCM when TRX merger was announced: They were profitable.

Message 26688426

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To: DrBill who wrote (72778)3/25/2012 2:38:57 PM
From: PaperPerson
   of 76351
This presentation is good!

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To: PaperPerson who wrote (72787)3/25/2012 9:56:14 PM
From: DrBill
   of 76351
Would be nice to see upwards movement on SP. Can't believe we are so close to testing $1/share.

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