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To: Neeka who wrote (485564)5/3/2012 2:35:03 PM
From: t4texas
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"forward" is abbreviation they are giving the post office now for the forwarding address for obama mail after november.

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To: Stan who wrote (485562)5/3/2012 2:35:58 PM
From: D. Long
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You have to remember that Adam Gadahn is a turn-coat American kid that converted to Islam and joined AQ. Typical brainwashed liberal kid taught to hate America, like Johnny Taliban. His hatred for Fox News is not surprising given his far left background. It's like putting a kid from Bend Oregon in charge of describing American news outlets. You wouldn't be surprised at all that they match in their conclusions.

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From: D. Long5/3/2012 2:42:56 PM
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This is the price we pay for Obama's weakness. Can anyone imagine a threat like this to NATO when George Bush was President?

Russia threatens to strike NATO missile defense sites
By Shaun Waterman

The Washington Times

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Russia’s most senior military officer said Thursday that Moscow would preemptively strike and destroy U.S.-led NATO missile defense sites in Eastern Europe if talks with Washington about the system continue to stall.

“A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens,” Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov said at an international missile defense conference in Moscow attended by senior U.S. and NATO officials.

The threat comes as talks about the missile defense system, which the U.S. and its allies insist is aimed at Iranian missiles, appear to have stalled.

“We have not been able to find mutually-acceptable solutions at this point and the situation is practically at a dead end,” Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said.

Ellen Tauscher, the U.S. special envoy for strategic stability and missile defense, insisted the talks about NATO plans for a missile defense system using ground-based interceptor missiles stationed in Poland, Romania and Turkey were not stalemated.

But she acknowledged Wednesday that the recent elections in Russia and the upcoming elections in the U.S. make it “pretty clear that this is a year in which we’re probably not going to achieve any sort of a breakthrough.”

She reiterated that the U.S.-built system, still in development, is being designed to shoot down Iranian intermediate-range missiles aimed at Europe, not Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Russian officials insist that the system has the capability to shoot down their ICBMs, thus robbing their nuclear deterrent of its credibility and destabilizing the Cold War-era balance of mutually assured destruction.

Neither the State Department nor the Pentagon had any immediate comment on the Russian threat Thursday.

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To: Alan Smithee who wrote (485560)5/3/2012 2:43:29 PM
From: DMaA
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Is Danny still looking for that mythical typewriter from 1960 that can format like a default word document?

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To: TideGlider who wrote (485550)5/3/2012 2:44:22 PM
From: t4texas
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how could obama and hillary be so naive and incompetent? at least we won't be hearing much about human rights from these two unless they want to have their competence questioned each time they talk about human rights. how could they give chen up for just a meeting and some chinese food at a dinner on thursday.

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To: t4texas who wrote (485575)5/3/2012 2:45:40 PM
From: TideGlider
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Obama and Hillary have no problem with abortion anywhere at anytime, possibly with the exception of dinner time and at their table.

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To: D. Long who wrote (485573)5/3/2012 2:56:26 PM
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That is amazing. However, Joe Biden said the cold war is over and the Russkies are our friends.

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To: TideGlider who wrote (485576)5/3/2012 3:10:59 PM
From: t4texas
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well borat and hillary have a problem with human rights. at least they say they have a problem with human rights in china.

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From: Tom Clarke5/3/2012 3:11:57 PM
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Mitt Romney has spoken up on the Chen Guangcheng incident. He certainly isn’t going to give the president a pass:

“Now just in the last day or two, we’ve heard some disturbing things from across the world that suggests, potentially, if the reports are true, some very troubling developments there, where an individual, Mr. Chen, has sought freedom in a bastion of freedom, an embassy of the United States of America. Aren’t we proud of the fact that people seeking freedom come to our embassy to find it? The reports are, if they’re accurate, that our administration willingly or unwittingly communicating to Chen an implicit threat to his family and also probably sped up or may have sped up the process of his decision to leave the embassy because they wanted to move on to a series of discussions that Mr. Geithner and our Secretary of State are planning on having with China. It’s also apparent, according to these reports, if they’re accurate, that our embassy failed to put in place the kind of verifiable measures that would have assured the safety of Mr. Chen and his family. If these reports are true, this is dark day for freedom and it’s a day of shame for the Obama Administration. We are a place of freedom, here and around the world and we should stand up and defend freedom wherever it is under attack.”

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To: Tom Clarke who wrote (485579)5/3/2012 3:32:58 PM
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Chinese dissidents slam U.S. handling of Chen Guangcheng case

May 3, 2012 | 11:19am

Several Chinese dissidents who left their country for the United States scorned the deal struck over escaped activist Chen Guangcheng this week, complaining the U.S. had failed to flex its muscle to protect the blind dissident who sought refuge in its Beijing embassy.

“The Chinese government knew the Americans were soft from the very beginning,” said Wei Jingsheng, a Chinese democracy activist who spent more than 17 years in Chinese prisons before his negotiated release to the U.S. He now lives in Washington, D.C. “They’re more concerned about economic interests than about human rights.”

Wei contended the U.S. had failed to put any real pressure on China, instead settling for a promise without any way of enforcing it. “If the U.S. government had stated from the beginning, ‘If the handling of Mr. Chen is improper, we will cancel the trade talks,’ that would be very different,” Wei said.

Chen, a 40-year-old attorney, took refuge for six days in the U.S. embassy after a stunning escape from house arrest, then left for a Beijing hospital after the U.S. and China reached an agreement that American officials said was designed to protect Chen and his family.

Chen now says he left the American embassy because his family was threatened and that he now wants to leave China. The blind dissident had been jailed for years and then placed under house arrest after exposing forced sterilizations and other government abuses.

The agreement came under fire from human rights groups and dissidents only hours after it had been struck, once Chen told reporters that he feared for his life. The U.S. has been accused of rushing the deal to smooth relations with China ahead of a “strategic and economic dialogue” starting Thursday. The Chen case, critics say, could hurt President Obama as he goes up for reelection, as Mitt Romney argues he would take a tougher tack on Chinese human rights abuses.

“If it was President Reagan or President Bush, it is very likely that they would have given Chen greater support,” said Yu Jie, a dissident writer who left China in January. “But Obama and [Hillary] Clinton appeared very weak.... I do not think that Chen is any safer now.”

This is the second time this year that news has spread of a Chinese citizen going to American authorities to seek help: In February a police official went to a U.S. consulate seeking protection after making accusations against politician Bo Xilai. He left and was reportedly taken into Chinese custody.

Another exiled dissident, Rebiya Kadeer, said the U.S. should have brought economic pressure to bear, perhaps by threatening to raise import taxes. Kadeer, who leads the movement to protect the rights of the Uyghur minority, said other imperiled activists will see his case as a warning.

“You saw what happened to Chen with all of this international attention; even he couldn’t be rescued,” Kadeer said."They will lose some hope."

For Chinese activists who had once faced the same choice as Chen on whether to leave China -- or been forced to leave without a choice at all -- his story of threats and abuse endured by his family was all too familiar.

Kadeer said even after she had been released to the U.S., Chinese police forced her grandchild to call her to hear the screams of her son being beaten. Two of her sons are still in prison in China. Others are shut out of jobs, kept under surveillance, frequently interrogated and beaten, Kadeer said.

"They say, 'Your ideas have been poisoned by Ms. Kadeer,' " she said in a phone interview from Washington, her voice rising in agitation. " 'Are you still supporting her?' "

Dissidents also sympathize with the difficulty of deciding whether to stay in China or try to keep fighting for their causes abroad. As a writer, Yu struggled with the idea of leaving the land of his mother tongue. Wei was pressured by fellow activists who argued he would be more effective in China to stay.

“Chen is facing the same decision I had to make back then,” Wei said. “We all love our homeland very much. But if I had stayed in China, I would be in jail.”

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