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To: David Lawrence who wrote (250)12/14/2002 4:02:53 AM
From: LG
   of 412
David Lawrence: That would be the one. She is about stirring up trouble and endless arguments.

This thread is supposed to be about Tim Luke's death and now she has turned it into a debate about Vietnam. I suspect if someone would drop SI Jeff a note to let him know Lisa aka Viperchick is back, he'd give her the boot once again.


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To: Oral Roberts who wrote (255)12/14/2002 4:03:36 AM
From: LTK007
   of 412
This what is America must be about.

Heroes of My Lai honoured

Hugh Thompson Jr and Lawrence Colburn at the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Washington
Two soldiers who stopped their comrades from slaughtering innocent civilians during the Vietnam War 30 years ago have been awarded the Soldier's Medal.

The family of a third, who was later killed in the conflict, will also receive the honour, the highest the US Army can award for bravery not involving direct conflict with the enemy.

Around 500 civilians were slaughtered
Helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson, door gunner Lawrence Colburn and crew chief Glenn Andreotta landed their helicopter between American troops rampaging through My Lai village and the local people.

Up to 500 innocent people, including many women, children and the elderly, were killed by the Americans, who were angry at the deaths of their comrades.

Almost 30 years to the day after the My Lai massacre on March 16, 1968, Mr Thompson and Mr Colburn, both now civilians, received their medals in the shadow of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, Washington DC.

Presenting the medals, Army Major General Michael Ackerman described the My Lai carnage as "one of the most shameful chapters in the army's history".

"Protect the weak"

Speaking in front of other Vietnam veterans, Mr Colburn, of Woodstock, Georgia, quoted General Douglas MacArthur, commander of US forces in the Pacific during the Second World War.

The pair finally recieve their honours
He said: "The soldier, be he friend or foe, is charged with the protection of the weak and the unarmed."

Mr Thompson, 54, of Lafayette, Louisiana, was close to tears as he accepted the award "for all the men who served their country with honour on the battlefields of Southeast Asia".

Mr Thompson has said that as he approached the apparently peaceful My Lai hamlet from the air in his scout helicopter he did not realise what was going on until he saw a US Army captain nudge a wounded Vietnamese girl with his boot, then kill her.

Child airlifted to hospital

According to the Army, the three men landed the helicopter "in the line of fire between American ground troops and fleeing Vietnamese civilians to prevent their murder".

Mr Colburn and Mr Andreotta provided cover for their pilot as he went to confront the American forces and subsequently coax civilians out of a bunker to enable their evacuation.

As the helicopter was lifting off, they spotted movement in a ditch filled with bodies south of My Lai. They landed again and retrieved a wounded child whom they flew to hospital.

An Army statement said pilot Thompson was being honoured "for heroism above and beyond the call of duty while saving the lives of at least 10 Vietnamese civilians during the unlawful massacre of non-combatants by American forces at My Lai".

The My Lai massacre led to the court martial of platoon leader Lieutenant William Calley. He was sentenced to life in jail but released three years later after intervention by President Richard Nixon.

The medals replace the Distinguished Flying Cross earlier awarded to Pilot Thompson and Bronze Star medals awarded to his crew.>>

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To: LG who wrote (260)12/14/2002 4:18:11 AM
From: LTK007
   of 412
So what is there to say. He went into a Jewelry Store to commit armed robbery and got blown away.
End of story. Max

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To: sadeness who wrote (241)12/14/2002 4:24:04 AM
From: LTK007
   of 412
<<You have resorted to quite a bit of name calling in reference to me and I think you will be hard pressed to find a post where I have done the same to you.>> Is that something to be proud?? Slam him man, just one good shot and then never reply to him again. Max

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To: Captain Jack who wrote (247)12/14/2002 7:43:47 AM
From: rrufff
   of 412
In your case, it's probably panties with dasies. Save 'em as you'll be pushing them up soon.

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To: LG who wrote (238)12/14/2002 8:52:22 AM
From: IEarnedIt
   of 412

This is the one you were missing <<scheherezadesdance>>

at this profile

Member 8266541


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To: Captain Jack who wrote (247)12/14/2002 9:07:32 AM
From: Captain Jack
   of 412
ROFLMAO-- rruff ,, About as tuff as could be expected from a gay bleeding heart mental midget.

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To: LTK007 who wrote (262)12/14/2002 9:49:48 AM
From: Fast Eddie
   of 412
He went into a Jewelry Store to commit armed robbery
With a plastic gun? Please! We probably will never know why he did what he did that day. Did he have a prior dispute with the jeweler? Was he just trying to intimidate the jeweler, and that's why he brought a fake gun when he had access to real ones. I, for one, have a had time believing his motive was robbery.

Tim was one of the larger, and more entertaining characters of a bygone time. His presence will be missed.


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To: LG who wrote (238)12/14/2002 10:47:02 AM
From: Constant Reader
   of 412
semperfijarhead was another one, I think. I'm surprised no one mentioned it already. She was in excellent form while posting under that name (if it was, in fact, her).

Member 9054251

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To: LG who wrote (260)12/14/2002 11:01:02 AM
From: Constant Reader
   of 412
As one who had more than one extremely heated argument with lisa in her original incarnation, I used to think that she was only interested in stirring up trouble, but now I'm not convinced that is a fair assessment.

In the most recent case (if it is her), I think she came here to mourn a friend and was upset by someone else's insensitivity. The Vietnam example was but a means toward the end of displaying the hypocrisy of a gloating twit dancing for joy upon a friend's grave.

True, it got out of hand, but I'm not so sure she is to blame for that. Others, who didn't bother to reflect a moment on what she meant, and instead jumped in following their own pre-programmed agendas, took the conversation elsewhere. The rest followed.

In the years since lisa was banned, I have seen many violent arguments go on and on without action taken by SI that make her disagreements appear to be tea party chit-chat.

JMHO, of course. Others have their own and they are certainly entitled to their own unique interpretation of events.

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