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To: Charles Steneck who wrote (10)6/6/1996 2:14:00 PM
From: Steve Vu
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What are your feelings about this company? It had a nice run this week and the price dropped today. Maybe, those who bought last than $1 are selling. Could we see $2 and above next week?


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To: Charles Steneck who wrote ()6/10/1996 11:30:00 PM
From: Yen l. Ouyang
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To All,
Some body CAT who posted this to buy, now he said it could go
below $1. Any Thought? Sel or buy?

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To: Steve Vu who wrote (11)6/11/1996 1:01:00 AM
From: Charles Steneck
   of 194

Hi, sorry for late answer but have been out of town.

Well, stock price speaks for itself, lo 31/32 close 1.00

hard to say if this will make another run up.

Have been looking at Unicomm Signal- UCSIF for a few months and

this company has a solid product (TMS remote tire sensing unit),

which has now started to gain some media coverage and trade show

attention, could deserve a look.



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To: Yen l. Ouyang who wrote (12)6/23/1996 1:36:00 PM
From: investz
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To all:
I bought 300 shares at 1.09 thursday, they had a high of 6.89 a few months ago. I am going to buy some more shares later next week. Is this stock LSGT a good bet? I saw that WSJ picked LSGT as hot stock of the week. If is goes lower than 1.09 I'll buy some more...........

Can some tell me exactly what they do because it's kinda a blurr I bought the stock based on the high of 6.89 and Wall Street Journal.

Thanks ,


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To: investz who wrote (14)6/25/1996 8:34:00 AM
From: Lyle J. Jackson
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I've followed this for two years (I don't own any) You will find
considerable information on the on the web.
Check EDGAR: they're not losing money as fast. June 17th issue of
The Tampa Tribune reported that the CEO received a 305% salary
increase. At the least she's making money on LSGT. I think I'll
wait to see what this quarter does before jumping into the sink or
swim pool.


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To: Charles Steneck who wrote ()7/1/1996 12:39:00 PM
From: Gary G, Weathersbee
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LSGT @ 1.31 on news

( BW)(LASERGATE-SYSTEMS)(LSGT) Lasergate raises $5 million cash

Business Editors

CLEARWATER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 1, 1996--Lasergate
Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:LSGT) announced Monday that it has successfully
raised approximately $5,175,000 (after commissions and expenses)
through a private placement of its Series F Convertible Preferred

Of the proceeds, $1.3 million was used to redeem at a discount
all Series A Convertible Preferred Stock from a private investor and
to repay debt held by that same investor. The balance of the
proceeds will be used to aggressively expand global sales and
marketing efforts. The Series F Preferred Stock, which is subject to
certain restrictions, will generally be convertible at a conversion
price equal to 75% of the trading price of the Common Stock at the
time of conversion.

With critical debt issues erased, Lasergate will focus on
addressing the backlog of business demand for its technology.
Moreover, by funding the expansion of its sales and technical staffs,
the company intends to actively pursue sales opportunities worldwide.
The company anticipates that the ability to increase its volume of
business will facilitate its efforts to achieve profitability.

As part of the Series A Preferred Stock Redemption, three board
members originally appointed by the private investor who held that
stock, Stewart L. Krug, Timothy E. Mahoney and Lawrence W.
Umstadter, submitted their resignations. Prior to these
resignations, Lasergate's board of directors formally expressed its
recognition and appreciation of Jacqueline Soechtig, company
chairperson and chief executive officer, for "having successfully
completed the financing and thereby providing Lasergate the
opportunity to take advantage of a superior product mix while
continuing to look at future opportunities."

Given the company's strengthened financial posture and its
commitment to pursue global business opportunities, the company plans
to replace the former directors in the near future with experts in
international business affairs and advanced technology.

Next week, the company plans to file an amended Annual Report for
the year ended Dec. 31, 1995 with the Securities and Exchange
Commission reflecting the determination by the company's auditors,
Grant Thornton, to remove the "going concern" qualification from
their audit opinion due to the capital infusion.

Soechtig stated: "With this financial restructuring, Lasergate
is now in the position to control its own destiny. We are clearly on
target to continue achieving the fundamental growth objectives
management has identified while building on what we are confident is
a solid foundation. We have successfully leapt the hurdles that
threatened Lasergate's viability and can now focus on a very bright
and exciting future."

Lasergate Systems Inc. develops, designs, markets, installs and
services state-of-the-art software systems throughout the world for
admission control and revenue accounting at general admission and
reserve seating facilities including amusement parks, theme parks,
museums, ski resorts, sports arenas and multi-purpose arenas.
Lasergate clients include Carnegie Hall, The Boston Red Sox, The Sun
Valley, Idaho Ski Resort and The Florida Aquarium.

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To: Gary G, Weathersbee who wrote (16)7/1/1996 6:34:00 PM
From: R.Krish
   of 194
Now that the CEO has got her management team in place with a lot of cash to boot, the company should be on its way up.she has quite a track record it seems at US Sprint and MCI. We can hope,as things get better at the company, the stock price should go up. I saw a big block of 175,800 shares went by on the ask side. Somebody is betting on good things to come.Good luck.

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To: Charles Steneck who wrote ()7/17/1996 10:20:00 PM
From: investz
   of 194
To All:

Does anyone know the short term and long term outlook look for lasergate? Is it a buy or sell or hold?

Need some info. thanks ,

Eric Thew

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To: investz who wrote (18)7/18/1996 8:59:00 AM
From: Harvey Cramer
   of 194
To All:

I bought some at 1.5 but have watched it decline ever since. It seems as though it should move based upon their improving financial situation. Has anyone spoken to Jimmy Holton about this? I know he has been touting the stock. Also what are your feelings on MTCI?

Harvey Cramer

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To: Charles Steneck who wrote ()7/24/1996 6:52:00 PM
From: investz
   of 194

LSGT When will it improve. Does LSGT have a market lock on it's technology ?


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