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To: Todd Pagel who wrote (227)5/19/2001 9:15:53 AM
From: Tinroad
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Todd's conversation with Robert Putnam (5/18/01) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (part 7) (part 8)

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To: Pamela Murray who started this subject5/19/2001 1:44:04 PM
From: Tinroad
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EDIG: Info for Investors (5/19 PM rNJ)

General DD Info (Corporate profile, SEC filings, Patents, lots more): (revised 3/8)

Recent News and Opinions: (Toshiba introduces 5 & 10 GB 1.8" HDs)
and (Sentinel speaks w/Putnam) (SDM bogs down again) (Cksla speaks w/Putnam) (RNWK unveils download service before Congress) (Sigmatel chip powers Eastech ET-301) (Sony's Playstation gets Real) (InterTrust Announces Secure Media Player Development Suite) (Bostonredsox speaks w/mp3extreme) (3 new openings at EDIG) (Bostonredsox speaks w/Hammacher) (Samsung making a run on Sony?) (Some details of STM's DataPlay chips) (Pam digs into Eastech) (Eiger DataPlayer specs) (Amax DataPlayer specs) (Giants at RB e-mails Putnam) (Backgrounder on DataPlay Singapore) (BusyBump chats w/Putnam) (Intel orders MP3 players from Eastech) (Eastech lands Sanyo order) (Treo ads flying high) (Recent Treo sightings) (EDIG mention in Volan ad) (Recent RP e-mails at RB) (Cksla's XYBR chronicles)
and (Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog offers Treo) (Brewmeister visits EDIG) (Xybernaut to collaborate with IBM, TXN) (More re XYBR) (Rioport intros Music Delivery Service) (Makomemoney chats w/Putnam) (New look jukebox from Eastech) (Packers1 chats w/Putnam) (Trillium chats w/Putnam) (New DataPay player from A-Max) (Multi-codec player from A-Max) (Intel VTT plans for China market) (InHand partners w/Conversay) (MP2000 details at Global Resource)
and (New IBM platform for internet appliances)
and Message 15637828 (New XYBR/IBM wearable computer due) (Some ITRU customer woes) (Loudeye RIFs and plans roll-out) (WSJ re MSFT vs MP3) (POTCE update re Treo) (Eastech update per unclejed47)

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To: Pamela Murray who started this subject5/20/2001 4:57:29 PM
From: Tinroad
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Vivendi Universal to Buy

French multimedia giant Vivendi Universal on Sunday said it will buy online music firm for $5 per share in a cash and stock deal valued at about $372 million that will help it strengthen its online music distribution and subscription services.... full story at
See also

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To: Tinroad who wrote (230)5/21/2001 4:24:16 PM
From: Starlight
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Samsung Electronics Releases 0.7mm Flash Memory Chip

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To: Pamela Murray who started this subject5/21/2001 6:26:01 PM
From: Dave Swanson
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OT re: PTSC..

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To: Starlight who wrote (231)5/21/2001 8:07:09 PM
From: MaryinRed
   of 1644
Thanks Elizabeth! I particularly like the digital music part...but the rest of those electronic devices...sure could use it also..


Samsung Electronics Releases 0.7mm Flash Memory Chip
May 21, 2001 (SEOUL) -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced May 17 that it will release the world's thinnest flash memory chip measuring 0.7mm.

The memory chip is a pin type installed with WSOP technology, which is used in producing thin semiconductors, and can be used to store data in digital camcorders, MP3 players, wireless handsets and other portable electronic devices.

Samsung Electronics said that it will begin mass production in mid-June.

The company has slated this year's sales figures for flash memory semiconductors at US$640 million, up by US$240 million from last year's sales figures.

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To: MaryinRed who wrote (233)5/24/2001 3:50:58 PM
From: Pamela Murray
   of 1644
Interesting flash products:

Also interesting:
Excerpt:"Check out the website for Maycom. It can record both linear AND compressed
But it runs BIG bucks (about $4000 or more for greater memory versions), with
both internal flash memory and the ability to use PCMCIA flash cards and
hard drives. It is not clear if it can take the biggest of these memory
drives (about 1 Gig), but that will add over $1000 more. The Courier is
a similar machine, and it will take the 1 Gig cards or drives. But neither
machine is being aimed at the music market. They are being pitched at newsmen
and interview people (lots of editing capability), but no hint of what it
will do with music. It seems to be able to power good mics."

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To: Pamela Murray who wrote (234)5/24/2001 8:39:35 PM
From: Pamela Murray
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TI takes WLAN development overseas
By K.C. Krishnadas
EE Times
(05/24/01, 2:56 p.m. EST)
BANGALORE, India — Texas Instruments Inc. plans to open a wireless local-area network (WLAN) development center here, its first outside the United States.

The Dallas-based company's Indian development center will focus on system-level hardware and software based on the IEEE-802.11 wireless standard, including RF, analog and digital design. Work here will focus on the IEEE-802.11a (54-Mbit/second) and 802.11b specs.

"In the home and enterprise networking area, our efforts are focused on delivering high-speed, converged communications. One of the key components of this thrust is wireless LAN," said Biswadip Mitra, managing director of Texas Instruments (TI) India.

The Indian development center gives TI a range of capabilities, including the development of complete systems with software, RF and VLSI design. For WLAN, specification development, architecture definition, design, characterization and test for RF and analog, as well as digital baseband IC development, will be undertaken.

Products developed here are expected to be used by TI worldwide, as well as by its TI-Alantro wireless LAN unit, acquired last year. Alantro (Santa Rosa, Calif.) is developing prototypes for second-generation 802.11b that extend WLAN speeds to 20 Mbits/s.

Apps galore

According to market researchers Cahners In-Stat Group (Scottsdale, Ariz.), WLAN shipments are expected to reach 17.2 million units by 2005.

"Examples of uses for wireless network access are limited only by the imagination of the application designer," said Vivek Pawar, general manager of TI India's Broadband Silicon Technology Center.

"Doctors can obtain real-time vital signs at the patient's bedside, factory-floor workers can access part specifications without a wired network connection, employees can share wireless links to discuss future design plans and [college] students can trade lecture notes while wandering about their campus," Pawar said.

The wireless networks could provide links for equipment like laptops, personal digital assitants, digital cameras and MP3 players, Pawar added.

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To: Pamela Murray who wrote (235)5/24/2001 9:43:10 PM
From: Pamela Murray
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The recording Academy
QDesign is the winner of possibly the most aggressive codec sweepstakes for compressing the bit rate of music and it has handed over corporate equity to Zoran Corporation in exchange for an exclusive license to Zoran's DRM security solutions. Zoran specializes in "solutions-on-a-chip" and also supplies the DVD and digital camera markets. Zoran Pres./CEO said, "QDesign is uniquely positioned to utilize and combine these technologies and to develop a solution that offers the quality, flexibility and security needed to advance the future of the digital music industry."

Check the site out....lot's of good info

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To: Pamela Murray who wrote (236)5/25/2001 6:20:08 PM
From: Jack McKibben
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I am getting a bit concerned that the company has not talked to the shareholders in 2 months? Surely they could have found something to say during that time.

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