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To: CommanderCricket who wrote (164162)2/19/2012 11:07:21 AM
From: Robohogs
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I agree and tend to quickly sell calls every time it runs. It is holding very strong lately.


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To: Archie Meeties who wrote (163956)2/19/2012 11:07:39 AM
From: Kayaker
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[[ .....There's only one response if you believe we're in a recession; the government is lying.... ]]

This is a classic article by Kevin Phillips in Harper's Magazine from 2008. It details the long history of how the US government has changed and distorted economic numbers to make them look better, starting way back in 1961 with the Kennedy administration.

Numbers racket:
Why the economy is worse than we know
By KEVIN P. Phillips
May 2008

....The corruption has tainted the very measures that most shape public perception of the economy—the monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI), which serves as the chief bellwether of inflation; the quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which tracks the U.S. economy’s overall growth; and the monthly unemployment figure, which for the general public is perhaps the most vivid indicator of economic health or infirmity....

....Let me stipulate: the deception arose gradually, at no stage stemming from any concerted or cynical scheme. There was no grand conspiracy, just accumulating opportunisms. As we will see, the political blame for the slow, piecemeal distortion is bipartisan—both Democratic and Republican administrations had a hand in the abetting of political dishonesty, reckless debt, and a casino-like financial sector. To see how, we must revisit forty years of economic and statistical dissembling....

....The U.S. economy ex-distortion

....The real numbers, to most economically minded Americans, would be a face full of cold water. Based on the criteria in place a quarter century ago, today’s U.S. unemployment rate is somewhere between 9 percent and 12 percent; the inflation rate is as high as 7 or even 10 percent; economic growth since the recession of 2001 has been mediocre, despite a huge surge in the wealth and incomes of the superrich, and we are falling back into recession. If what we have been sold in recent years has been delusional “Pollyanna Creep,” what we really need today is a picture of our economy ex-distortion. For what it would reveal is a nation in deep difficulty not just domestically but globally....

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To: Ed Ajootian who wrote (164153)2/19/2012 11:26:59 AM
From: MIRU
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Ed, Re NG price recovery, there are some strong bear arguments, but my concern is not that NG will stay at $3 forever, but that any attempt at recovery has no chance. Unlike conventional gas, which takes time and exploration and risk to find and develop, we have thousands of well logs that show exactly where the gas-prone shale is.There is no exploration about it. If the price goes up, the reaction will be practically instantaneous - immediate successful completions producing into in-place infrastructure. I see $5 max and not for long. I am not happy with this conclusion.

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To: Bearcatbob who wrote (164167)2/19/2012 11:29:02 AM
From: Triffin
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How should we tax electric vehicles?


By miles driven ..
Install tamper proof odometers ..
Pay the tax at the DMV when you re-new your registration ..


Triff ..

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To: Triffin who wrote (164171)2/19/2012 11:54:46 AM
From: sm1th
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By miles driven ..
Install tamper proof odometers ..
Pay the tax at the DMV when you re-new your registration

Too simple, big brother wants to install GPS and track all of your movements. This has been proposed in several states for all vehicles, but fortunately not passed yet.

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From: Eric2/19/2012 12:58:25 PM
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Iran stops oil sales to British, French companies

(Reuters) - Iran has stopped selling crude to British and French companies, the oil ministry said on Sunday, in a retaliatory measure against fresh EU sanctions on the Islamic state's lifeblood, oil.

"Exporting crude to British and French companies has been stopped ... we will sell our oil to new customers," spokesman Alireza Nikzad was quoted as saying by the ministry of petroleum website.

The European Union in January decided to stop importing crude from Iran from July 1 over its disputed nuclear program, which the West says is aimed at building bombs. Iran denies this.

Iran's oil minister said on February 4 that the Islamic state would cut its oil exports to "some" European countries.

The European Commission said last week that the bloc would not be short of oil if Iran stopped crude exports, as they have enough in stock to meet their needs for around 120 days.

Industry sources told Reuters on February 16 that Iran's top oil buyers in Europe were making substantial cuts in supply months in advance of European Union sanctions, reducing flows to the continent in March by more than a third - or over 300,000 barrels daily.

France's Total has already stopped buying Iran's crude, which is subject to fresh EU embargoes. Market sources said Royal Dutch Shell has scaled back sharply.

Among European nations, debt-ridden Greece is most exposed to Iranian oil disruption.

Motor Oil Hellas of Greece was thought to have cut out Iranian crude altogether and compatriot Hellenic Petroleum along with Spain's Cepsa and Repsol were curbing imports from Iran.

Iran was supplying more than 700,000 barrels per day (bpd) to the EU plus Turkey in 2011, industry sources said.

By the start of this year imports had sunk to about 650,000 bpd as some customers cut back in anticipation of an EU ban.

Saudi Arabia says it is prepared to supply extra oil either by topping up existing term contracts or by making rare spot market sales. Iran has criticized Riyadh for the offer.

Iran said the cut will have no impact on its crude sales, warning that any sanctions on its oil will raise international crude prices.

Brent crude oil prices were up $1 a barrel to $118.35 shortly after Iran's state media announced last week that Tehran had cut oil exports to six European states. The report was denied shortly afterwards by Iranian officials.

"We have our own customers ... The replacements for these companies have been considered by Iran," Nikzad said.

EU's new sanctions includes a range of extra restrictions on Iran that went well beyond U.N. sanctions agreed last month and included a ban on dealing with Iranian banks and insurance companies and steps to prevent investment in Tehran's lucrative oil and gas sector, including refining.

The mounting sanctions are aimed at putting financial pressure on the world's fifth largest crude oil exporter, which has little refining capacity and has to import about 40 percent of its gasoline needs for its domestic consumption.

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To: Bearcatbob who wrote (164167)2/19/2012 1:01:27 PM
From: Eric
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Here in Washington State we don't have to pay sales and use tax on electrics. (Roughly 9.0%)

Plus the $7,500 Federal tax credit.

It's pretty sweet.


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To: Bridge Player who wrote (164166)2/19/2012 4:34:30 PM
From: t4texas
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since you have been looking at the website link with some interest, i suggest you check the wliw chart each week on the homepage. that will give you plenty of advance warning whether lakshman will stick with his recession call or not. you can't see how badly that wli tanked, due to truncation, since the huge decline in 2008, but the blip you see on the little wliw charts shown on the homepage is really, really weak. compared to where the wli (or wliw as they are calling it) was when things were doing well before the great recession, it is a big concern.

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To: Kayaker who wrote (164169)2/19/2012 4:47:05 PM
From: t4texas
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jimmy rogers says the government is lying to us each time i see him on tv or some internet video.

this is interesting stuff, and i found the last paragraph in the balance in our present political situation.

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From: architect*2/19/2012 6:32:11 PM
   of 198409
Crude Oil Futures ~March 2012 - $105.1 + 2.7%
Natural Gas Futures ~ March 2012 - $2.67 + 4%

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