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To: Road Walker who wrote (2072)2/15/2001 4:26:24 PM
From: Scott Lux
   of 2402
The profiles are now fixed.


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To: Scott Lux who wrote (2073)2/15/2001 4:30:18 PM
From: Warthog
   of 2402
The company that I work for sells a Change Content Management great for web sites...keeps
developers and others in check..
PM if you are interested..


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To: Dale who wrote (2057)2/15/2001 7:03:40 PM
From: Skip Miller
   of 2402

Here is a portfolio for you to use to follow along with the contest that will give you the % you want.
You will note it has the same stocks you picked and the portfolio total cost is the same as your contest
portfolio. You will be able to determine the difference in % gain as well as dollar gain for your method vs. contest method.

Take care........ Skip

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To: Skip Miller who wrote (2077)2/15/2001 7:16:00 PM
From: Scott Lux
   of 2402
Top Overall Gainers

User Portfolio Overall Percent Change

John J. O`Reilly John J. O'Reilly 24.99%

Mr. BSL Mr.BSL 15.56%

john john 9.76%

Dan dangiov 8.85%

Dale Weaver dale weaver 8.14%

jbIII jbIII 6.17%

Jeff Jordan Jeff Jordan 4.79%

iknowlarry iknowlarry 3.60%

patt patt 3.38%

michael schurr michael schurr 3.29%

Top Overall Losers

User Portfolio Value Overall Percent Change

Benoit Rousseau Benoit Rousseau -35.61%

Charlie Langford Charlie Langford -32.62%

Arrow Hd. Arrow Hd. -30.45%

Chris K. ChrisK -29.14%

gnickell gnickell -28.04%

Colin Cody Colin Cody -27.68%

Daniel Joo Daniel Joo -27.32%

Capitalizer Capitalizer -27.31%

iod_sherwood iod_sherwood -26.77%

allen v.w. allen v.w. -26.70%

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To: Scott Lux who wrote (2078)2/15/2001 9:40:59 PM
From: Tim McCormick
   of 2402
Was I disqualified?
And what about TD?

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To: Scott Lux who wrote (2078)2/15/2001 10:00:19 PM
From: Oeconomicus
   of 2402
Scott, seems you're missing some entries. With the 2 mentioned in the prior post included, I'd be 10th at 4.4%.
Of course, with equally weighted stocks, I wouldn't even be close to positive. :)

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To: Scott Lux who wrote (2058)2/15/2001 10:41:07 PM
From: KZAP
   of 2402
Why doesn't SI have the guts to come out and say Hey!
We made a mistake! It was our intent to sponsor a Stock
picking contest for the enjoyment of our members. Knowing
we have the most knowledgeable investors on the Internet, we
should have put more effort into this project. The Stock-Picking
thread has proved just how savvy our members
really are! We Apologize to all our loyal members and
vow the next Challenge will be handled in a fair and logical
manner. We also would like to take this opportunity to
invite each and every member to share their thoughts and
ideas to make the next Challenge a success. We here at SI
sincerely appreciate our members and want to express our
heartfelt Thanks for your forgiveness in this blunder!

How's that?

Happy Investing!


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To: Jon Tara who wrote (2074)2/15/2001 10:45:03 PM
From: Doppler
   of 2402
Jon- you are right. My suggestion is a portfolio picking contest. It is also a stocks picking contest. I contend they are one and the same. The idea behind picking stocks is to make money. Plain and simple.

A stock picking contest is just that - A STOCK - Not plural. One. That would be fine too (and would be easy to track). Once you start talking more than 1 stock though, a "stocks" picking contest is just another name for a portfolio. That is the definition of portfolio.

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To: canuck-l-head who wrote (2068)2/15/2001 10:53:57 PM
From: KZAP
   of 2402
I was beginning to lose all respect for this contest.

Really? So now you have the upmost respect for this "KISS"
principle? To that I say that Investing is Challenging,
and I see no reason to have a simple contest. Or, perhaps
SI can have two contests? Let's see how many participants
join in each one? How about it? :o) Then we'd have three
contests going.

I still say Suck it up SI! Admit the mistake and let's
straighten this out.

How many members are there here at SI?
How many readers are watching?
There's no reputation at stake here is there?
We don't want to go to RB and start a thread called SI's
flawed contest discussion

(forgive me for beating this horse to death, I just can't
stand it!)


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To: Doppler who wrote (2082)2/15/2001 11:03:38 PM
From: Jon Tara
   of 2402
No, Doppler, you are wrong. You are twisting semantics to your own liking.

Make up all the private definitions you want. But make it clear that that is what you are doing.

There IS an accepted definition of a "stock-picking contest". You pick "n" stocks, and put an equal dollar amount in each stock. It's a test of your ability to pick several stocks, which must do well in aggregate for you to win.

Several financial publications have have publicized these kinds of challenges for years. A common wrinkle is to pit the experts against the dartboard. The rules are always the same, though, in the regard that the dollar investment in each of the "n" stocks is equal.

A stock-picking (you call it stocks-picking, I call it tomato....) contest is NOT a portfolio contest - they are NOT one in the same, and there is plenty of precedent for the term.

A portfolio contest is entirely different - run along the lines of the rules that mutual funds follow. (And there generally ARE rules - typically you may have no more than x% invested in any one stock, so that you cannot get away with picking just a single stock and have your other picks be insignificant.)

I don't see the point of a contest where you pick one stock. There's no statistical validity to any supposed correlation between the result and the skill of the winning stock-picker.

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