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To: Brumar89 who wrote (655657)5/20/2012 5:15:54 PM
From: joseffy
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Kathleen Sebelius's Orwellian Assault On the First Amendment

05/20/2012 | Kevin A WArd

Kathleen Sebellius this past Friday delivered a commencement address at Georgetown University. has a fine article with video of the speech. In her comments she seemed to respond to the criticism of Catholic Bishops by quoting from President Kennedy's famous speech on September 12,1960. She stated:

“In his talk to Protestant ministers,” Sebelius said, “Kennedy talked about his vision of religion and the public square, and he said he believed in an America, and I quote, ‘where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against us all.’”

George Orwell would be impressed by this brand of double speak.

Let's see if I have this right. The federal government is trying to force the Catholic Church and other faith based institutions to violate the most principled tenets of their faith or face sanctions for failure to comply and it's the church that's trying to impose its values?

The most telling part of the quote is her failure to comprehend its double meaning. When JFK, as she quotes said: "and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against us all.’”, JFK was defending the core principle of "Freedom of Religion" as stated in the First Amendment. JFK was alleviating historic sensibilities that held that to elect a Catholic would subject the United States to Papal governance, thereby undoing the first amendment. He expressed himself in such a way as to be true to himself while reassuring all to his commitment to defend people of all faiths.

Kathleen Sebelius, Barack Obama and the rest would have us believe that compelling Americans to violate their faith is an effort on our part to impose our faith on everyone else. In truth those who object to this unlawful compulsion are evoking the true spirit of Kennedy's speech.

Kathleen Sebelius has taken it to another level. With her at Obama's right hand they are engaged in an insidious campaign, the worst effort to undo the First Amendment since the "Alien" and "Sedition" Acts. The HHS Mandate as a critical component of Obamacare and advanced by the HHS Secretary is the most despicable action taken by a President since Woodrow Wilson endorsed D.W. Griffith's "The Birth Of A Nation".

I am a child of Irish Catholic parents and an alumni of twelve years of Catholic schools I was fed a steady diet of JFK, the one and only Catholic President. Both of my parents turned twenty one in 1960 and proudly voted for JFK. My mother told me the story of my great grandmother,at the age of 70 staying up to watch election returns until 3AM, because having lived through Al Smith's 1928 campaign she was convinced that a Catholic could never be elected President. My mother also tells of my grandmother who was often required to list her religion on job applications. Then of course there's the infamous "No Irish Need Apply". What would my grandmother and great grandmother have to say if they were compelled to violate their faith? Whatever, they might have said just doesn't matter because Kathleen Sebelius just doesn't care.

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To: joseffy who wrote (655654)5/20/2012 5:17:52 PM
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People should listen to that. This is your money for "education". Sick.

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To: joseffy who wrote (655660)5/20/2012 5:21:58 PM
From: Brumar89
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If he's re-elected that will be true.

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To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (655618)5/20/2012 5:23:52 PM
From: d[-_-]b
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According to zimmerman - he never saw him - he just jumped him and started beating him MMA style.

But basic laws of physics would support the fact he had to turn around and go back to meet zimmerman since he was ahead of him and then they came together.

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To: combjelly who wrote (655609)5/20/2012 5:24:35 PM
From: d[-_-]b
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Carrying a gun as a neighborhood watchman is pretty stupid.

Not at all - this time it probably saved his life.

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To: combjelly who wrote (655604)5/20/2012 5:26:46 PM
From: d[-_-]b
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It isn't clear how Trayvon was shot from 18 inches away if he was on top of Zimmermann, though.

The report said 1-18 inches - not 18 and that is less than arms length - again supporting the evidence and eyewitness account of trayvon on top of him.

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From: Brumar895/20/2012 5:40:39 PM
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Bill Maher: If I Had A Son I Hope He Would Act Like Trayvon Martin
By Noel Sheppard | May 18, 2012 | 23:34

It's becoming clearer and clearer that no matter what evidence comes out concerning the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida, America's media will support him.

On HBO's Real Time Friday, host Bill Maher actually said, "I just want to say if I had a son he would not look like Trayvon Martin, but I hope he would act like him" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

[iframe title="MRC TV video player" height=281 src="" frameBorder=0 width=500 allowfullscreen=""][/iframe]

BILL MAHER: There’s lots of new evidence that was made public this week in the Trayvon Martin case. He did have marijuana in his system, a drug that has never made anyone on planet earth violent. And at the moment that he confronted or was confronted by the wannabe cop loser who was stalking him, turns out he probably did beat the dog s—t out of that guy. I just want to say if I had a son he would not look like Trayvon Martin, but I hope he would act like him.

And what if it turns out either a judge or a jury decides George Zimmerman did indeed act in self-defense and Martin was the guilty party?

Apparently Maher doesn't care about that, for without all the evidence, much like most of the idiots in the media today, he's decided Zimmerman's guilty.

Exactly how has America "evolved" to a point where folks like Maher have such a powerful perch to speak such nonsense from?

Read more:

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To: joseffy who wrote (655654)5/20/2012 5:52:24 PM
From: i-node
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What is really disgusting is that she is vastly overpaid, and will retire with a FAT-ASSED taxpayer funded pension.

BTW, Who was arrested for complaining about Bush?

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From: Brumar895/20/2012 5:53:51 PM
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New video of Trayvon in a fist fight:

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To: d[-_-]b who wrote (655536)5/20/2012 5:59:29 PM
From: Tenchusatsu
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arm chair fighter
Bentway knows all about fighting from watching MMA.

When you called him on his "no one gets killed in MMA" bluff, he switched his argument to UFC, which is by far one of the most carefully controlled sports organizations in the world.

The thing is, if his online personna reflects his real life personality in any way, I'm sure he's instigated his share of fist fights. But if so, that still doesn't make him an expert on fighting. Just an expert on how to piss people off.


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